Swasan: I love u only u (epi-37)

Hello guys I’m back with another I know u all are angry on me plz forgive me

Let’s start

@swasan room

Both are sleeping peacefully in each other soon stupid sunrays started their work to disturb our couple peaceful sleep swara was dugging his face more on Sanskar this made Sanskar sleep got disturbed he slowly opened his eyes and smiles seeing swara was sleeping fully on him she kissed on her eyes and frees himself slowly without disturbing her he went to washroom for freshen up

Soon swara woke up for not feeling her love presence she heard sounds from washroom she sat on bed with pout thinking Sanskar didn’t woke her up she got down from the bed and went near the washroom door and banging the door Sanskar got startled with sudden sound

Sanskar: swara y r u banging the door like that (shouts)

Swara: (shouts in anger) how dare u to leave me and more over u r shouting on me I will tell papa that u r shouting on me ahhhhhhhhhh starts crying childishly

Sanskar listening her voice he came out hurriedly By wrapping on his waist

Sanskar: (worriedly) shona what happen see I’m sorry I thought not to disturb u seeing ur peaceful sleep I’m unable to disturb u

Swara: (angry) what peaceful sleep when u left me how can I will get peaceful u idiot

Sanskar: (gets afraid seeing her) okie I’m sorry plz forgive me

Swara: (calming herself) Okie but in one condition

Sanskar: (immediately) okie I will do what ever u want but don’t cry or get angry

Swara: (smiles evil) u have to be my slave full day

Sanskar: (without thinking) okie (but suddenly he got what she said) whatttttt salve no

Swara: u have to Mr. (she wrapped her hands on his neck and pulled him towards her)

Sanskar: princess this to…… His words gets stucked in throat

Swara: (huskily) u r saying something Mr Sanskar

Sanskar: (composes) plz……remov….. ur… hand……swara……(with full sweat)

Swara: y should I Sanskar (bites his ear)

Sanskar: (mind) what happen to this lady from yesterday she was showing me different different shade she was making devil to woke up by touching my tool oh god it was getting rock to feel her god plz save me

Swara: (mind) what’s happening to me y I’m doing like this from yesterday I want to control but I don’t know y I’m unable to control myself oh god what’s happening to me but seeing I’m loving Sanskars tension face and once I used to be in his place With full of tension seeing his side but even was on my position wow Im loving it

Soon their thoughts where broken by knocking sound

Sanskar: who’s is that (composes himself)

Servant: sir breakfast is ready And sir is waiting for u both

Sanskar: Okie u go and tell him that we will come in 15 min

Servant: okie sir (leave the place)

Sanskar: princess go and get ready

Swara: (sadly) no I won’t get freshen up till u make me ready even bathing

Sanskar: (shocked) what????

Swara: what what u have already seen me in and out then y r u getting sweating (making faces)

Sanskar: (sweating more badly) swara…. what….. r……u…… saying…..

Swara: (cuts in between) now will u freshen up or not then I will not come out of the room

Sanskar: okie madam don’t do anything chalo come but swara opened her hands up showing him to took her in arms

Both smiled and left to washroom for freshen up

After 1hr at dinning table

Raj already completed his dinner bcoz swasan got late so he already ate only swasan where there

Swasan are sitting on table to eat but again swara asked him feed bf even after that everyone are seeing them this made Sanskar shocked more Sanskar without any argument he did what she asked After completing bf Sanskar excused himself from swara and called sumi

@ On call

Sanskar: hello maa

Sumi: ha Sanskar bolo

Sanskar: maa u know what maa swara was behaving wired maa (worriedly)

Sumi: (smiles) arey Sanskar I forget to tell me and ur mom have taken appointed from doctor today for swara take her

Sanskar: appointment but y maa (confused)

Swara: I said na Sanskar don’t what I said (fake anger)

Sanskar: (obediently) okie maa saying he cuts call

Sanskar came near swara Saw her chit chatting with her papa even he joined soon both left for hospital


Swara: (confused) Sanskar y u got me here

Sanskar: even I don’t know shona ur mom asked me to take u here she said she had taken oppointment here For u I known only this much

Swara: okie both went inside the doctors cabin

@doctor cabin

Both went inside asking permission from doctor

Doctor: take ur seats Mr and Mrs Sanskar (studying some case file)

Swasan: good morning doctor

Doctor listening the voice she lofted her head and jumping in happiness

Doctor: sanskarrrrrrrr (shouts in happiness) gets up from the seat and started twirling him round in happiness

Sanskar also smiled seeing and shouted priyaaaaaa both hugged each other forgetting that swara was present both are in their own world

Priya: how are u Sanskar??? How dare u to leave me alone u idiot how can u leave ur girl friend like that

Swara: girl friend??

Priya: (looks at her) ha girl friend by the way who r u

Sanskar: wait I will introduce u both swara she is priya my best friend (saying this she side hugged her) and priya she swara she is my wife

Priya: (shocked) what u r married

Sanskar: yea (happily)

Priya: then what about kavitha I mean u both love each other na

Listening kavitha name swara got angry on her she shooting draggers on her has if she will kill her right now with her eyes Sanskar gulped in fear seeing her expressions even priya stopped her questioning session seeing her glare on her

Priya: (fear) swara… Sawara y r u staring me like that yar (whispers to Sanskar) Sanskar y she was staring me like that I’m getting more afraid

Sanskar: (same tone) y u took kavitha name u idiot (irritation tone)

Screen freezes on swara angry face…..

Precap: stay tuned…..

**********episode ends**********

Keep smiling guys bye bye……

thank u so much for all ur comments guys once I’m so sorry for my late update ??

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