Swasan: I love u only u (epi-26)

Hello guys I’m back with another chappy thank for all ur support and love I hope u all like this chappy and I will give full swasan in next chappy full of only swasan and guys about Arjun and his father revelation will after few episodes

Let’s start

Ragini: (monologue) is Swasan are right if they are then I have done a big mistake by not trusting them I know wt ever Sanskar is true even Adarsh bhai wants to get Sanskar truth out he had many other ways to get him out of his mask but he never did that he even kept papa on store room Any children can’t keep their parents in store room even after knowing that he was operated a day before but he kept that means is snake is saying anyways laksh is going na he will find out wt is truth but still I have to talk with swara I hope she responds to me positively

@Dp room

Ap: how dare they dp ji they have slapped u will wanna cut their hands right there but this I don’t know wt happened to him y he is back if us to take revenge

Dp: relax ap leave about slap ap once think about Sanskar words wt ever he said is true Adarsh know that laksh was in jail but still he didn’t do anything to stop he just let laksh to have punished in jail

Ap: dp ji are u suspecting our son no dp ji he can’t do like this works my be Sanskar only wrong

Dp: don’t be so blind in ur sons love ap think wisely I don’t know but I’m not whom I should believe Adarsh or Sanskar

Ap: of course Adarsh do ji he is our he can’t do any wrong things he was have our blood ji he can’t do Cheating

Dp: (shout) Stop it ap I already told u that think wisely not by emotions think about wt Sanskar asked do u any answer for that question no right so stop blaming Sanskar now

Ap: (low tone) I’m sorry ji But I want u to trust ur son than others son

Dp: don’t forget ap he is not others he is my brothers son that means indirectly he is my son even now leave from here don’t eat my brain now
Ap nodded her head sadly went from there

Dp: (monologue) how to explain u ap u r so immersed in ur sons love i have to know Who is saying truth For that 1st I have to do something to get truth out I hope all goes well but I don’t know y I’m feeling that Sanskar is saying truthAnd Adarsh is wrong I don’t know wt to do now but anyhow I have to find out the truth thinks something and smiles

Dadi came with furiously and thrower her hand purse high she carries on sofa and sat on sofa with thud

Dadi: I don’t know wt they about me always insults me they don’t have any work than insulting me now for this insult consequences will be more than before I have to show who is parvathi gadodia Now

Shekar went straight to his room and sat on bed thinking about Sanskar words bcoz wt ever he said is true Sanskar every word is touching him now he don’t wt to now ( everyone don’t know wt to do but I know ??)

Shekar: (monologue) Sanskar is right I never take sumi Side when she needed me more not even swara side I took even after knowing that she is my daughter I always took ragini and maa side Never took sumi and Swara side When I got to that ragini tried to kill swara I got so angry but this Is only of few days soon I took my daughter in my embrace but I didn’t happen in swara case when they left baadi I never tried to contact And not even tried to know how is she I just left them and I’m sad but not more if I left ragini I don’t wt I would have done

But sumi she never showed any difference between them even she know that she is not her own daughter but she made difference between them but In my case I only ragini but I used say that both are equal for me but it was wrong I did wrong with swara wt I have done being her own father I have done not only swara I even did wrong with Ayush too he was my child but wt I did I scolding him he was afraid me he tolde bad uncle but now I will make everything fine now I will get sumi back to me for that I have to manage maa I know sumi love me alot so she will forgive me I know that ( poor fellow ??)

Screen freezes on ragdpshe face…….

Precap: stay tuned……

**************episode ends***************

Keep smiling guys…..

Bye bye……

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