Swasan: I love u only u (epi-33)

Hello guys another one back with another I know I’m giving late updated but guys Plz understand I’m having exams but when ever Im getting time I’m updating the episode Now let’s get Into the story

Let’s start
Screen start with all shocking faces

Swara: I hope u all don’t have any option in this marriage mainly to u Mr gadodia

Shekar: (shocked) shaadi

Swara: ha Shaadi meri (stress the word) maa Ki shaadi

Shekar: (Comes to senses in anger) swaraaaaa how can u even think of doing this ur maa won’t agree for this I know she loves me

Swara: u don’t worry about that Mrs gadodia my mom will agree for this bcoz she was giving me a father after this marriage I don’t want anyone to call me has ur daughter bcoz u r worth of it u r spinless creature only thinks about ur maa and daughter ragini and u will do what ever work he mother say like coward u crap

Sahekar gets out of control he was about slap her but a hand stopped him. That is non other than Raj

Raj:(anger) how dare u to raise hand on my daughter mr gadodia

Shekar: (with same tone) she is my daughter I can do anything with her she is my own daughter not urs Mr malthotra

Before Raj could say anything sumi intrepted them

Sumi: I thought u will change shekar but no u where same person with full of selfishness

Shekar: (anger) okie I’m selfish that’s y I don’t want u to marry him I love….

Sumi: (intrepted) stop the word right there u r not even worth to say that word what u u want me then let me remind u shekar gadodia when we young I and maa came to ur home for alliance but u refused to accept the truth leave that u are afraid of parvathi gadodia

Then when my daughter want patch up with u but again u left me saying that swara is characterless girl U have not become a good lover nor husband not even a father u fit for noting gadodia

If u have father love now u would have controlled ur self and to to explain to shona but u don’t do anything like that u just directly raised ur hand to slap her and if ragini would have been u would have not raised ur hand to sleep her bcoz u think only ragini has ur daughter not swara for swara is tissue paper u use and thrown

Agaian I forgave u but yet again u left me with blame I can’t be a good mother but now I wont do such mistake I will marry Raj now I got to know the difference between true love and lust love

Urs is lust love u just want only my body not my heart but Raj only needs my heart he always tried to take care of me loved me to the core but what I did I asked him to left me and sad part is he left for my choice but he never lose the contact of one he always used to know about my well being swara well being may be Arjun and swara are ur blood but they are children of raj he loved them even after knowing that they didn’t have any blood relation with him

I was big fool to leave him I was fool I know I don’t love him but he would have there for me more time I may have fallen for him forgetting u I was stubborn in ur love that Im. Unable to his love his care and all now I’m hating my self to love u (fell down with full of tears)

Shekar was having mixed felling of anger pain guilt sad. On other dadi was so angry on sumi she was looking like she will eat her anytime all others are shocked to see sumi in such state

Sumi was holded by two arms before she felt down completely that is Arjun and Raj

Arjun: don’t cry maa he was not worthy of ur tears if u cry ur tears shows his place so plz don’t cry maa

Raj: I’m sry sumi I shouldn’t have left u but I thought he u will be happy but I’m a fool To think u r happy (saying this gets into thinking)

Sumi: don’t think much Raj I know u kept an Guards for my and my daughter well being but I stopped him to tell u this matters that’s he used what ever I say him to speak I thought slowly u will move on ur life but no I was wrong I was very wrong

All got shocked swara: (shocked) guards

Sumi: (guards) ha shona guards he always used to follow u till the school and again to the house for ur safety when I’m said this someone is following then I got to know that man was ur protective sheild for ur life may Raj was far away from us but he always used kept updates of us but that updates are all given by me I requested that’s guards who are protecting us to tell him what ever I told them but he was happy thinking I’m happy but in real Im not we are not When u got married he had taken full data of Sanskar when he got to know that he was good person he loves u alot then he stopped security for u Thinking that u r OK safe hands but still he never stopped for him

Raj: (shock) that means I all these days I’m leaving in false hope that u r fine and those idiots I have appointed them for u both but They working for u

Sanskar: (shocked) uncle u r spying on me but till now I don’t know

Arjun: arey Sanskar it’s for his daughter safety man don’t think much man
Sanskar making faces

Swara: stop (shouts loudly)
All looked towards her

Swara: maa are u agreeing for this marriage

Sumi: (emotionless) beta the truth I don’t wanna marry him but I will marrying for u and for him bcoz he just wanted to live his life with me not like this shekar gadodia so I wanna give him this chance If I don’t marry him it will be insult for the word of Love

Shekar: (angrily) sumi how can do this to me u can’t marry him I’m ur husband

Sumi: (same tone) and u have taken divorce from then how can we become wife and husband Mr gadodia

Dadi: yehh bengalan I m seeing at starting how dare u to point finger on my son he was gem not like u charterless person

Raj: (shouts In angry) Mrs parvathi gadodia if u again raise ur voice I don’t know what I will do so it’s better to say quite or else u will worst of me

Dadi gets scared listening his voice not only dadi even all who are present there gets scared

Shekar: (getting courage) u u u can’t talk with mother like this

Sumi: see that’s what I told u r the one only believe ur mother and daughter not anyone else u never ever supposed me not even for once

Shekar: (tauntingly) acha then who supported u to give birth to Ayush don’t forget I’m the only one who stood for u not even ur daughter swara

Sumi: (angry but clam tone) u r right u support me but not for me just for ur son

Swara now she got irritated by all this she was unable take this more and more over she was so hungry

Swara: (before he speaks) shut ur mouth Mr gadodia I’m hungry after that u start ur session but right now I want to have something and ha I even forget bcoz of u I forget to give gift to my mother Now u stop ur drama let me eat 1st the u continue

All shocked to see this but not getting anything y she was behaving like this all thought may be she was so much hungry so all brushed their thoughts and left for dinner before shekar can do anything

Sanskar: (shocking way) shona are u fine

Swara: (irritating) yes I’m perfectly fine what happen to no get away I wanna eat I’m hungry saying this she took plate and started eating happily

Sanskar: what happen to her maa

Sumi: even I don’t know beta leave it come we will eat if we didn’t follow her order na now she will kill all of us

Sanskar gets afraid and sat on the table getting full on the plate

But all got shocked to see swara

Screen freezes on Sanskar shocking face……

Precap: stay tuned……..

*************episode ends**************

Keep smiling always guys…..

Bye bye ? ?

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