Swasan: I love u only u (epi-24)

Hello guys back with another one I don’t u all are liking this ff so no not liking loving this ff thank u so much for ur comments support and love everything and I’m sorry I can’t able to thank personally but I’m thanking all of them u commented me thank u so much guys

Let’s start

Screen starts with Sanskar taking swara to hospital all are eating for swara outside the ward soon doctor came out

Sanskar: sir who is she she is fine ntg happen na

Doctor: relax Mr.sanskar u wife is safe ntg happen to her it’s just that kidnappers have given her drugs to loose her senses she Will gain her senses in an hour u all no need to worry

Sanskar: thank u doctor thank u so much can I see her

Doctor: Yeah u can see but as I said she will gain conscious after an hr only do don’t disturb and u all just see her and come back again

All nodded their heads in agreement but there is a person who was seeing them without their consent that is non other than Arjuns father

All went inside the ward and saw swara was lying on bed with pale all are having tears seeing her in this state but our cute little Ayush don’t know wts going he thought her di was sleeping he Laos went and sat beside her by the help of stool and slept on her bed Al looked at him confused

Ayush: arey y we came here jiju

Sanskar: ur di is not feeling well champ that’s y we came here now come on get up from the bed she needs rest na let her sleep on the bed and u sleep in couch with me

Ayush: okie jiju I don’t know na that’s y slept beside di bcoz I’m feeling sleepy (yawns)

Sanskar smiles seeing his innocence he was the only one who can make everyone laugh

He took him In arms and made him sleep soon Ayush have slept in his arms he was above to Keep him on couch but seeing the couch is small if he made him sleep there He will not have security so he Didn’t left him on couch and went to swara

Sumi: arey Sanskar made him sleep on couch only y u are getting him back

Sanskar: no maa couch is so small who know is turned in sleep he will get hurt maa

All are seeing him with a smile but sumi was seeing him with teary eyes she was happy now even she didn’t think that Ayush Amy fell down from couch but Sanskar thought that she was happy that if even she leaves the world now swasan can take care of Ayush she was smiling with tears

Sanskar was seeing swara With teary eyes he stoking her hairs with one hand and with another hand he was holding Ayush

Prathap: chalo Sanskar give it to me Ayush will sleep on me now

Sanskar nodded he was giving him to prathap but it seems like his sleep was disturbing so Sanskar signed not to take

Sanskar: it’s okie bp when he gets into deep sleep then I will give u no problem for me saying this he looked towards swara he hoping her to open eyes has early has possible

All family members went out of the ward and ask Sanskar to call them if he need anything he nodded his head

Slowly slowly even Sanskar slept on the edge of the bed Ayush was holding Sanskar and sleeping on his chest with sitting position near swara head slowly swara started opening her eyes

She was slowly opening her eyes she was shocked to see herself in hospital she was unable to recollect anything slowly she remembered that she went to clean her dress and some goons have taken her out and injected something before she thinks wts going on she lost her senses she turned her head and the seen made her smile

She saw Ayush and Sanskar where sleeping beside her with cute face both are looking cute hugging each other

Swara: sssannnnskar…. With weak voice

Listening her voice Sanskar slowly opened his eyes seeing her he gets happy And he hugged her in between Ayush where present

Swara: Sanskar Ayush

Sanskar looked at him he totally forgot about him and in happiness he just her he smiled and took him in arms properly and went out to call everyone all came in and Sanskar gave Ayush to Ram

Soon all entered into room seeing swara all are happy and having tears in their eyes all greeted her in with happy tears

Swara seeing all are crying Thought to light up the mood – arey why all are u crying like crying babies I thought only my Sanskar is cry baby but see u all are cry babies arey va Sanskar dekh tum Hari team me sab log aagay

Sanskar: wt did u say I’m cry baby saying this he started tickling her she was laughing whole heartedly all are laughing seeing them

Swara: (Laughing) Sanskar……sanskar plz…. Plz….. I’m sry……

Sanskar: that’s better soon both again started laughing

All blessed then to smile like this forever uttara came towards swara and hugged her

Uttara: I missed u bhabi

Swara:awww I missed u too uttara

All having their family movement Sanskar said them about discharge and went out to get discharge papers

In all these Arjun was not there he was out for a call but no one noticed him bcoz he was new for them all are concentrating on swara by now

Sanskar is present on reception and talking about discharge in meantime police came to hospital to meet Sanskar seeing him on reception they went near him and started talking

Inspector: hello sir, how is mam Now

Sanskar: hello inspector Yeah she is fine just now she got conscious and do u got to know who Told them to kidnapped my wife

Inspector: yes sir they told sir vo vo…..

Sanskar: tell me clearly inspector I was to know who are trying to harm my wife

Inspector: sir he is Mr. Adarsh maheswari ur elder brother it seems I have asked them so many times still there is same answer

Sanskar: (with full range but trying himself to check ones again asked making himself clam) are u sure ??? But i didn’t see him there

Inscpetor: yes they kidnapped ur wife to get property from u And he was not there bcoz he watching from camera which I’d present on the goons shirt buttons U tell me sir now I will arrest him

Now Sanskar was out control he want to kill Adarsh right now for touching his life

Sanskar: (anger ??) no inspector dont do anything just leave the goons I know they just did for money so leave them

But these all where listen by 2 more people too even their eyes Showing how red try became In anger

Inspector nodded his Head and left the place Now Sanskar was about to go mm but a Receptionist stopped him and said sign on discharge papers

Sanskar did he want to go now but his 1st priority is his wife now so he went to swara ward and took him silently controlling his anger all are confused for his behavior but no one has dare to talk to him seeing his anger

He left swara on home seeing him leaving Ramtha and pralak got tensed and left Following him

Flashback ends

Sanskar and all Came to flat and saw swara was sleeping peacefully on bed

Screen freezes on swara…….

Precap: stay tuned guys……

***********episodoe ends*********

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Keep smiling always…..

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