Swasan: I love u only u (epi-41)

Hello guys I’m back with another one I know u all are waiting eagerly for update so here u go

Guys I got a few negative comments that I made the rape has joke at 1st I thought to take lite but then I thought even they have to know my view So Guys I’m telling this to all everything depends on situation for example we are beating our friend like in joke they won’t mind if we do that but if we are beating him seriously they will beats us in returns like this only all depends on the situation not by the word

When we are in love if say the word rape in silly fights they won’t mine And they may can say come on rape me who is stopping u but if we say seriously they will have fear that they may do that the final thing I just wanna say is word cant make serious or joke the situation demands how to react if anyone think I’m wrong I can’t do anything but this my view that the situation demands not the word that’s y I created a funny a way but still if u think like that I can’t do anything…I conveyed my view u all will understand

Let’s start


All are sleeping peacefully on one woke up all are sleeping bcoz of chloroform spray and swasan are bcoz they do much tired ? soon sumi woke up and saw the time she woke with jerk seeing the time she huridly went to washroom and for freshen she didn’t even notice that Ayush and uttara also sleeping beside her fastly she came out now she saw that even Ayush and uttara also sleeping seeing this she went out of the room and saw no one woke up till now

Sumi: (monologue) what is this all are sleeping no one woke up it’s already 2:00 but how is this possible she went and knock Ramtha room door

Sujata: (opens door) good morning sharmista ji

Sumi: not good morning sujata it’s good evening

Sujata: what ???? (shout)

Listening her shout Ram slowly opened his eyes and looked towards her direction he went near them

Ram: what happen sujata y r u shouting

Sujata: ji once see the time

Ram confused and watch the time and got shocked to see its 2:00pm

Ram: what I slept till 2:00 I never slept this much

Sujata: not only u Ram ji even we all slept till 2:00

Slowly all woke up from the sleep but Ayush was still feeling drowsy and want to sleep more so sumi let him sleep more in mean time raj and Arjun came to home for lunch so that they can spend sometime with sumi

Arjun: maa What happen y u r looking dull today

Sumi: (smiles) Ntg beta we all slept till now don’t how but we all woke very very late

Raj and Arjun: what…..

Sumi: ha Arjun don’t know how this happen how can everyone sleep like if anyone slept then no problem but all slept

Arjun: ha mom how is this possible all slept how can this happen saying she looked towards Swasan room and saw the chloroform spray and went near it and took the bottle in his hands but it was empty

(guys swara throwed the bottle outside only and it’s very small bottle so it’s empty)

Arjun: maa who bought this (confused)

Sumi: we don’t know beta what’s that bottle is

Arjun: chloroform bottle leave that is swasan woke up

Sujata: no beta knock their door may they will woke up

Arjun: okie aunty saying he knocked the door of swasan room

@inside room

Bodge are sleeping peacefully in each other embrace listening sound Sanskar woke up and wear the shorts and t shirt which covers his wife love bites before he opened the door he cleaned the mess and throwed on sofa and covered swara properly and opens the door

Sanskar: (sleepy tone) good morning Arjun

All: it’s afternoon not morning (shouts)

Sanskar: what????

Arjun: leave that u bought this bottle na I saw u when u are buying this (he was just throwing a stone ?)

Sanskar: (bechara Sanskar don’t know about Arjun) yes….. I mean no…. (stampers and trying to find words)

Arjun: that means my stone hitted to correct person

Sanskar: stone What stone (confused)

Arjun: (smirks) yahi Ki I said I saw u and see u started stampering that means it clearly says that u only bought this bottle

Sanskar: Not realising what he was going to say )not me ur sister she wants to ra….. Stops in between I mean she wants to know with chloroform how much hrs a person can sleep ha

All: what seriously???

Sanskar: ha bcoz of her mood swings she was doing all this

All convinced by Sanskar answer bcoz they know I this mood swings girls can do anything but one person is still not believing that is our Arjun bcoz he saw teeth marks on Sanskar neck only he can see bcoz he was near to him listening his answer all left Sanskar signed in relief but seeing Arjun is still there he was back to same position

Sanskar: Now what are u staring me

Arjun: ntg just seeing this teeth mark and thinking who bitted u (smiling but hides And thought tease more)

Sanskar: (Got to know he was teasing but even Sanskar is Sanskar) abey Arjun don’t forget beta next is ur marriage only

Arjun gulped his saliva and went from there immediately Sanskar laughed and closed the door and saw back where her princess was staring him

Sanskar: good morning princess

Swara: good morning prince

Sanskar: chalo get freshen up 1st we have to go out and have to food and medicine even

Swara nodded and covered herself with duvet and where about but Sanskar pulled her and took her in his arms and left to washroom

Sanskar: may I have pleasure to make my princess get ready

Swara blushed and smiled in agreement

Sanskar throwed duvet out side and he make her sit on the stool and he checked the hot water temperature And started doing his work both smiled seeing other bcoz now they can see only how red their bodies are with their love bites bcoz their bites show that swara only belongs to Sanskar and Sanskar only belongs to swara soon both got ready and came out and went near their family members all are having their lunch which Raj ordered from restaurant bcoz its already late so it’s take time for them to do lunch soon all had their lunch and left to their respective office and swara was passing his time with sumi and sujata and Lakshmi even they came before couple of minutes


Sanskar was working on a project bcoz the dead line is getting near he has to submit the products has soon has possible (guys the project which he won before in which even laksh was competitor)

Sanskar: okie Riya (new PA) what’s the project status how much is still pending

PA: sir its almost getting ready I’m sure it will finish before the dead line so don’t worry sir and here is the presentation which we have to quote it’s a very big contract sir if we won this we I’ll get huge profits

Sanskar: okie who are the competitor of this projects

Riya: sir Govind industries, vandanapu industries, maheswari industries…..before she say few more he stopped in between

Sanskar: (serious tone) I want this project at any cost Riya get into work soon (monologue) I know if maheswari to end won’t get this project then they will be in losses and for that they have to sold their shares Now they are having 38% shares if they loss they should sold minimum of 30% share they will have only 8% share with that they can’t even do anything so we can even buy that 8% share then they won’t have any share in their hands that clearly shows that they won’t have company in their hands that means they only will have home and few sites which costs 250cr in that to quote the value they need the money so I’m sure they will keep house for mortgage and that 2-3 sites means the project is of 100cr that means they have still 150cr if they get loss in this project more than this 150cr for selling share I have to give them 50cr so totally they have 200cr means now my aim is how get this 200cr they are even chances that with this 200cr they may keep a small company or any shops for To get back to their status again I know if bade Papa took the project he will get after all I learned these techniques from him only but this time I will show how his student grown up and how he can throw them into losses I may have took lite if it was on me but u people targeted my wife u people tried to kill my wife my love my life I can bear anything if it’s on me but not my loved ones u people have to bear this punishment Now u people have rised devil on me so badi maa u are so proud of ur sons that they won’t do any mistake Now I will show how they will get into wrong deeds just for money I already saw laksh has doing cheap work for money now he will do again the same thing without even thinking for once And about Adarsh he was already on that path so no problem now they only made my path so clear that I don’t even need to take more hard time to make u on roads (thinking this all he was feeling some sadness in his heart but still thinking about his wife his sadness has overcome by anger and pain)

Soon the day passed and it’s time for him to leave the home bcoz it his princes order that he has to be at 8:00pm at home if not he would be house arrested for 2days

@maheswari industries

Laksh and Adarsh where seriously thinking about the project how to get this they both are fixed their mind that they should get this project at any cost even they have to go in wrong way

Adarsh: laksh if we should get this project even we have to go in Sanskar way

Laksh: means what bhai

Adarsh: that means even we have to took wrong path like him (guys Adarsh know he will do wrong things but if chance he got caught laksh knows this so he will say to everyone that it’s their plan) what’s say laksh are u with me

Laksh: bhai but how can we do this things if we do this then what will be the difference between him and us

Adarsh: (monologue) duffer fellow always saying some stupid stuff (to laksh) then what we have to laksh if we go in right way we won’t get anything except Loss if we get into losses then our family will be on roads then there will be no one to Sage us from this condition tell laksh to u want to see our mom and dad for starving for food for shelter for everything tell me laksh

Laksh immediately no no bhai I will whatever u say I don’t want maa and papa to on roads I don’t ragini to suffer more we will go wrong path only

Adarsh smirks in mind and hugged him acting like he was not liking this to do but he has to do

Adarsh: thank u so much for understanding me laksh and standing beside me

Laksh: Don’t worry bhai I will there for u always means always Don’t y but this Adarsh smiled happily without any smirk on his face

@ flat

All are sitting and having fun time they are thinking to do Raj and sumi engagement tomorrow soon all ladies left and only men’s are present

Sanskar: papa, bade Papa And dad I’m thinking to merge our company if u all don’t mine can we do that

Raj: of course Sanskar but y u asking suddenly

Sanskar looked at both Raj and prathap Who are sitting beside each other immediately hugged In knee down position

Both Raj and prathap got shocked to see him like this

Prathap: what happen beta tell me clearly (worriedly)

Sanskar: I don’t wanna loose u all papa with strugle I got u all but now I don’t leave u all (teary eyes)

Both forcefully break the hug and made him sit on chair gave a glass of water

Ram and Arjun when seeing him but they didn’t get shock bcoz they already know y he was behaving like this

Prathap: Sanskar now tell whats bothering u (cups his face) tell me Sanskar

But still he was looking at them with same state

Arjun: I will tell u papa and uncle today u know papa I went to meet him when we both are retiring from the office


When both Arjun, ram and Sanskar where return from office they have seen few people are fighting seeing this Sanskar went there to stop them

Sanskar: stop it bhai y u people are fighting

Man1: sir u tell me sir we all are having same business but bcoz of this man we getting into losses

Man2: it’s my ability if u r not capable to do business then u get out of this business and so a small business

Man3: y we should leave if u left the business then we will be happy na our family will leave very peaceful waise bi u don’t have any family ur wife died then there is no need to do business for u u can be in home we will give u some money u can leave life happily

Man2: what u are u saying bhai I have strength and I’m having enough capability to get money then y the need to get money from u both I know my died that doesn’t mean Ki u people will do like this with me

Man1: if u don’t stop this business then we won’t even think for once to kill u

Man2: Do what ever u want I won’t back of I earn my money with my own hard work not by someone

Group people who reached there and started talking

Lady: arey bhabi I thought these brother won’t get separate but see just for money they are fighting

Lady2: ha ha bhabi money can change anyone’s mind

Lady: ha bhabi we have to be careful now days see they are happy few months when there is still like this state but when this man rival came to them and started filling their ears they started fighting it seems

Lady2: ha bhabi even I got to know this news god only should save them

Sanskar who listened everything he started fearing bcoz he was not ready to breakdown again if anyone on his rival so same thing with his Papa and bade Papa he can’t stay he trust them but he was unable to truth his fate from then he started fearing this so he told this Arjun and ram they where trying to convince him that it won’t be like that but Sanskar was unable to think further he was just in distrust of his fate

@flashback ends

Arjun: Now plz papa only u both can make him fine plz do that I and uncle tired so much but he was not at all listening to me

Sanskar: (stampeding tone) what…. Ever….. It may…… I……. Don’t…….want….. To…..lose…… U….. People…..plz….. Do….. Has….. I….. Said..

Raj: (Smiles wipes his tears) okie we do has u said but don’t forget this we Won’t Leave u at any cost

Sanskar: (innocently) promise u ppl Won’t Leave me na

Raj: smiles ha promise we Won’t Leave

Sanskar: (looks at prathap) promise (innocently)

Prathap: promise Sanskar

Sanskar smiles happily and left the place while hugging all of them

Ram: (tears) I can’t see my son like this

Prathap: don’t worry Ram now I got to know the way he shows strong from outside bad in real he do sensitive he was having fear of braking again he can’t face that situation and I wont make him to suffer again with same situation I will make him to trust again with his fate bcoz of only his fate I got my son I know he was not real son but he was more than a son to me (tears)

Ram: (hugs him) thank u so much prathap

Raj and Arjun smiled seeing them Arjun thought to change their mood

Arjun: (coughs) I think no one love me all love only Sanskar not me (dramatically)

Raj: (same tone) ha even they don’t love me see how only the both are hugging each other very bad na Arjun

Prathap: dramebaz I think swara got only ur habits Raj we say na being with them they will change see u made swara same like u in just period 9 months what If she would have been with u these 18yrs ohhh no we can’t even handle with her

Ram: ha u r correct prathap

Swara: what’s happen here y u all teasing my papa (comes with tea) Even all ladies came there to have fun time with each others

Prathap: look she came nam lo shaitan hazir ??

Swara pousts listening this

Raj: Hey don’tu dare to call my princess has shaithan

Prathap: (dramatically bows his head folding his hands) okie mahadev Now let’s have tea and snacks I’m hungry

All laughs and had their snacks happily and fixed Raj and sumi engagement tomorrow And then they thought y only engagement they thought to make marriage even a simple marriage

Soon day passed with laugh and smiling faces

@Next day

All are getting ready for engagement and marriage swara was looking so simple and cool bcoz she was pregnant so it’s Sanskar order that she won’t wear anything heavy not only Sanskar all said the same wasp with no option swara followed them

They called only godida and maheswaries and them they didn’t called anyone Dida end track to her village bcoz she has to take care of her sister bcoz she was the only one who supported her in her bad times now it’s her duty to fulfill her duty


It was beautifully decorated may be it was simple Hut it was looking classy soon mm and gadodia enter inside the mission bcoz marriage is on Raj mission bcoz flat has less place so they can’t be convent so they did there

Arjun and Sanskar bought Raj but before they started to getting him out prathap and ran stooped them and told

Prathap: ohhh hello he was not an youngster to come with u people he is old so we take him

Arjun: wow I think we should give them retirement Sanskar see they are saying they are old (teases)

Sanskar: Yeah yeah Arjun u r right

Prathap: we are old but that doesn’t mean that we are that much old to take retirement

Sanskar: okie okie badepapa take papa with u only we will come with my partners

Arjun: ohhh I don’t have partner

Sanskar: don’t worry u take my sister like I tooled urs

Arjun blushed listening bcoz he was attracted to uttara already even Sanskar know that Arjun admire his sister that u he told like that even he know that more than him he can’t get anyone better for uttara he was best for him

Ram: stop u both now go for here 1st

Sanskar and Arjun nodded Their heads and left the place

@sumi room

Same going with them also all are teasing sumi soon Ayush came to room

Aysha: maa what’s happening

Sumi was not getting g how to say seeing swara steeped a head and took him in arms

Swara: (smiles and took him arms) Ayush u want papa na

Ayush: ha I want papa my all friends are having their papa but I don’t have

Swara: that’s y maa is getting married to get u papa u wanna see who is her

Ayush nodded vigoursly like head will fall down at any time but he was so happy that now he can get a papa

Swara took where Raj was sitting on Mandap in chair (guys after engagement chairs will be removed and stools will come)

Swara: see Ayush from now he is ur papa

Ayush: (innocently) really

Swara nodded her head he smiles and gets down and ran to Raj and hugged him so tightly and started papa listening papa one was feeling so happy that his happiness was having bounds Now but one was feeling so angry that he wanna break everythings Now he was stop everything but he can’t do and I know u all would have guessed who it’s is happy is Raj and angry man is shekar who listening calling papa while entering

Screen freezes on shekar angry face

Precap: stay tuned…..

**********episode end********

Keep smiling guys ? ?……..

What u all think this marriage will happen without any drama then plz let me through ur comments the more u give comments the more I try to give u all soon a update so plz don’t forget to comment me and been to follow and thank u so much for all ur love only bcoz of ur love i got 216 followers only bcoz of ur support and love that to in short time span thank thank u so much

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