Swasan: I love u only u (epi-31)

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Mature content if u wanna read on ur wish then okie

Let’s start

Raglak where planning for mothers day

Laksh: ragini who about we cut cake at home and celebrate with all family members

Ragini: idea is good but it’s routine we have to think something special

Laksh: u r right but we have to do has a special

Voice: I have an idea to celebrate Mothers day

Raglak turns back and find parish they smiled seeing them

Laksh: what’s the idea bhai

Adarsh: we will go out for and celebrate simple

Pari: ha we will go out for dinner maa wants all to have their dinner together with peace so y don’t we go for dinner

Ragini: yea bhabi u r right anyways maa even wants to go for that new Xyz restaurant we will go there

Laksh: perfect chalo then I will book a table for all of us

Ragini: laksh if u all don’t mine I will call even dadi maa and papa even their minds gets refresh

Parish made faces and laksh smiles and said okie

Laksh called to xyz restaurant and asked them for booking the table

Laksh: okie bhai and bhabi get ready I have reserved the table and say to maa and papa also to get ready We leave at 9:00pm

All nodded their head and left to their respective rooms


Swasan came to home and asked everyone to get ready has they where going to dinner today

Sumi: y dinner beta we have already prepared the dinner food will get waste na

Swara: don’t worry about the food when we go out na we will give that to any beggars Now chalo get ready fast only 3 hrs are left to go for dinner we have get ready

Sujatha: ayeee chori dimak tho tek hai na we have 3hrs y r u getting hurry has if we have to leave now

Swara: mom…

Sujatha: 1st u go and take rest for 2hrs then u can get ready don’t where u both went but u both came at evening and asking us to get ready for dinner now 1st go and take rest

Swara: (smiles sheepishly and.hugged sujata with love) Thank u mom thank u so much saying she kissed on her cheeks and ran to her room

All looked at her to confused seeing her happy no happy she was on cloud nine like she doesn’t want to get down all kept their thoughts aside and went inside to get ready

All nodded and left from there Sanskar seeing swara nodded his head in disbelief and left to room

Sanskar entred into the room and lock the door and turned back but the scene in for the of him made him shock

Sanskar: (dried throat) sw….. Swara

(guys swara was standing in for the of him only with bathrobe and giving seducing smile to him and moved towards him)

Swara: (tracing her Index finger on his face seducingly) Sanskar baby

Sanskar: wow today what happen to my shona she was in different mood

Swara: (circle around his neck)ur shona is very happy today and she wants u to make her love now

Sanskar was shocked to listening her words even he wants to do that but keeping her health in his mind he refused to do.

Sanskar: no shona not now come u have to take rest before he completes the sentence swara smashed her lips on his and started kissing him madly to which was shocked at first but he lost his sense and started kissing her with same passion both are playing with their tongue and tasting their sweet essence of each other soon both broke down and started breathing heavily

Swara: (breathing heavily) I love u Sanskar

Sanskar: I love u too shona

Swara: (whispers against lips) now stop staring me and have ur food
Sanskar smiled listening her he soon fallen on her immediately and started kissing her neck swara lost his balance and fell down on the floor but Sanskar still didn’t broke the love bites on her neck

Swara: (moaning) ahhhhh baby easy

Sanskar: u woke up the wild on me now u have to bear me

Swara: (breathing heavily) I’m already bear u my baby

Sanskar smiles and started kissing her more soon he removed her bathrobe and thrower aside And shocked to see her already naked soon he smiled

Sanskar: (huskily) seems like someone has planned before it self

Swara Gets shy listening him in hugged him by placing her head on his chest soon Sanskar also removed his shirt and all and throwed aside

Before Sanskar proceed to further swara stopped him

Swara: (whispers) Sanskar we are on the floor let’s go to bed 1st
Sanskar nodded his head in negative

Sanskar: (whispers against her lips) no shona I love to make love with u on floor saying this immediately he took her lips in his and started Kissing her hardly he didn’t even give a chance to respond he was dominating her with full passion soon both break the kiss and Sanskar slowly moved near jawline of her and kissing her on the jaw

Swara: ahhh I love u baby

Sanskar smiled and started kissing her near the neck giving her both pain and pleasure

Swara rolled over Sanskar and started kissing him on the chest widely we can she was not kissing she was biting him on every place Sanskar was moaning in Pain and pleasure

Sanskar: ahhh Shona kiss me more Plzzz

Swara did has he said she become more wilder than before she took his nipple between his teeth and started caressing it with her tongue

Now Sanskar can’t take more he rolled upon her and started sucking her b****** and massaging another one with his hands Soon he released her b******* from his mouth

Sanskar: (breathing heavily) I love this Part so much shona I feel like to eat them has much as I can

Swara: (pulling him more on her through the neck) then who is stopping u eat them (huskily)

Sanskar smiles seeing her bold actuary and started sucking another one bcoz of their wildness both of their bodies are got red due to their love bites on each other

Sanskar without giving any clue he pushed his fingers into her to which she moaned loudly.
Sanskar keep pushing his fingers one by one so hardly

Sanskar: u know what shona I love when u get wet for me (whispers near her lips and pecks her)

Swara: (heavily) plz Sanskar don’t test me me more I wanna feel u

Sanskar: has u say my princess saying this he removed his fingers and pushed his tool into her
He was thrusting her harder both are immersed in full of pleasure and also full of sweat on their bodies

Swara: (moaning) more faster baby
Sanskar did has his princess said soon He collapsed On b****** she caressing his back slowly seeing him breathing heavily

After few minutes swara: Sanskar let’s go on to bed we are on floor

Sanskar nodded his head in negative

Swara: okie let me cover is even with bed sheet we are naked baby

Sanskar got up and got the duvet cover themselves and slept on her again before she could react anything he was again on her

Soon Sanskar took swara on him fully she was totally on him and sleeping both went sleep .

After an hr Sanskar sleep got disturbed by an alarm sound he rubbed his eyes and saw the time it’s 8:00 he hurriedly woke up his love

Sanskar: shona baby get it’s getting late for out dinner

Swara: Sanskar plzzz 5 min I’m tired

Sanskar: I know u will get tired that is y I stopped u but no u want what u want don’t u even think about itself ur health and all…… Before he completes swara shut his lips with hers

Swara: stop ur purse Now I’m going to get ready okie saying she covered her body with duvet and going get up

Sanskar: ahhhhh shona I’m also naked how can u take my respect with dramatic way
Swara smiled sheepishly seeing his expressions

Both got up with single sheet and went near wardrobe and took their clothes and Sanskar took a boxer and woared it and comes out of the duvet

Soon both got ready for their surprise for their moms and also tensed thinking about sumi reaction

Soon all started to venue without knowing sumi life’s gonna change Forever ?

@Xyz hotel

Mm family reached the hotel Laksh was holding ap by her shoulders and get her inside the hotel all have seen the restaurant is decorated so beautifully all open their mouth seeing the hotel beautifully decorated

Laksh: how Beautifully it is decorated

Ragini: ha laksh it’s so beautiful I think some one is also celebrating mothers day here

Laksh: may be ragu anyways chalo we go I side the restaurant

All entred into the restaurant And asked the manager the table which they reserved few hrs before

Manager: sorry sir ur reservation was cancelled

Laksh: what how this possible

Manager: yes sir but we have cancelled Ur reservation and We have sended u a message to the mobile no which U contacted with us and we called ur mobile but u r not lifting the call so we can’t do anything sir its ur fault u didn’t receive our calls and we don’t have any fault from our side sir

Laksh soon checked his and they were saying truth or his fault he didn’t checked the msg and calls bcoz of His silent mode

Adarsh: (angrily holds his collar) do even know whom u r stopping we are maheswaries

Manager: (calmly) so what sir if u r maheswaires then this hotel is of Malhothra’s (Zor Ka Jhatka Hai joro Se Laga?)

Adarsh: (angrily ?) how dare u to insult maheswaries

Manager: it’s not like that sir my boss have called me said to cancel all the reservations de we did has he said sir

Laksh: okie these all decoration is of ur sir party

Manager nodded his head in positive

Laksh: (sad face) I’m sorry mom I thought to celebrate mother day here with u but it’s not possible it’s my fault I didn’t seen their messages I’m so sorry maa

Ap: it’s okie beta leave it we will leave from here 1st

Adarsh was still in ages mood bcoz he insulted maheswaries like this

Before they leave from the place Sanskar and family entree into the hotel seeing them Adarsh was expecting same situation of their but to his shock manager allowed them inside the restaurant all got shocked seeing this Adarsh went angrily near him and this was all seen by Sanskar and family Swasan where smiling to each other

Adarsh: hey u said these for Malhothra and y u send them

Manager: sir I already told u its of Malhothra hotel what he will say we will do that so plz don’t disturb us we have work here (irritating voice)

Sanskar seeing this he went near manger and asked him to allow them Inside and arrange them what they needed I will say this to Arjun don’t worry

Laksh: we don’t need ur help just leave Sanskar (angrily)

Swara: (with same tone) even he was not at all interested in helping u people toady was mothers day so he don’t want see sad face of his bade maa sorry my maheswari that y he said my laksh

Ragini: (angry) swara how….

Swara: stop there ragini I know wt u will say then how dare he to insult my husband if u care ur husband then I will care my husband keep this in mind if u don’t need then leave from here

Their conversation was broken by Arjun seeing swara ranned and hugged him in happiness Sanskar also smiled seeing them

(guys in all this sumi and all went inside when swasan said them to go inside)

Swara: bhaiyu (shouts in happiness)

All mm got shocked bcoz has far has they know swara don’t have any brother not even in her friends

Ragini: (whispers) bhaiyu

Dadi and shekar seeing this they got curious to know about them

Sanskar left leaving mm aside and went to Arjun and gave a friendly hug

Dadi: Dp ji if u don’t mind can I say we came here. To celebrate mothers day then y don’t we go inside we will sit aside and celebrate and I even want swasan to us in happiness to which they want to break

Ap: u r saying right we have show them that we are happy chalo we get inside (with hatred fill voice towards Sanskar)
All left inside

Screen freezes on swaarj faces

Precap: stay tuned……

***********episode ends***********

Keep smiling guys….

Bye bye…

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