Swasan: I love u only u (epi-34)

No bak back straight to story

Let’s start

Screen start with Sanskar was shocked to see but y let’s see

Screen turns to swara holding her plate and started eating sitting on the table in Indian style we. Can she was enjoying but undigested matter she was eating on table not on the chair

Sanskar: maa is this swara only na

Sumi also was in shock she was unable believe the Scene infornt of her

Arjun came and pinched Sanskar on the shoulder

Sanskar: ahhhhh (hissed in pain) Arjun what are u doing

Arjun: simple making u realise its not dream it’s real (smiles sheepishly)

Raj: leave that let’s eat

All nodded and went near her Sanskar stood in front of her and started eating in disbelief

Sanskar: swara what are u doing y are u having this much nimbu own ur pad baaji

Swara: (angrily) it’s my wish now let me eat saying this she again started concentrate on the food

Sanskar was shocked to see her behavior towards him but she least interest in Sanskar her full concentration was only on food

Swara: Sanskar I want pani puri get that

Sanskar nodded his head and went to get pani puri after he returned and gave a plate pani to swara and he went near his plate but to his shcok plate was empty

Sanskar: (scared tone) swara y my plate is empty

Swara: simple I ate that

Sanskar: what????? (shock)

Swara: (irritation) wt wt I ate it if u want get another one also for me and ha with that even tomato rice I wanna eat that (guys tomato rice is my favorite)

Sanskar: but shona u don’t like palak panner right then how u ate

Swara looked at him like angry bird seeing this he ranned from there with seconds to get palak panned and rice

Sumi: sujata ji u r thinking what I’m thinking

Lakshmi: what u both are thinking

Sujata: see how she is behaving like she won’t eat palak panner with extra nimbu on it not only she was having nimbu In all the items

Lakshmi: u mean to say

Sujata: may be Lakshmi I don’t know exactly but the way she was behaving anyways we will tell Sanskar to go to doctor for check up

2 nodded his head and had their dinner

Soon swara completed her dinner soon she went and stood infornt of shekar who was standing afar from them seeing all came near her even maheswari

Before swara speaks shekar stopped her and started speaking

Shekar: arey swara beta thank u for giving me this gap bcoz for this I have remembered something which gives u all a shock (smirks)

Swara: and what’s that

Shekar: that is mine and sumi divorce got rejected I wanna tell it mom but till then u all have left so officially now she is my wife and now I won’t give any divorce (smirks winningly)

Listening this all got shocked but soon swara and Raj are laughing like hell

Seeing shekar got confused and angry

Shekar: why are u laughing may what I told to u na u both are unable to digest I think (confusingly)

Swara: acha tell me one thing before also u divorce my mom right then also u same result na rejection

Shekar: (confusing) ha bcoz god doesn’t want sumi to go far from me

Swara: ????? Ohhhh god I can’t laugh more u r such a fool u never went to court y urs and my mother divorce got rejected

Shekar nodded his head negatively

Swara: (laughing more) that’s y I called u has fool it’s bcoz my mom is still in legally way she was the wife of Raj Malhothra mean her full name is sharmista raj Malhothra

Swara rocks shekar shocks

Shekar: how is this possible I know sumi told me clearly that she gave divorce to Raj

Raj: yes that’s right but in pain of leaving sumi I forget to submit papers in the court that’s y u divorce is getting rejected bcoz sumi was still my wife I hope ur fought got cleared Mr gadodia

Seeing this shekar got shocked and ragini was feeling bad for shekar so she thought to speak now and went near sumi

Ragini: maa I know u r angry on papa but please maa think once again maa think about Ayush maa how can Raj uncle will give love to him bcoz he was not his own son maa he may hate him (trying to manipulate sumi in the name Ayush)

Raj got tensed bcoz if she believe her she will again go to that shekar

Sumi: u r right ragini may be he will hate Ayush (ragini gets happy but soon her smiles faded listening further) like I’m hating u or like Raj was hating Arjun to the core that he was given him full of love and care and everything to him even mother and father love I’m I right ragini
Listening this Raj smiled not only Raj all members present on there are smiling except gadodia and maheswaeies

Swara: arey ragini u tried alot to manipulate my mother now just leave from here Mrs laksh maheswari

Ragini: swara please Listen to me at least think about maa he loves papa more than her life she agreed for this marriage only for u

Swara: Mrs laksh maheswari I know u r thinking about ur papa likewise I’m thinking about my maa and my decision is final and ha if Raj uncle was not there then also I will not let maa and papa to unite each other bcoz I hate Mr gadodia to the core and he will always hurt my mother which I don’t want further now leave (shouts)

Ragini stood numb seeing this laksh came forward to speak but Sanskar. Stood beside swara like shield

Sanskar: wait there only Mr laksh maheswari I was a show u something which u all will give u shock

Laksh: (with attitude) and what’s that

Sanskar: (smirks) let’s see saying he signel Arjun something and he nodded and played the projector

Arjun: wow let’s see how these people will react okie let’s watch movie


guys do remember when Sanskar came and took the property papers from dp Adarsh had planned to kill swasan and get the property and they wanted to show Sanskar is cheater and After that next time how he questioned all of them and laksh thought to talk to Sanskar but pari listen this and thought about further plan for trading laksh again bcoz he was only on everyone love him to the core all will lose his temper seeing him like that

(Sanskar had kept the camera in parish room without anyone’s notice)

I don’t wanna drag this more I hope u all like this

Vedio ends

Adarsh and pari where getting tensed seeing this

All got shocked to see this

Sanskar: Now tell Mr laksh maheswari what’s ur opinion Now

Screen freezes on Sanskar face……

Precap: stay tuned…….

********** episode ends**********

What u all think mm will believe this or not let me know through ur comments plz increase my comments and thank u so much for all who have commented me I’m so sorry I’m unable to thank u all personally bcoz of my exam busy I hope u all Don’t mine

Keep smiling guys…..

And next update is on 29th or 30th till then ? ?

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