Swasan: I love u only u (epi-30)

Hello guys I’m back with another episode I know u all are waiting for me but Im so sorry for this waiting again I have exams that is y I’m late anyways leave all that now lets get into story

Let’s start

Swara running out of the mansion she was leaning to car and crying her heart out

Here Sanskar also came out on searching swara she heard sobbing sounds near car he immediately went near her he kept hand on her shoulder

Soon sensing Sanskar swara hugged him tightly and crying Sanskar was calming her

Swara: San……. Sanskar I have a brother (crying) but I even don’t know that

Sanskar: shhhhh swara clam down

Swara: I hate him bcoz of him only I lost my brother I hate him Sanskar

Sanskar: swara 1st wipe ur tears Saying this he cupped her face and wipe her tears

Swara: Sanskar y did he do this to us maa would have cried Alot na Sanskar

Sanskar: I know swara u r unable to take this fact but 1st relax ur self and think swara may be has a sister u r thinking right but not has a love

Think again swara uncle would have suffered more than u and Maa he loved her truly swara

Swara: (tears) I know Sanskar he loved maa but what’s the need to separate her children from her he would have tried to get close to maa

Sanskar: swara u know when u have lost ur memory na I tried to make u remember my love to you but u didn’t try to understand me u have trusted what u have remembered that is pulled the trigger to kill u that’s it like that only maa also didn’t even tried to understand uncle feelings she just only lived in her world that’s is Mr gadodia love swara And

Swara: (interpreted listening memory loss scene she was guilty for not understanding him) I’m sry Sanskar I’m so sorry started sobbing more

Sanskar wS shocked to see her like this he immediately hugged her again

Sanskar: I’m sorry shona I didn’t mean to hurt u I was trying to understand u that uncle is not at fault

Swara: what r u saying tell me clearly Sanskar (holding her tears)

Sanskar: ntg shona I was just telling u to forgive uncle and go near him u know what they both carving for u I know uncle was not ur biological father but he was more than that shona they both love u and maa like hell no no heaven I have seen In both of their eyes they are love u care for u not like Mr gadodia and Mrs maheswari. Acha okie Come with me I will show u saying He took her inside the mansion but he asked swara to hide so that Arjun and Raj can’t see u she did has he said

Sanskar entered into the mansion at swara was hiding near door no one can see her but swara can listen her talks

Seeing Sanskar Arjuna And Raj ranned to him to ask about it his sister

Arjun: (worriedly) Sanskar how is my princess

Sanskar: princess????

Arjun: sorry swara

Sanskar: immediately (with jealous) she is only my princess if u want u call her with another name I can only call her with that name

Swara smiled sensing his jealousy Arjun and Raj also get shocked to see his reaction later composed

Arjun: okie I’m sorry I don’t know tat but 1st tell me how is swara is she forgiven us

Sanskar stood silently seeing him silent Raj and Arjun got tensed anger every emotion they where facing now

Raj: (angry but clam himself) Sanskar tell me how is she I’m getting tensed (he can’t take more with tears he fell on his knees thinking that she was hating him Arjun nodded him) my shona is hating me now I know she can’t bear the fact that I have separated her brother form her (he was crying more)

Seeing him swara who was hiding behind the door she ranned to him and hugged him by falling in her knees

Swara: u r not at fault u have done what u thought right

Sanskar smiled winningly and both Rajarj where shocked to see her and more over she was hugging him

Raj: I’m sorry beta I’m so sorry I know I was wrong but what can I do I loved ur maa very much and u both are only her symbol to me that’s y I have don’t that’s plz forgive me

Swara: (wiping his tears) I said its not ur fault

Arjun: (with love) swara

Listening his voice she turned to him and hugged him tightly

Swara: I love u bhai

Arjun: I love u too my prin….. Stopped in between seeing Sanskar and called her has doll
Swara smiled seeing his jealous towards her brother

Swara: (to divert the mind) okie now both of u wipe ur tears I can’t cry more I’m tried of crying (pout)

Arjun and Raj smiled too see her back to her avthar and three got involved in their own world not even though that’s Sanskar is beside them.

Sanskar: (clearing his throut) hello madam and sit even I’m there u three are talking And involved like I don’t even exist in the world

Swara: awww my baby is jealous saying this she pulled his cheeks

Sanskar: (pulled her toward him) yes I’m jealous then what will u do

Arjun: ahem ahem guys even we both are here so plz stop romancing

Swasan got embraced listening him raj smiled seeing their children happy but he want to see them happy like always (thinks) this will happen only If I destroy that Adarsh and parinitha maheswari And from now I won’t let them touch even my daughter shadow listening Arjun he came back to sense

Arjun: papa wt r u thinking chalo we will sit

Raj: (smiles) yes come

All 4 sat on sofa swaarj where enjoying their new brother and sister bond both talking about their childhood and sumi and Dida Sanskar smiled seeing them he was happy for his love bcoz after so many day she was smiling whole heatedly from when they got separated from maheswari mainly from her sister she never laughed with her whole heart But she was so happy

Raj: Sanskar beta (Sanskar looked at him) I wanna thank you

Sanskar looked him one Confuse manner

Raj: I know u where in confusion u saved my daughter many times from every hurdle u r there for her in every situation

Sanskar: (smiles) no need of thanks uncle the person for whom u r thanking me na she is my life if swara is not there then no Sanskar

Raj smiled seeing him and hugged in side ways
But our arjun and swara where still in their own world

Swara: (shouts) ahhhhhhhhh Shittttt

All got startled for her shout

Arjun: (concern) wt happen doll y u shouted

Swara: bhai today is mother day and I forget that chalo we have to wish maa

Listening this Arjun start sweating in tension bcoz they don’t how sumi will take up this truth

Arjun: I’m sorry swara I can’t wish maa I don’t want maa to know about me

Raj: (angry) wt rubbish u r talking Arjun u have to go near u came here only for her right

Arjun: I know papa I came here for maa but seeing swara state I don’t want even maa go through that state swara was not angry on u bcoz I’m her brother but sumi maa Im her son she can’t able to take this news she will hate u and I know what u did is for maa symbol U separated me from maa but what If maa won’t understand u she will hate and if she hates u u will be in pain which no one can cure that pain and I can’t see u in pain papa

Raj hugged him with tears seeing his love and concern towards him

Raj: but beta what about ur maa if she comes to know in other way she will hate more than this I know waise be she will hate me plz beta for me don’t give her more pain

Swara: Dek bhai maa will understand the situation u don’t worry if she even don’t understand na then we are there for her to make her realise like my Sanskar made me. Now chalo we will go maa

Arjun doesn’t want to go but still for swara he said okie now Raj was getting tensed about sumi reaction

Sanskar: arey ajj mothers day we will make something special na plz

Swara: waise Sanskar u r right chalo let me think for some plan

Idea ? Shares with Sanskar and Arjun

swara: okie bye for now I have to get ready for the evening surprise saying this swasan left to flat

Arjun and Raj bids bye to swasan


Swara: Sanskar mom will understand na I said has if I know everything but now I’m tensed (in tensed voice)

Sanskar: ntg will happen like that maa will understand uncle Swara I wanna ask u something

Swara: from when u started asking permission Sanskar now a days u r asking more (highly irritated)

Sanskar: swara vo vo….

Swara: tell na Sanskar I won’t mind tell me

Sanskar: (one breath) swara y don’t we make uncle and maa marry again I mean uncle still love aunty he can do anything for her

Swara was shocked to listen him he didn’t expect this question from him

Sanskar: (seeing no response) swara I’m sorry if I hurted u but think swara uncle left aunty for her happiness but Mr gadodia never have that happiness to maa when ever she needs him he left her when the truth comes out he will come again and will ask sorry and again repeating the same like life cycle (with hatred voice towards shekar)

Swara was now thinking about Sanskar words more not like she want to forgive him but she never thought her maa to marry to others

Swara: Sanskar u r right but if maa is happy with this marriage then we will do but I don’t know what will happen let’s talk with her after party

Sanskar nodded his head in agreement

Screen freezes on swasan faces

************episode ends***********


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