Swasan: I love u only u (epi-4)


Hello guys I’m back with another chappy Sry for the late posting plz forgive me guys

I’m so happy that u all are liking my ff so chalo let’s our 4th chappy

On mm
Dp room
Both sitting on the bed thinking about recent incident how uttara blames him for not trusting Sanskar
Dp: ap kya ham log sach me Sanskar Ke uppar trust na karke galthi kiya hai
Ap: ji yeh tho me nahi kehasakti kya galat kya sahi hai par mera beta laksh uniki vajese jail gaya hai
Puri rath police mere beta OK Mara hai only bcoz of Sanskar
Dp: ha ap pat patha nahi kyu kuch tek nahi lagra Annapurna
Ap: hi vo sab chodie lunch lekar atha hu sap he liye
Dp nodded his head

Raglak room
Both are standing near balcony
Laksh: ragini u saw how uttara talked with me how she talk with me like that ragini
Ragini: leave it laksh one day even she will see Sanskar real shade and how he is greedy about money She was small she don’t know wt is wrong and wt is correct
Laksh: Ha ragini u r saying correct but how can she blame us
U know when she was small na I used pamper her alot She used say I love u more than Sanskar And Adarsh bhai but now she left me and went with him She left me ragini
I will never forgive her for this
I will never forgive her (teary eyes)
Ragini Hugged laksh tightly to give strength to him
Ragini: it’s okie laksh it okie relax

(even now no one believes Sanskar still they are thinking that he was cheater but they don’t that real cheater Adarsh and pari)

Screen shifts to baadi
Swasan room
Both are sleeping peacefully in each other embrace 1st swara opens her eyes and saw her life sleeping peacefully now she kissed his forehead (whispers) plz come out of that trauma Sanskar I want to see old Sanskar back I know it will take time but I will get u out of that
Swara took her clothes and change the dress
I mean time she woke up Sanskar
Sanskar: swara plz let me sleep
Swara: no Sanskar u have to eat lunch now get up already u didnt have ur bf even now get up I won’t listen anything
Sanskar: okie meri maa silent saying this he sat on the ground But soon his smiles fades thinking about laksh
Swara smiles Sadly and gives him clothes to wore
To divert the topic
Waise Sanskar more than bed ground is comfort na
Sanskar smiles and changes his clothes
Both came to dinning table they saw Sumi uttara rp and sujata are having their lunch actually they all are playing with the food
Rp: I didn’t even think in my dreams that I will separate with my brother sujata
Sujata: ji plz control ur self from now onwards we dont have any one except ur family I mean u me swasan uttara and sumi that it
I don’t want to keep relation with maheswaris so plz don’t talk about this
Rp: ha may u r saying right but think if Adarsh harm then again wt will happen to bhaisa then
Sujata: I don’t know that but plz don’t talk this in front of swasan already they where deeply hurted bcoz raglak so plz don’t talk in front them
Uttara: ha papa maa was saying right plz don’t talk in front of swasan and don’t worry about bade Papa aur badi maa raglak hai na they will take care
Rp: okie
Swasan overwhelmed seeing their love towards them after listening their talk
(In this sumi didn’t even talk a single word she was just thinking about shekar how he broke the ties with her)
Swara observes sumi and feels sad
Both swasan looked at each other
Sanskar: maa Shouting wts in lunch today I’m so hungry
All are shocked seeing Sanskar action even swara smiling all looked at them confusingly
Bcoz after this much they didn’t thought swasan will normal again but the truth is they acting to keep their family happy
Sanskar: uttara today is u fav yar ? curry hmm mom smell is very nice I’m getting tempt by the smell swara plz serve fast I’m so hungry
Swara: ha ha Sanskar have it she served the food he was eating with praising sumi for ? curry
Both had their lunch in talks they both even feed uttara rp sujata and sumi They all completed their lunch they smiled with happy tears
Sumi and sujata: u both stop ur acting we know that u r doing this for us only
Swasan: (both share having tears but covers it) wt wt acting maa
Sumi and sujata: don’t act to smart swasan we are ur mothers
Swasan: left from there without a word Bcoz if they stay more they can’t stop their tears more
Sujata: ji mere dono beton kids yeh halat kids karan raglak hai I won’t forgive them in my life
Rp: vaisa nahi kehte hai sujata
Sujata: was about to u open her mouth but stops listening uttara words
Uttara: stop maa and baba we have to be normal to make swasan normal now stop this
All nodded their heads
Swasan side
Sanskar: swara I have to be more strong swara
Swara: we have to be more strong
Both side hugged each other
Like this day passed

Next day morning
At baadi
Sanskar was leaving to find a job for him
Sanakar: swara I will get job na
Swara: ha Sanskar u will get job for Pakka and u don’t worry god will show us a away
Sanskar nodded took his file and Left for interview Taking his mothers blessings

Swara asked all To have bf I will call uttara
She went to her room (both sumi and uttara where sleeping same room)
Swara: uttaraaaa where r u But she was shocked to see uttara crying She immediately ran and hugged her
Uttara wt happen y r u crying
Uttara: ntg bhabi it’s just some dust went into my eyes
Swara: stop lying and tell the truth
Uttara: bhai I’m I did wrong by raising my voice on laksh bhai
Swara: no uttara don’t think like that y r u thinking like that u did correct only by supporting ur bhai
Can I say one thing if u would have supported laksh seriously I won’t be able to control Sanskar bcoz he loves u so much if u would have distrusted him then he would have broke down completely uttara
I should say thank to u to save sanskar
Leave all this come for bf now I’m hungry I know even u must be hungry after that u even have to go college right now chalo
Uttara nodded her head and left with swara

At mm
Raglak dp and ap Adarsh and pari where having bf silently no one is talking but Adarsh and pari where having their bf happily
All their minds where revolving on swasan no one can’t able to clear their confusion
Soon all have their bf and men went to office

Day passed night
At baadi
Sanskar came and throwed file in frustration seeing this swara came to him
Swara: Sanskar wt happen.
Sanskar: no one is ready to give job swara that Adarsh have blackmailed every and stopping them to give job for me I’m looser swara I’m big looser
Swara: shut up Sanskar how dare u to say my husband has a looser He was not a looser he Is only one who can make impossible things to possible
Sanskar u went only a day try Sanskar u will get the job
Sanskar: ha swara u r right I’m dry to say like that
Swara: Sanskar I wanna say something
Sanskar: from when u started asking me permission
Swara: it’s ntg like that Sanky I will do job Sanskar Has a music teacher
Sanskar: 1st shocked to listen this but soon he smiled and said okie
Swara: thank u Sanskar and hugged him tight

Like this days are passing Its been a week but Sanskar didn’t get any job but swara got to job has music teacher
Pari came to baadi to insult swasan bcoz they got to know that swara got job and they want make difference btw swasan

Pari: seeing swara entering baadi she shouts loudly I hear someone got job here
Say to her she won’t be in that job more than a weak
Swara: don’t worry bhabi god is on my side he will protect my job
Pari: (she got more angry) How dare u to talk with me like that swara u don’t money now but still ur head weight not getting less
Swara: it is head weight bhabi it my self respect
In mean Sanskar enters baadi seeing Sanskar pari smirks.
Pari: ha swara Ur husband doesn’t even Have his self respect that y he was living on his wife salary
Swara was shocked listening this she got more angry and sees Sanskar with teary eyes
He controlling His emotions very hard
Swara: bas bhabi there will be limits but u have crossed that limit by insulting my Sanskar
Pari: wt I told is true he was living on his wife salary it shows that he was not a man u know wt I mean right
Swara was about to slap pari but Sanskar stopped her
Sanskar: ha bhabi u said right I’m living on my wife’s salary and I’m proud of that I’m living with my wife salary Only who is my half in me no no not half she is my life pari bhabi(stressed the word bhabi)
And I’m proud that she is doing her work with his own capability And hard work not like u Both who have cheated us and took all the property without any hard work And thinking that it was urs
And I promise bhabi I will make sure that one day I will get u all on the road this my promise to my family And stop this drama and leave from here and I don’t want garbage to stand in front my house now just leave
Pari: (feel insulted) Even I will see devar ji wt u will do no wt a looser can do with us
Swara: holder Sanskar hand tightly we will see bhabi u will be the looser and who will be the winner
Saying she took Sanskar to inside the house
Both didnt talk single word after this both slept in each other embrace
Swara: I love u Sanskar thanks supporting me Sanskar
Sanskar: swara I’m always there with she was just trying to make differences btw us and I won’t let this happen
U know y bcoz “I love u swara only u”

Next day morning
As usual swara went to music school and Sanskar Went To finding job but anywhere he didn’t get the job
At evening he was walking on the road Even he don’t know where he was going he was just walking Where No person is there it’s an clear road where few cars are Seen but he came out of the thought listening some voice
Voice: plz help me
Sanskar listening that he searched where the sound is coming it s coming from forest side he reached he saw some goons where trying to kill a man he was not seen his face

Sanskar went near them and beat the goons he was shocked to seen the man even the man was shocked see his face

Screen freeze on both shocking face

Precap: I don’t know…..

Who s man???
Y both are shocked to each other faces???

Keep smiling ? ?

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