Swasan: I love u only u (epi-3)


Heyyyyy I completed even 2nd chappy now it 3rd one I’m so happy seeing all ur response I can say I was on ☁ 9 no no cloud will not make sit there so I’m on neem tree now It will very strong so I’m on neem tree not on ☁ ?

Once again thank u for all ur comments and Raina u asked right link is missing BTW story and name seriously even I don’t know y I kept that title it’s just like it came into my mind I kept that title but don’t worry I will try to match the story and title Anyways chalo let’s get into chappy

Screen starts from baadi
Swasan where silently sitting on the room without uttering a word thinking that how their siblings distrusted them
They r not even ready open their eyes To see the truth
Soon swara composes herself and thought not to get weak bcoz if she gets weak then She can’t handle Sanskar she know that Sanskar looks like he was very strong but he was sensitive so she went and sat near Sanskar and holds his hand
This made Sanskar to Came back to sense he looks at swara with teary eyes seeing this swara smiles sadly and sit infront of him on her knees
Swara cupped his face He holded her hands which she cupped his face
Sanskar: swara they didnt trusted us swara they trusted Adarsh bhai who cheated us they trusted a cheater and calling me has cheater swara

How can they distrust us swara at least they have think before they blame me
U know wt swara when I was small I said to laksh that in will trust u in every situation for that wt he said u know he said he will also trust me like I do but he was wrong he didn’t trusted me
He trusted that Adarsh who didn’t even cared for his own father when he was in a life and death situation
I’m mean they can’t even think logically if I got money then I would be in big house right but we are staying in baadi right they did even think like that they just trusted wt they have listen how can they do that
Swara was silently listening to his husband words which he kept His heart out in front His wife

She can’t see him more breaking down she just simply placed her lips on his and bitting his lips to which he hissed in pain Taking an opportunity he entered into his mouth now he was sucking her very hard he was exploring Into her mouth That much kids both fell down on ground but still both didn’t stopped kissing swara also doesn’t want to break bcoz only this can make him calm and some what relax to her husband Sanskar didn’t want to break bcoz he was afraid that If he break the kiss may be she leave him
But soon both parted each other due lack of oxygen both are staring each other lovingly sanskar: I love u swara U Won’t Leave me na

Swara:(angrily Holded his collar and pulled closely to her) Sanskarrrr how dare u to think like That how can u even think that I will leave u (teary eyes) Kept my words in ur stupid brain that I LOVE U ONLY U Mr Sanskar get this into ur little brain
Sanskar: (seeing Her teary eyes he felt guilty for wt he have done)
I’m sry swara I didn’t mean to say that I’m afraid of loosing swara plz forgive me plz saying He join His head With her
Swara: sry Sanskar for not understanding u state I have got angry on u I’m sry
Sanskar: no no its my fault I have hurted u
Swara: Sanskar see I know u r very hurt by laksh behavior but can’t we forget them and move on in our life
I know we can’t forget them easily bcoz they Are our siblings but Sanskar if we remember them we get only pain nothing more than that or if we forget them may be we can able to live again Sanskar

Sanskar: it will be that easy to forget them swara
Swara: smiles If u r with me I can do anything Mr Sanskar
Sanskar: and if u r with me I can fight with whole world
Swara: Sanskar Vo…. Will u make Vo make
Sanskar: say swara
Swara: ( in one go) Sanskar Plz make me ur again said this closed her eyes tightly
Sanskar smiles and comes top of her and kisses on her eyes to make her open s
She slowly opened her eyes and sees Sanskar who was staring with Love only love in his eyes
Sanskar: swara do u think u have to please me for anything
Swara nodded in no
Sanskar: then y r u pleasing me to make u mine u have every right on me like I have on u do u get that
Swara nodded her head says Sanskar we are on down

read at ur own risk
guys I don’t know how to express this content so I did proof reading for this I have so many ff and novels and many more to write to write mature content if I’m worst in this plz forgive

Sanskar: so wt swara I want try which will be more comfortable bed or ground
So this time I want to make u mine on ground
Swara ? widen listening his sentence
Swara: but Sanskar before she could speak he he removed his Saree pallu and throwed aside and staring her for his gaze on her she was breathing heavily for which her chest is moving up and down But she didn’t close chest with her hands bcoz she don’t want to shy in front his own husband

Seeing swara like this He immediately took a blanket and covered both of them and no time he removed their clothes and threw aside.

He was kissing every part of the body he was was not at ready to leave a bit of body without his kisses
Sanskar: swara can I
Swara: Sanskar I already said that I’m urs only ur u can anything with me only u have that right on me I LOVE U ONLY U that means u have every right one me and I have every right on u
Sanskar overwhealed seeing her love for him
They consummate.
Swara: I want more
He obeyed her and with more passion this time.
Soon they both reached into climax he felled aside
Sanskar: thank u swara
Swara Looked at him in confusion
Sanky: I know swara u asked me to divert my Mind so that I forget them
Wt u think swara I can’t understand u only I can understand u more than no one can understand u Mrs Sanskar
Swara smiles and kissed on his nose and hugged him tightly and whispers I love u Sanskar
Sanskar: I love u to Mrs Sanskar
Soon both dosed off

On mm
Dp and ap where having tears in their eyes listening uttara words her echoing in their mind same with raglak
Soon all composes and left to their respective rooms
Pari and Adarsh where happy and laughing silently seeing this they both went to room and laughed out loudly
Adarsh: our plan got succeed pari now they won’t become one
Pari: ha Adarsh they won’t now I will see that swara how will she show her face to me
She used proud of their sister relationship na now her sister only scolded her ?
Acha chalo we will celebrate our win
Haha chalo Adarsh

Screen freezes on swasan ?

Precap: I don’t know……
Guys I don’t know now I did justified to my title or not but I just tried that don’t scold me if u ppl don’t like that
And always
Keep ☺ and made other to ☺
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See u in next chappy

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