Swasan: I love u only u (epi-40)

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Let’s start

@ parish room

Pari: thank god Adarsh we are safe bcoz of this mummy ji but she is fool to believe us

Adarsh: ha pari but I don’t y I’m telling guilty

Pari: Adarsh ji y guilty if we do any wrong things we should feel guilty but we didn’t do any wrong we just have taken our rights from them that’s it then y the need to be guilty (attitude)

Adarsh: no see we did wrong maa was believing us blindly even after seeing the video may be we are doing right but we were in wrong path

Pari: (angry) Adarsh what rubbish are speaking how can say that we are wrong we are right if Sanskar is also in out place na he will like this only

Adarsh: no pari he won’t do like this I don’t whether I’m wrong or right but I’m feeling low to think about my self

Pari: (afraids thinking Adarsh was going out of her hands) with extra sweet Adarsh ji don’t think like see we both know how they all used to treat us like slave we never got a respect has elder son and bahu we always used to do work like we are their slaves (washing his brain)

Adarsh: Ha pari may be u r right I have to get my right on this house

Pari: (relief) that’s like my Adarsh ji come we will sleep I’m feed up of this day drama

Adarsh: okie smiles and pecks her forehead

Both slept But these all conversation was listen by some one (reveals later)

@ raglak room

Ragini was cleaning the wardrobe she seating all the dresses neatly in Mean time laksh enters into the room with angry young man mood

Laksh: (angry) how can u talk like that ragini

Ragini: about what laksh

Laksh: don’t act smart ragini u know about whom I’m talking about

Ragini: about Sanskar then let me tell u I’m not interested in that now so plz leave that before laksh could speak ragini went on slept on the bed soon laksh also slept beside her in angry mood

@swasan room

Swara woke up after sometime seeing Sanskar working she smiled and removed his lappy and sat on his lap wrapping him though neck and slept on him

Swara: (sleepy tone) how can u work at night time sanku that leaving ur beautiful wife

Sanskar: awww baby how can I leave my wife see that’s y I’m working on my bed or else I would have worked on couch na

Swara: Sanskar u know what u r a big big dramebazz than me

Sanskar: I know that but tell me y madam woke up this late night

Swara: vo vo I want ice cream…..

Sanskar: that’s it no wait I will get u

Swara: I want choclate ice cream with brownie or if u mix that also I don’t have any problem (guys it’s my favorite chocolate ice cream with brownie it taste heaven ??)

Sanskar: okie wait her I will get saying he went down and open the fridge but he didn’t get brownie he was having only ice cream without brownie soon his eyes fell on chocolate pastry so he mixed that instead of brownie he left to room he was Seen her waiting for him I’m patiently Swara here is ur ice cream have it

Swara: (happily) thank u Sanskar u r Best My husband saying this she pecks his lips Sanskar smiled and gave ice cream to her

Swara took a spoon but she didn’t got brownie taste so she asked him where is brownie

Sanskar: vo swara brownie is not there so I mixed chocolate pastry I tasted it it’s good so I gave u

Swara: How dare u to mic pastry instead of brownie saying she puked the ice cream inside his shirt but she didn’t let that down

Sanskar: awhwhwhw swara it’s cold let me remove

Swara: it’s ur punishment for getting me party instead of brownie an Left the shirt he immediately removed his shirt he was about to scold her but his eyes got widen listening her sentence


Swara: (whispers) Sanskar I know I have seen u shirt less so many times but y today looking hot to my eyes and saying me to have s**

Sanskar: whattt??? But he sentence left incomplete sensing swara was kissing him on his neck she was roaming her hands over his chest but she stops and looks at him

Swara: (shakes him to come to senses) Sanskar

Sanskar: ha ha what

Swara: Sanskar I’m not getting mazza in this I wanna do this in different (excitedly)

Sanskar: (monologue) hey god plz save me from crazy girl I know. She will think beyond our thoughts may be she will again tie if she do s** I don’t have any problem it will be pleasure for me but if she tie my hands it will be really tough for me to control I can’t able resist my self without holding her

Swara: I got idea yehhhhhhh

Sanskar: (full of fear tone) what…… Idea……..

Swara: (excitedly) I will rape u

Sanskar: (didn’t listen properly) ohhhh that’s it na (strikes) what u will rape but what’s need of that I will surrender my self to u (fearing what she will do in saying rape)

Swara: no I will rape and u have to scream loudly but I will not leave u I will eat u fully like u used to eat me before now I will do that wow how exciting g it will be u will go far from and will ask other for help wow it will be really crazy na (excitedly)

Sanskar: (monologue) now what I have to do she won’t listen to me now her mood swings are getting into my nerves what to Do what to do ? (to swara) swara u can’t do this bcoz if I shout all will come running to our room so we can’t do this

Swara: yeah u r right (Sanskar signed in relief) but I have an idea (his become dull again what a fate King of romance was afraid now To do that)

Sanskar: (curses under his beneath) what idea

Swara: simple come with me I have to go out now both went out but sanskar was confused now what she will do soon she said stopped him at medical shop she only went and brought one spray bottle she didn’t allow him to see whats that soon they flat

Swara slowly went inside home and taken all the spare keys of prathap flat and sumi room and Ramtha room Sanskar was following her with confused state swara 1st went to prathap house and sprayed the bottle closing her nose even asked Sanskar to close his nose she sprayed on both prathap and Lakshmi face and She did same with Ramtha Ayush uttara and sumi even guys Raj and Arjun where in their mansion soon both headed to thier room still Sanskar was in confusion

Sanskar: (irritation) swara what u did y sprayed something on all of them

Swara: arey Sanskar I sprayed chloroform Now now will woke up listening ur shouts and I can do my work (excitedly)

Sanskar blub ? patak…… Bechara he has to act to help from other for love making session that from his own wife

Swara removed shirt no no she tored it and placed hand on his chest and feels sticky

Swara: Sanskar y r sticky

Sanskar: madam for ur kind information u put ice cream on me and u didn’t let me clean myself and u r asking me y I’m sticky

Swara: okie sorry to wash it wait I forget I have to rape oh my how to rape wait I have saw in film u run and I will run back of u

Sanskar: (immediately) no swara u shouldn’t run in this state this another way

Swara: okie what to saying she pushed him on the in seconds that he was unable to figure soon his hands where tied but not to the bed his hand on up of him and swara was holding his hands tightly and tied with his tired shirt

But soon swara started kissing him he want to go hold her but his hands where not getting down it’s hurting his bone soon he responded to the kiss but swara his lips and tongue hardly it started bleeding and she broke the hug

Swara: I told u I’m raping u it means u shouldnt kiss me only I can kiss u Sanskar was sad bcoz he was unable to control Of his desire not even his love

Swara again kissed him this time Sanskar didn’t responded in afraid of swara she slowly hugged her face on his neck she kissing passionately Sanskar showing for help only bcoz of swara bcoz she want this shout even

Sanskar: plz help me plz someone help me….. Ahhh swara bitted on his neck but she didn’t placed any kiss bcoz it was rape guys ??

She removed his night dress and thrower it aside and removed even Sanskar pants

Swara come top him now both are naked there was bed light Sanskar can see her curves which was urges him to attack but he can’t both of their bodies come direct contact Sanskar n****** where touching her n******

She started kissing his near the lip but in lips he was shouting for help but not able to do it properly bcoz he kissing his senses in her touch which make him fell heaven
Swara kissing him near lips and she was kissing all over his face she was giving open mouth kisses to him

Soon she came down and started licking his chest soon she took his nipple in her mouth and bite it she sucked that little with her lips And tongue she was licking it slowly Sanskar was sucking his head in pleasure like this she did same with another one

She took water which cold she poured on him bcoz he was sticky on his chest and started licking it and started drinking drop By drop

Sanskar: plz……. shona……. leave……. me…… I…. can’t…….bear……..this…… more…. it’s……. getting…….hard…….

Swara: (whispers near his lips) just feel it baby I won’t leave u now saying she again tooled his lips in her and she was roaming her hands shamelessly on his chest chest to his tool it was hard and it’s even wet

Soon she sat on his Thighs Sanskar closed his not able to see her bcoz he was unable to control if he see her he will do something beyond swara seeing his eyes closed she asked him to open without any option he opened and saw her

Swara: Sanskar open ur eyes I’m taking dignity na u have shout foe help more this time

Sanskar: help…… Plz…… Help……..

Swara without breaking eye contact she Kissing his tool she was doing it slowly and soon she kept it her mouth and started sucking it hard she can bited it soon she removed

Again she started exploring his whole body now it was all turned into red bcoz of her bites there is no place where his body is not having his teeth mark she even turned him back and kissed and turned him on his back, thighs in short all expect his face

Now she sat on his stomach And holds her stomach baby now I’m raping ur papa so close ur eyes u shouldn’t see this when u will Come our age u can do it even do Cloe ur Soon she took his tool into her and started stroking it hard soon she got tired but out Sanskar wants more but he can’t demand that now she feel on him like that only without any covering

Both are breathing heavily with full sweat

Sanskar: sho…..shona u r doing rape na so u even have to make me irritate me but u don’t do that u just did simply

Swara: opened her eyes and kept her head straight really then what I have to do to irritate u

Sanskar: hmm u have to keep ur b****** on my mouth u have to force me to suck them and all and even u have to free my hands for that (thinks) thank god my trick is working now I will see Mrs Sanskar how will u leave from my clutch

Swara: (innocently) okie but y to free up hands I’m raping u na

Sanskar: ha ha it bcoz u r pregnant na u shouldn’t get hurt while doing this that’s y

Swara: okie saying this she removed and didn’t what she said now our shona punishment starts

Sanskar: (monologue) my crazy lady how u will get this type of ideas but it’s ur turn Now I didn’t not touched that y u r on control now I will see how u will control

Soon he feel Her ****** on his face and she was forcing him to do in her thought but not his he started sucking it hard by this act she didn’t even got when she lost all his senses in his touch even he didn’t left a place without his bites

Swara: ahhhhh Sanskar more harder

He Sucked it has hard has he can do but our swara is not at all getting satisfied soon he left her b****** to take some breath but she didn’t stopped messaging her b****** he again tooked into his mouth now he even started biting her parts giving her pain in pleasure to get her satisfy his trick worked now he took his revenge from her for her so called rape

Soon both reached into climax and slept in each other embrace now swara slept on him completely even Sanskar let sleep on him he was holding her feeling himself complete

Screen freezes on swasan…………

Precap: stay tuned………

***********episode ends************

Keep smiling guys……..

Bye bye…………

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