Swasan: I love u only u (epi-32)

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Let’s start

Swasan and Arjun went inside where sumi and all have seated mm also entered inside and dadi was so curious to know about them

Seeing swasan back Ayush came running to them

Ayush: diiiii zijuuuuuuuu (jiju)

Sanskar smiles and took her in arms and started playing with him swara was taking with Arjun

Swara: bhai he is our chotu sa brother Ayush

Arjun smiles seeing him playing with Sanskar we can say he was biting him on shoulder and laughing seeing him

Arjun: chotu (lovingly)

He showed his front teeth with broad smile
Ayush: how r u (innocently)

Arjun: (with tears) I’m Arjun From now onwards ur brother u have to call me bhaiyu like ur di calls me

Ayush: but y I have to call u like that

Swara: (smiles) bcoz he will give choco
His eyes got shined listening the word choco he immediately jumped on his arms

Sanskar: “o” It’s cheating chotu for choco u left me and went to Arjun

He smiled sheepishly seeing him Sanskar also smiled seeing his cute face

Soon Arjun and Ayush where playing with each other happily swasan where having tears in their eyes seeing them Sanskar hugged her side ways

Mothers side I mean laksugtha (Lakshmi sumi and sujata ?)

Only these where walking after few seconds they all heard a blast sounding and falling rose petals on them and the way they are walking is full of rose petals and all

(guys men’s already now about these plan so all left aside and made their wife’s at middle)

Sumi sujata Lakshmi where surprised and smiling happily seeing her children works so lead to lawn of the hotel

(seeing special decorations attention and all for sumi Lakshmi sujata ap was feeling jealous of them mainly seeing for sujata)

Ap: (thinks) sujata has only one son he was doing this much for others day but I have 2 sons but these are waste they just fitted me for dinner ??) chalo we will see what more special they prepared

Laksh: maa we came here for our dinner y we interfering in their matters chalo come we will order something (holds her hands to make her sit)

Ap: (jerks her hand) I don’t want to sit here I want to see what’s special that Sanskar made for Sujata waise bhi I have two sons which are no use at least let me see that (anger with taunting way)

Laksh: (shocking) Maa (had tears in his eyes but ap was in her own jealously world)

All got shocked listening her words ragini kept her hand on laksh shoulder to control him Do was about to shout on her but laksh stopped him with holding his hand

Parish: we got u for dinner that is more enough for This Oldie she want specials it seems ?? (whispers to each other which audible to them only)

Laksh: (composes himself) okie maa u wanna go there na let’s see
Ap went from there even not seeing her sons hurt by her words all followed her

@outside in lawn

All the trees are decorated with colour full lights and the full lain is of lights with lamps and 4 tables with white and pink cloths

(guys I’m very bad at expressing the views old adjust)

A man came and gave flower to sumi and sujata too for sumi he gave blood red rose flowers it’s her favorite and for sujata they gave orchid it’s her favorite flowers And lakshmi was having lilies in her hands bcoz it her favorite

This was seen by swasan and Arjun from far and smiling seeing their reactions Seeing them happy even they where happy

Ap was seeing all this with open mouth her jealousy was increasing more by seeing this

3 People came near them And took three of them on the stage where Dancing was going on they where making them dance with them sumi sujata and Lakshmi where smiling seeing their children’s act Bcoz those three people where non other than swasan and uttara

Swara was dancing with sumi and uttara with sujata and Sanskar with lakshmi soon three made them sit on the chair

All 3 where tears into their eyes seeing the scene in front of them all are almost crying seeing the scenery bcoz there was playing of a childhood pics of swasan and all holding their respective mothers while writing and 1st step of them and all

Sumi sujata and Lakshmi where so happy but Lakshmi was missing her daughter bcoz she was in abroad for her studies prathap had sended her to studies in a small age bcoz Of their rivals. Prathap seeing her come beside her and holds her through shoulders to composes herself

Sanskar: okie all 3 super ladies stop crying we came here to celebrate but seeing u 3 I was thinking to book and ola boats die all of us (swara looked at him in disbelief but these 3 ladies are confused by him)

Sanskar:(teasing way) I know u three are confused let me tell u if u all stated than floods will come waise be ur daughter don’t know summing to save her I have to do something bad so that is u these boats

(listening this all three where fuming in fake anger sujata went and hold his ears and started twisting it)

Sanskar: ahhh Mom plz spare I’m sorry from now I won’t tease u

All laughs seeing his cute antics and leave him

(guys still Ayush was with Arjun and playing with him at back of sumi and all)

Swara: okie no stop this and I have prepared a play now see and enjoy this it connected to lots emotions happiness sadness and all

Sumi: what’s play u r going to show us

Swara: u will get to know after seeing that maa but I can say u will most happiest person in the world after this play

Sumi and all got confused but sat on the tables to see the play

(don’t wanna drag more few people got dressed up has a dadi shekar Dida and sumi they all started showing the shekar ditching sumi and dadi bad mouthing about sumi and all and Dida made her married with Raj and how Raj used to care for her how he loved her more than his life and all sumi and crying seeing but the last scene made her shocking in that Raj has taken the Arjun with him she stoop up in shock and seeing all this tears it was also shown how Arjun grown with shekar with all the love and care where even shekar can’t even have that to swara when he got fever he took the care of him whole night soon he was grown and real arjun only shown how her got to know the truth and all Arjun standing in front of sumi with tears)

(Guys don’t bash me if u don’t like this plzzzzz)

Sumi: (tears) that means u r my son (shocking way)

Arjun nodded his head in positive manner
All MM and gadodia also got shocked seeing this

Sumi: (holds his face in plams) swara he is my son ur brother my son is alive he is alive (with crying hard hugs him)

Swara and all having tears in their eyes Raj was seeing them from an distance and was happy sad and all he was having mixed emotions in him bcoz he was happy to see sumi guilty for doing such thing sad may be his son will leave him now and goes with her and all was keep on rounding in his mind

Raj composes himself and went near them

Raj: (Folding his hands) I’m so sorry sharmista bcoz of me u got separated from him plz forgive me I know I did wrong no sin for this I’m ready bear any punishment I will whatever u say

Sumi: (with emotionless) will ur sorry will bring my these years back u even have any idea how I cried whole day and nights thinking my son is dead

Raj: (tears) I’m sorry I’m ready to bear any punishment plz……

His words left incomplete bcoz of shekar

Shekar: (anger ?) how dare u to separate my son from us I will not leave u for this saying he was about to beat him but stopped by and hand that is our Arjun

Arjun: (jerks his hand) how dare u to raise hand on my papa

Shekar: beta he was not ur dad I’m ur father u the son of mine and sumi

Arjun: don’t u dare to say u r my father may u r my biological father but not in my eyes it is better to be a fatherless child than taking ur name has my father u r dirt on the name on a father

Dadi: (anger) hey u how can u raise ur voice on ur father ohhh I forget u r the dirty blood if this sumi right how will u get manners

Arjun: (same tone) Mrs parvathi gadodia u r talking about y maa i don’t know till now what happen but remember this if u raise a voice against my maa them I will show u mini hell in the earth I know waise be after the death u will go to hell only bcoz of ur cheap tricks but before that I will show u mini hell from my side

Shekar: (anger) Arjun u r talking about my maa he elder to u talk…..

Arjun: (intrepted) then what she was talking about my maa of u support ur Mother then I will support my mother and if u want respect then be a good person then I will give respect to u and ur mother shekar gadodia

Shekar: (anger but calming himself bcoz he want his son he will heir do the gadodia Ayush is small he can’t get him bcoz he needs mother care) dek beta the women u r thinking has ur mother na she is and characterless person she married Raj and gain came to me she played with both of us feelings beta

Arjun was about to slap him but he got a slap from another person that is our Raj

Raj: (holds his collar) I was silent till know thinking that u will understand sumi at least now but I was wrong if it’s come to her character then I won’t even stop to take and big decision remember that shekar

Shekar: (trying to manipulate) dek Arjun beta I told u na see how he was supporting it’s clearly shows that……

His words left incomplete Now bcoz Arjun slapped him

Shekar: (holds his cheek) beta (shock)

Dadi: hey u was about to slap but stopped by two hands not by one that is our swara and sumi

Sumi: (jerks her hand) Till know I beared so much but if it goes same with my children then I will cut ur hands Mrs parvathi (shouts loudly)

Swara: (happily) wow mom u r looking too good when u shout ??? but seeing sumi death glare she becomes silent With pout ??

Sanskar and all was happy for sumi and swara

But till know mm people where in shock

Swara: ha I forget to tell u all something to Mrs parvathi and shekar gadodia It will give u a shock not double shock my Maa is going to married again with Raj Malhothra

This is the biggest shock for all only Sanskar was smiling

Screen freezes on shocking face of sumi and Raj

Precap: let’s see

**************episode ends*************

Keep smiling……..

Bye bye
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