Swasan: I love u only u (epi-25)

Hello guys I’m back with another one I hope u all liked previous chappy And thank u so much for all ur support guys this is my 25th episode yahooooooo Im completing my 25th episode to

Let’s start

@Swasan room
Sanskar was seeing swara with tears he was feeling guilty bcoz he was not there for her when she needed him the most he was caressing her hairs and kissed on her forehead

Sanskar: I’m sorry swara only bcoz of me u r in this state but from now I will protect from every evil eyes I have to be more careful I can’t afford of loosing u swara u r my everything swara from now I have to tighten security towards u not only I I have keep for all a tight security this Adarsh maheswari will anything to get property he was becoming cold hearted person I will protect u all from Evey evil eyes it’s promise swara (with determination) now Mr and Mrs Adarsh maheswari should suffer I thought to leave them but wt he did with u now i can’t even leave them from now they have to face Sanskar Ram Prasad saying he pecked on swara lips and slept beside hugging her tightly

Parish room

Adarsh: pari I’m getting tensed Now wt will happen

Pari: don’t worry Adarsh we again have to set their minds again

Adarsh: but how is this possible I mean wt ever Sanskar asked them after they all started thinking about him if they think more then they will easily will started believing him again

Pari: no we can’t afford of loosing we have to make a plan again so that they again started hating them

Adarsh: ha pari but wt we have to do for that iss Sanskar Ki questions na I hate him kabi kabi I will think that these swasan should studied law see how they ask questions

At 1st ragini rape drama to prove Sanskar innocent how much question she asked and how drama she created and now this Sanskar also came to her party being with swara na he Was also becoming like swara ???

Pari: u r right Adarsh but we can’t let them win this easily

Adarsh: yeah I have to think a idea ? how to separate them again and again our target will be laksh

Pari: yeah laksh ce for us to create misunderstanding Between them wt to do he was the apple of the house na everybody love him like anything if he is in trouble then they all will not even think for once wt is wrong or right they just see laksh sadness aur yeh laksh he was no. One duffer he will come into everyone’s talk easily he can’t even trust himself to but he just say that he will trust ? ulluka patta ??

Adarsh: yeah pari u r right he was a idiot can’t even think wisely everytime he will wrong thing in anger not even think for once and my so called parents will always forgive him easily I really hate this

Pari: don’t worry Adarsh Now we are seeing their reality na we will do something again and this we will even target that laksh to I can’t tolerate them more I want the whole property on our be not even on them

Adarsh: yeah pari u r right but u don’t worry I will do something and will get full property on our name again for that we have to make a plan

After sometime Adarsh Thought something he shares his plan with pari and this time they didn’t shared with dadi bcoz they want to give any share to raglak Now they even want to destroy all of them now

@raglak room
Raglak came room but both thinking about the recent incident both brains are filled with Sanskar questions they where unable to neglect that both are thinking deeply about that but more than laksh ragini was thinking more still laksh was in same state that he don’t want believe Sanskar (idiot fellow?)

Ragini: laksh I think we have to know more about this we are unable to see wt we have to see but we seeing different thing which others are making us to show

Laksh: dek ragini I know u r getting into Sanskar words but I know him very much he wants only revenge from us he was jealous of me and these swara kidnapping is also a drama I think may be Adarsh bhai was right

Ragini: wt are speaking laksh

Laksh telling everything about their conversation with Adarsh on holi before night

@Flash back
Adarsh was moving here and there in room or we can say he was acting laksh was passing through corridor

Laksh: bhai wt happen y r u looking tensed

Adarsh: laksh Now I have to protect our family from Sanskar now he even got more money than before

Laksh: don’t worry bhai Im with u we both are together than no one can break out family

Adarsh: (fake tears) ha lucky u r there that’s y I’m so happy and feeling protective If something happen to me u r there to protect our family

Laksh: (anger) bhai how can u talk like that ntg will happen to now our family

Adarsh: I hope so bcoz of his stupid revenge na we are suffering

Laksh: ha bhai but I don’t y he was taking revenge from US when he himself left kavitha

Adarsh: (thinks) if he think more na than it will get problems wt I have to do
May he was jealous of u lucky

Laksh: jealous??? From me

Adarsh: ha laksh jealous bcoz of u only swara not loved Sanskar 1st she loved u may thats y he was jealous

Laksh: but bhai Now swara loving him na than wt he was having problem then

Adarsh: may he was unable to bear lose in ur hands bcoz 1st swara loved u after that only she loved Sanskar tat means she has choosed him after u not before u

Laksh: may be u r right bhai

Adarsh: (signed in relief) Okie leave all this go and sleep now we have to woke up early tomorrow for holi. Laksh be careful Sanskar can do anything may be he say lie to take revenge

Laksh Nodded his head and went out saying good night to him

@flash back ends

Laksh: Now u tell me whom I should have believe in really not getting one side Seeing Adarsh bhai And another Sanskar I’m not getting who is saying truth and who is lying

Ragini: laksh can say something

Laksh: u don’t need permission ragini

Ragini: laksh I think we have to talk with Sanskar I don’t know y but more than Adarsh bhai I believe Sanskar

Laksh modded his head saying okie to her

Laksh: okie I will go to his office tomorrow I want clear all the things now (determination voice)

Screen freezes on laksh face………

Precap: as always stay tuned guys…….

*************episode ends*************

Okie guys tell me how is the story and let me know through ur comments And silent plz plz do comment

Keep smiling always…..

Bye bye…….

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