Swasan: I love u only u (epi-35)

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Let’s start

All got shocked to see the video raglak was unable to believe what he was seeing

Adarsh: (stamper) lak….. Laksh don’t believe him he was trying to separate me from u all so that he can revenge from u all believe me laksh we are innocent

Ap: Adarsh beta don’t worry I know u can’t do this U know y bcoz in u r my blood beta I believe u beta

(Parish smiled listening this they where relief that now no one can blame them if his maa stood before them)

Dp: (trying to make her understanding tone) ap what r u saying the truth is inform of but still u r thinking Adarsh was innocent this is not good ap

Ap: (angrily) I don’t know anything dp ji but I know one thing these sanskar can stoop so low to take his revenge from us that’s it and my son can’t do anything like this I can say that

All got shocked to listening ap talks mainly Sanskar not only shocked he was also hurt even more than before Y not guys The one whom he loved more than his mother was telling him cheap now he stumbled but swara and Arjun nodded him has support

Ragini: no maa I think u r wrong maa see the video maa it’s gives clear cut maa

Laksh: ragini Don’t force maa may be maa is also right who know this video may also be fake one

Ragini: but even we belived swasan based on these phone calls and The person whom we even don’t know even they may be wrong na

Sanskar hahahha ????? he was rolling on the floor soon he Compossed himself and stood near ap

Sanskar: what u thought maa no no Mrs dp maheswari by showing this video u all will believe and will come to me and ask me sorry and all I never thought like this I showed this video for u all only for ur safety so that u people will get alert of parish but I was wrong u didn’t even believing that anyways No problem

Okie all of u listen mm and gadodia family Im going to destroy u all I won’t even let a single pence leave in ur hand u all will come to me and beg my wife to give forgiveness how my wife begged u all to believe us now it’s ur turn and ragini and Mr do maheswari I know u will believe this and I’m telling u both be safe I don’t when Adarsh will kill u or he will throw u out

Don’t think y I’m telling inform u all that I will take my revenge what to Mrs maheswari I have learned from u only we shouldn’t back stab others and I’m doing the same Im fight in front of u all not like ur son who back stabbed us u don’t worry u trust ur son like hell and I will make sure one day he will surely kill u

Ap got angry by Sanskar words

Ap: (anger) don’t worry Sanskar I won’t face that state what ur thinking my sons are more capable than u they will build their business and reach the heights more than u then u will only beg for pence not me this is my challenge

Swara: (laughs) u buddi u r changing my Sanskar then we will see but let me tell u one thing my Sanskar had build his own business by his hands not like ur sons whom where feeding on the property of their fathers and Chachu and I accept ur challenge with few days u all will be on road but I want fun in challenge

Ap: okie if Sanskar did that I will touch his feet and ask sorry

Swara: no need do that If u do that more than u my Sanskar will get pain and I don’t that I will tell u what u have to do u all have to remove ur surname. Which u r thinking has ur pride and on that I will take my Sanskar surname back Im doing this bcoz u r not worthy of maheswari names u don’t even have enough status to match the maheswari I know maheswari name. It’s self show how big hearts they have but u all are opposite to that so u all have to remove ur tag of maheswari like we did before

Dp was about intrept bcoz he know if How much Sanskar capable of doing anything he was more capable then my both sons

Ap: okie don’t it’s challenge if my sons win the u have to touch our all feels and and sorry

Arjun: don’t worry that day wont come ever and Mrs maheswari u r getting old go and sit in temple and dp Pooja pats an all I’m fed up of ur talks now u all can move now I have allowed u all to stand here if I say word u all will be out of my site with in seconds

Swara: arey leave them where is maa gift I wanna gift her give me the gifts

Arjun smiled and gave one box and same goes with Sanskar even he gave one box to swara she smiled took it happily And went near Raj and sumi

Swara: Mr gadodia see now only I’m doing my maa engament so u all have to see and bless them no no u can’t bless if u bless they won’t be happy so plz don’t bless form just see them and leave from this place

Saying this she gave ring boxs to respective ones

Swara: maa this is the ring which Arjun has given u has we both from ur side and Sanskar has taken ur side uncle

Raj: beta I shouldn’t ask u but I’m asking one side u r telling me u will make me marry with ur maa and other side u r calling me has uncle plz call me papa soon I’m waiting to hear that word from ur mouth

Swara gets emotional before she say anything Raj Continued

Raj: beta it’s okie it’s ur wish I won’t force okie leave that I have gift u only told na it’s mother day so even I have gift my mother right here is ur gift saying he gave a box

Swara: (innocently) I’m not ur mother I’m younger than u not elder than u

Raj: (smiles) I know beta but every daughter is second mother to her father in that way u r my mother so take this

Swara nodded his emotional and took the box soon her smile turned into tears she was crying and hugged Raj tightly

Swara: thank you so much papa

Raj: listening the word papa) what u said again say no

Swara: (smiles) papa papa papaaaaaaa

Listening Raj was happy but shekar was angry like hell seeing her calling someone else has her papa

Swara: how u know about this bangles I thought I won’t get this again u have given me the best gift forever

Raj: I know has ur mom told u all my guards follow one day I thought to see u so I asked them to know about ur status and they got to know ur status and said to me but when I saw u that u r mortgage that bangles I didn’t get anything that time but when u left I bought that and now I’m giving u

(guys the bangles which Sanskar gave to swara on date or we can say 1st night time)

Arjun: papa when u got to know that swara is in this state y did u left her

Raj: I know u all may have thinking when I saw u in that state y I didn’t came I front of u bcoz I don’t know What happen with u till I get information things got changed and Sanskar left baadi and u r not even kept it surname it’s got very difficult to get u location and after few months I got to know that Sanskar was in doing work in a company and I have given money to an employee and made the papers of karma industries with tat Claus so that Sanskar get his property back

Sanskar: (shocked) what u did that but how I mean how u added that clause on that paper and It was original

Raj: don’t forget Sanskar I’m Raj Raj Malhothra nothing is impossible to him I can make anything worse or better than before smirks ? ?

Swara: (jumps in excitement) u r super papa

Sanskar: swara calm down and uncle thank u so much bcoz of u I got these bagels I tried alot in the market but i did’t get it thank u so much uncle

Raj: who is uncle for u????

Sanskar: aap

Raj: me I don’t know that I’m uncle do uncle

Sanskar got conufsed and again smiled getting to low about what he wants to call him

Sanskar: okie papa

Raj: (smiles) that’s better

Prathap: (back to his teasing mood) hey Sanskar I’m ur papa

Ram: no I’m his papa

Raj: no I’m his papa

Saying all 3 started argument just for fun

Swara: (irritated) stop u three what u all thinking to do

All 3 kept pout seeing her angry

Swara: listen to me mamu u r Sanskar’s bade Papa, Dad u r Sanskar dad not papa and Papa u r Sanskar papa so there is no need to fight on this thing get this into ur little brains Now chalo I’m hungry

Sanskar: what???? (shouted)

Swara angrily glares him: what what go get me something my ur hands I want eat which is made by u

Sanskar: swara are u out of mind me that to cooking no chance

Swara fuming in anger seeing him Sanskar senses and gulped in fear

Sanskar:(helplessly) okie I will do 1st let’s do engagement of maa and papa

Swara nodded okie and turned towards Raj and sumi and asked them to exchange the rings

Raj took sumi hand and made her wear the ring with lots of love same goes with sumi but she did that not In love only for their children

Swara clapped and started whistling loudly seeing engagement swara is more happy than all
Sanskar: shall we leave

Swara: no no photo session abi bakki hai saying this she went in the middle of them and asked Sanskar to take pic

After sometime all went to home Raj went Malhothra mansion and and Arjun with sumi bcoz he wants to Spend sometime stay with his mom

Even mm and gadodia left the place with insult Ap was in the angry mood on swasan only ragini was the one who believed then bcoz ragini believe swasan but when it comes to laksh She will easily get trapped and dp was still in the mood whether to believe or not

Screen freezes on swara face………

Precap: stay tuned……..

***********episode ends***********

Keep smiling guys…..

Bye bye……..

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