Swasan: I love u only u (epi-39)

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Let’s start

Both swasan reached home both are not knowing how to tell the good new to all both are going to step Into home seeing them our 3ladies started their question session

Sumi: what doctor said is what we are thinking is true

Sujata: arey chore tell me is there any complication during pregnancy

Lakshmi: is everything okie there is no complications na I want my grandchild with fit and fine (lol……..?)

Sujata: haha we are becoming grand maa na

Sumi: is she said any diet for u for healthy baby

Sujata: arey chore y r u not saying anything tell me something

Sanskar: (relives) is anyone gave me chance to tell answer to ur questions and all ur selection are true (blushes)

Sujsumilak: yeahhhhhhh I’m naniiiii dadiiiii three started dancing in happiness

Swasan got shocked to see them like that this was the 1st time after separation they where happy wholeheatedly soon both smiled seeing them happy

Sumi: arey stop here is swasan

Sujata: ha where are these both

Three looked here and there and seen Swasan are sitting on the couch relaxing themsleves

Sujata: chore u get up (irritatingly)

Sanskar: mom what r y saying

Lakshmi: Sanskar can’t u understand what sujata said get up From beside swara She may feel uncomfortable so get up (Angryly)

Sanskar: (shocked) what mom there is a gap between both of us

Sumi: we don’t know anything how get up (angrily) or we don’t know what we will do

Sanskar stood up immediately and gulped his saliva in fear listening them seeing Sanskar state swara was suppressing her laugh but she was unable to control more so she laughed out loudly all got happy seeing her smiling

All called their respective husband to come home urgently after few minutes all came home hurriedly all are looking tensed bcoz they never called them like this even Arjun and uttara came as Ram and Raj called them to come home

In mean time Sanskar took swara to room for taking some rest looking at her anyone can say she was so tired

@swasan room

Sanskar: (Fake sadness) shona from now onwards all will love more they will me (pouts)

Swara: awwww y I’m getting burning smell here ohhhh I forgot Sanskar u r burning in jealous na (winks at him)

Sanskar come up on her and whispers – acha baby jealous haaaaa (saying he started tickling her)

Swara: hahaha……????? San….. Sanskar….. Plz okie okie u r not jealous leave me now plz…… Plz…..

Sanskar stood listening her she was breathing heavily

Swara: u donkey monkey get up from me u r so heavy Hits him with her hands And how dare to tickle me ?

Sanskar: awwwww 1 second mei these many names wow cool

Swara looks at him angrily but later smirks seeing him which made him to confuse soon her started making her sweating

Swara: ahhhhhh maaaaa mommmm mamiiiii all of u come to room ahhhhhhh

Sanskar: (placed hand on her mouth) shona why are u shouting like that

Soon they listen door knocking sound Sanskar got up and opened door he was shocked to all family where standing infront of him

Sujata: chore y chori shouted like that is everything fine

Sanskar: a mom everything is fine

Swara: no mom ur son is tickling me with fake breaths

Sujata: chore what’s is this how can u do like that she was pregnant and u are tickling her all started scolding but few are shocked but soon they also got to know that y sumi and called them these urgently they where Raj Ram and prathap

Sanskar bowed his head down and started listening their scolding he was gassing to swara who was controlling her laugh hardly Soon all left scolding him with swara to lunch

@dinning table

All are eating lunch but our Sanskar was not in a mood to eat he was looking at swara with anger we can say fake anger but for swara if she know that he was angry or fake angry she can’t tolerate that

Swara: Maaaaaaa all gets startled listening her sound

Sanskar: what happened swara everything is fine na

Swara: (pouts) maa mom mami dad papa mamu all of u say sorry to my Sanskar she only bcoz of u he was angry say sorry to him

Sujata: arey chori demak tho tek hai na tumari

Swara: ahhhhh mummyyyyyy no one is saying sorry to Sanskar and scolding me ahhhhhh (crying With childish tone)

All okie sorry sorry Sanskar now happy smile

Sanskar 1st gets shocked listening her now he was smiling like hell seeing her drama

Sanskar: (monologue) wow madam ka mood swings na growing high day by day if she was normal na she would console me in her but now oh my god this girl will make me mad one day smile thinking this

Soon all completed their lunch and Sanskar took swara to room for some rest he made her lie on the bed and took her in his embrace slowly she drifted into sleep seeing her sleeping her took out his laptop and started working


All are in different mood dp was in dilema ap was the only person who was in anger but parish was smiling like an idiot thinking how their mom believing them like a fool even after showing the proofs

Ap: how dare they to show my son like a cheaters

Dp: ap once think wisely even we believed Sanskar has cheater by same vedio na then y r u not believing him now

Laksh: papa what are u saying may be this can be Sanskar fake vedio na

Ragini: u are all out of minds it’s was not fake one it was real can’t u see the background In video it was parish room there not even a single in it we it’s fake one we can easily observe that

Parish where in tension thinking If ragini will make them believe their plan will get waste

Adarsh: (fake tears) plz ragini if u don’t trust us then it’s okie but plz don’t make maa to misunderstand me plz

Ap: (tears) arey beta Adarsh I know u can’t do like this u don’t worry I won’t believe not even u ragini (angrily)

Ragini: maa this blind in ur son will lead us on roads one day

Ap: when my 2sons are with me we will not dace any difficulties

Ragini: (laughs) what are saying maa u challenged Sanskar that Adarsh and laksh will get Sanskar on roads but u forget maa that our company is on losses when karma is also not in our that clearly shows our failure

Laksh: ragini u can’t insult us like this (angry)

Dp: what’s wrong she said what ever she told is true and in front of Sanskar u both can’t even stand y are u ppl not understanding when Sanskar is all alone he build his company without anyone’s support but now he was having support of Malhothra industries and Malik industries these two are companies are all time top in India after that karma but our maheswari industries it was not even touched that range

Laksh: papa I will show that our company will get high and this is my promise we will shown to Sanskar that laksh maheswari is not that dumb to lose the challenge so easily

Adarsh: ha papa we will show to him what will be the result to Mess with maheswari brothers

Ragini: down forget even he was and maheswari

Dp: ragini leave they cant understand now okie laksh and Adarsh u ppl don’t what’s even u want but do all the work with sincerity not by any wrong deeds saying this he left the place before ap can say something Ragini also left the place seeing DP leaving the place

Screen freezes on laksh angry face and Sanskar smiling face………..

Precap: stay tunned……….

**************episode ends************

Keep smiling bye bye………

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