Swasan: I love u only u (epi-5)

Hello guys I’m back here with another chappy but guys I want to know how to give all my previous link Im not getting how to give all previous episode plz msg or comment me how to give the link not single episode All previous episodes

Finally guys my exams got completed I’m free now ?

Let’s start chappy
Screen starts with both shocking faces but soon both came to sense
Sanskar without saying a word he left place Saying a word he says take care of ur self sir
Man: wait Sanskar How do u know that I’m here
Sanskar: sir I was walking on the raid when I heard ur voice so I came here when I saw few goons are trying to kill a u so came here to save u thats it sir
Man: thank u for saving my life
Sanskar: it’s okie sir I’m leaving take care he was about when a goon got and tried to kill the man again
Sanskar pushed the man in the process he got hurt in hand
Man: Sanskarrrr

Sanskar bear the goon again and asks the goon
Who sended u
Goon: sir I don’t know but I know he was business rival of him to kill him he gave me the money
Man was shocked to listen this
Sanskar left collar with last punch
Sanskar: sir come with me I will drop u safely
Man: I’m sry Sanskar
Sanskar: sir wt are u saying
Man: (guilty) yes Sanskar I’m sry u saved by keeping ur life danger but I thought u cheated me I’m Sry Sanskar I shouldn’t not believe that Adarsh maheswari words Bcoz of that man I fired u from the job
(sry guys u all thought it was Laksh but he was not laksh he was Sanskar ex boss and I don’t know his name so Im keeping his name has prathap Verma)
Sanskar: it’s okie my own family distrusted me u r just my boss whom I meeting few days how can u trust me sir come sit I will drop u I mean I’m not having any vehicle but I will come with u till ur home as safety

Prathap:(he didn’t get wt he was talking but he thought not ask bcoz its his personal) sanskar Now I’m trusting will plz come back and join In our office again
Sanskar: (he thought he was offering job for him bcoz he saved him) sry I have saved u has humanity but not to get job
Prathap: (was overwhelmed listening his ans) well Sanskar if u would have said okie na then I’m definitely not gonna give u job but u rejected me that shows how loyal u are and I don’t wt to loose a loyal employee for me
And this S my order that u have to join in my office bcoz u have signed 1 yr contract with me So u have to join with no option
Sanskar was shocked to listen his words now
Sanskar: but sir

Prathap: no if but ntg Is gona allow now Company will provide u a flat And a personal car for u
Sanskar with no option he said okie

(guys When prathap Saw Sanskar saving him he thought may it was his trick thats the reason he 1st asked to come and join in the company but when he listened Sanskar answer he got to know that he innocent and no will keep his life to save an unknown person Like Sanskar did now)

And both left from there to prathap home
Sanskar went to baadi and swara was already eating for him
Swara: Sanskar wt is this is this tym to come home don’t u think u have wife in ur home she will be waiting for if u late she was contionously going on scolding him with listening to Sanskar answer
Sanskar with no option he took her in his arms and left inside the room
Swara shocked for his sudden action
Sanskar: I got job swara
Swara: it’s okie Sanskar (strikes wt he said) wt did u said u got job she yells happily
Sanskar smiles seeing her happy
She hugged him tightly

Swara: Sanskar where did u get the job I mean in which company
Sanskar: I got job in my ex office only(he tells everything to her)
She smiles and says acha chalo we have to tell maa mom And dad
Sanskar nodded his head and left With swara
All are happy for Sanskar

Next day morning
Both wake up and having their bf uttara went to college
Sanskar: swara I’m leaving
Swara came running wait Sanskar
Sanskar: swara relax y r u running
Swara: open ur mouth 1st
Sanskar opened his she kept curd for him
He smiles and kissed her forehead and left to office where already his personal cab is waiting
This was all seen by a pair of eyes and burning with anger And confused (U all know who will be that dadi?)
After sometime she got to know By listening swara and sumi conversation that Sanskar got job
She called Adarsh and told everything to them that Sanskar got the job they don’t Where he got the job
Soon swara even went to music school

Sanskar office
He entered into prathap sir cabin
Sanskar: my I come in sir
Prathap: smiled and come in Sanskar and gives a file And say Sanskar this S the file of a tender and for this contract there are so Much Competition and that’s the reason y few goons tried to kill me
Sanskar: sir I will try my level best to win the contract (takes the file) Sir if I got any dought I will come and ask
Prathap: no need Sanskar u can ask my pa priya
Sanskar: smiles and says thank u sir And left the cabin
Days are passing verma industries are gaining profits than before It has 4months now
Sanskar with family shifted to office flat

IN mm
Adarsh and pari room
Pari: Adarsh did u got to know where Sanskar job got
Adarsh: no pari I don’t know I checked almost all companies (but forget to check ex company duffer?)
Pari: and now they are not even in baadi they left the place and went o some where we even don’t know that place also
Adarsh: ha Iss dadi when they are leaving at least she should call us na
Paei: Chodo Adarsh we will get to know about them don’t worry Acha Adarsh give me u card I want too go for shopping
Adarsh nodded his head and gave the card to pari

Raglak Dp and ap are having their bf soon Adarsh and pari also joined them. And left to their respective works still they didt know the truth Of Adarsh and pari

One fine day
Swara as usual bids bye to Sanskar and she left to Her school and he left to office both are leaving happily with their family and now new found family that is their boss family
Sanskar enters into boss cabin
Sanskar: sir called me
Prathap:ha ha come in and take this Envelope Sanskar
Sanskar: wt is this sir
Prathap: open and see It ur self

Sanskar opened the ✉ and shocked as well as happy
Sir U mean I’m the CEO of the company and I’m having 40% share in it
Prathap: yes Mr Sanskar ur having 40% share now if u get more profits to this company na then I will give 70% share in this company and I will take care of another company
U know na I came here only for this company bcoz it was in losses but now it was in profits bcoz of u so u deserve it Sanskar
Sanskar: thank u sir thank u so much
Prathap: (prathap know everything about Sanskar he got every information about him from the day to last day even about Sanskar karma company he even know he is maheswari) u welcome Sanskar
Sanskar Smiles While leaving the cabin he said thank u sir bcoz of u only my family was in position now and from now I have another target and that u know (wts that ? will reveal Later)
Prathap: ha Sanskar in that I’m with u

Sanskar: smiles and left the cabin
At evening he left to home early

Sanskar shouting swara swara Where are u and mom dad where r u all
Swara came ? wt happen Sanskar y r u shouting Like that
Seeing her he took her in arms and trwils her
Swara: Sanskar wt r u doing out me down
All family and shield to see his happiness but smirks after that
Sujata was having happy tears in her eyes bcoz only she know after so many days he was laughing whole heartedly both are trying to do fake laugh in front of world but now both are so happy
Sanskar: (keeps her down) swara I’m the CEO of my company swara and guess wt I have 40% share holder of this company
Swara become happy forgetting that they are outside the room she kissed him all over the face in happiness

Uttara: ahem ahem bhabi u r outside of the room
Both got embarrassed seeing whole family she ran inside the room
Sanskar was scratching his head with his hand
Sujata and sumi gave blessings to him and left from there even rp and uttara did the same

Swasan room
Swara was standing near the window with tears thinking how Their life got changed with in a day
Sanskar came and hugged her from the back. He unnoticed her tears
Sanskar: I’m. So happy Swara saying he turned her to his side he was shocked to her in tears
Swara y r u crying wt did anyone say anything to U
Swara hugged him tightly no Sanskar no said ntg to me Sanskar how out life got changed in a day na
In a day we separated from our siblings
Sanskar realise the his and says swara u only said to forget that but now u r Remembering that y swara
Swara: even I don’t Sanskar
Sanskar: leave all that sir asked us to come. This Saturday to his home We have to be ready

Sanskar: swara can I kiss u
Swara: okie
Sanskar shocked for. Her reply
Swara: y r u shocked I’m dying for ur touch from 4months u didn’t even you didn’t even touched nor u teased me u are focusing only on work work work
Sanskar feels guilty for his behavior

Before he completes his sentence swara smashed her lips with his Both where so indulged in kiss after so many days both are kissing like this. She dominating him she was not even going him chance to respond to her she contiously sucking his lips and tasting his sweet essence son both break the kiss due t o lack of oxygen
Sanskar: swara wt was that
Swara: u don’t know it was a kiss Sanskar
Sanskar: acha then wt is this saying he took his hand inside her blouse loosing her hooks
Swara was shocked by his act now she was not even getting a world to say
He smirks seeing her condition
Soon he took her and placed on the bed
Soon both started love making and dozed of in each other embrace

Next day morning
Both are sleeping peacefully in each other embrace swara was in top of Sanskar and holding him through waist Sanskar one hand is on waist and another one is one her head soon Sunrays disturbed their peaceful sleep Sanskar opened her eyes and sees swara was completely top of him he smiles seeing her and kisses on her hair
He don’t want to disturb her sleep But still her sleep got disturbed by door sound
Swara slowly opened her eyes and sees their position and blushes
Sanskar: (teasing) swara get up yar u r so heavy
Swara: (fake anger) she beat him playfully again their some one knocks the door
Sanskar irritated who s that
No response continuously knocking the door
Sanskar: I’m sure yeh ayush hai
Swara: that how u know uttara can also be na
Sanskar: uttara will give response buddu ayush will not give if he was doing any naughty things now get or else he will sure break the door
Swara smiles and both wear clothes
Swara went To open door and Sanskar went to washroom
Swara: (took Ayush in arms) Good morning Chotu

(guys Today I watched swaragini starting episode in that I got to know that swara is daughter of shekar and Misti till now I thought shekar and Misti are lovers but I don’t know that swara their daughter but he refused to accept that he love Misti
I don’t want to keep Ayush with shekar so I’m changing that)

Ayush: he was walking now he smiled seeing swara I’m response of good morning he kissed her cheek
Swara smiles in mean time Sanskar also come out of the washroom and both are playing
Sanskar: ohh someone has forgotten me
Ayush: lo lo sizu (no no jiju) Saying he jumped in his arms
Sanskar: smiles and says good morning Ayush
Ayush: smiles and kisses him
All went to bf table Sanskar was playing with Ayush

(in these months analyst have completely forgotten meaheswari bcoz of Ayush Sanskar used to play with him when ever he remembered them. Slowly slowly all forgotten and moved in their lifes now no one has any emotion with maheswari same goes with Misti even she don’t want shekar now)

All are having their bf
Voice: surpriseeeee
All looked towards the direction
Swara: runner and hugged her dIdaaaaaaaa
Dida: how S my shoru
Swara: perfectly fine
All greeted her soon sanskar left to office

Prathap: Sanskar this ur file which is ur 1st step for ur success
Sanskar: thank u sir now I will make sure that Adarsh maheswari didn’t get this project

Prathap: smiles Gud in this I’m with u Sanskar in these days u got very close to me like a family now even I will see how Adarsh meaheswaei will get out from this losses
Sanskar: thank u sir
Prathap: thank u after wards now I want to meet ur whole family so come. For dinner today
Sanskar: but sir
Prathap: it’s my order Sanskar
Sanskar: okie sir

Screen freezes on Sanskar face

Precap: one more damaka Which will change one life

Guys wt u think????
Whose life it will be???
A) Swara
B) sansakr
C) or others

Tell me through ur comments

Stay tuned…..

Keep smiling ? ?

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