Swasan: I love u only u (epi-22 & 23)

Hello guys I’m back with another I’m back with another one hope u all like my previous episode and thank you so for all ur support and love

I’m sorry guys I don’t do proof reading before I post bcoz of that there will be mistakes if it come spellings I wrote stories from my phone so bcoz of auto-correction it gets different word or spelling I’m so sorry for that but even I can’t do anything bcoz I will be busy so I won’t get time for proof reading Plz forgive me for that With puppy eyes are ?

Let’s start

Screen starts with Sanskar hugging pralak on being emotional he was hugging them tightly and crying like a child pralak was smiling seeing him like that

Lakshmi: shhhh shhh beta how much u will cry now it’s not the time to cry it’s time to make others cry

Prathap: ha Now stop crying Sanskar (teasingly) I thought u r not cry baby but I was wrong u r a cry baby

Sanskar: I’m not a cry baby mamu sry papa

Ram: oyeee papa mei hu na

Sanskar: ohhh sorry tho bade Papa na bp shot and cute bp Kay mamu tik hai uffff bp
Prathap nodded his head in agreement

Lakshmi: then wt about me plz don’t call me bm

Sanskar: arey nahi mami I will call u maa and mom has mom okie
All smiled to each other

But Sanskar eyes falls on mm people which make him to get in reality again
Sanskar Holds pralak and moves towards them

Sanskar: Mr maheswari these are bp and maa and they told earlier they are happy to distrust me same goes with me that u son much for distrusting me and I know u all have some confusion regarding them who r they ?? , why they supporting me, etc etc right then let tell u they sumi maa own brother and bhabi and more than this I don’t need explain u

All are shocked to listen own brother bcoz they sumi was single they want to know more but Sanskar clearly said that he won need explain more than this

Sanskar: u know wt Mr and Mrs maheswari I though u both also treat me and uttara same way has u where treating Adarsh and laksh but I was wrong ? everytime everytime u all had blamed me for everything and in have to prove myself to with full proofs then u all will believe me but when it comes to ur sons there will now need of proofs or anything if they say that they didn’t did then it will be true

(Now shouts) don’t forget me maheswari only bcoz of him we have become slave in front ragini only bcoz of him we again became slaves to Kavya and only bcoz of him we went to jail all and all only bcoz of him

No no we can’t blame them we have to blame u if both would have raised him properly na now ur both sons would’t have a brain to think properly

Adarsh maheswari think that he was not getting importance to his place has a elder son so he started taking revenge and trying to kill us and laksh maheswari he was the great mahan not even uses his brain to think once sorry not only him even u all didn’t even think for once properly

Sanskar: okie we will I came here to take whole property for revenge then I will also few question for all of u

Mr maheswari 1st question for u – okie u all think I Taking revenge but how u forget that I love swara now down u all see when I hold kavitha neck when swara was taken to jail okie we will leave that u won’t trust me then u trust swara na u know she won’t take a part in wrong doing then if I’m cheating u all then y would she be on myself side

Mrs maheswari 2nd question is for u – when Mr maheswari was in hospital who gave money for Mr maheswari Medicine if don’t remember then let me remind u my swara was the 1st person who sold her bangels which so precious for her still she sold and got some money for Mr maheswari treatment then how u thought that swara is also cheating u

Mr laksh maheswari 3rd question for u – u tell me when we came here for Mr maheswari what ur brother said remember clearly he said if Mr maheswari die or alive he wont care for it.okie we leave that he all said that to expose but when his mind went when u r getting beatings inside the jail then where he went he u all told that Adarsh maheswari know that we are u r in jail then y he didnt release u from the jail tell me dammit

Mrs laksh maheswari 4th question is for u – if I want revenge from u all when laksh has caught red-handedly in supplying drugs then he would have imprisoned for life time without any bail and all that police said get me 5 lakhs and he will release don’t even use ur commonsense 1st if I have to take revenge from then y would I have giving u a chance to get 5 lakh rupees I would have made him life time imprisoned bcoz laksh has caught red-handed on supplying drugs to others

Mr gadodia 5th question is for u – i have forgotten about u Mr gadodia I’m sry for that so now u tell me 1st is ur mother is careless towards u

Shekar: (irritated) wt type of a question is this Sanskar my mom Not careless person like sumi

Sanskar: scan u Mon is not careless like sumi maa right the person who can Try kill their own grand son for society is a caring women but the women who carried for 9months in their womb is a careless person right. Now I’m getting angry on swara and sumi maa that y the hell They choosed a person like u a coward who dances on his mother words listen Mr gadodia care for u mom it’s u right but leaving ur wife son and daughter for ur mother is wrong I know for treating Ayush only I did this but there are so many chances if u would have think u would have called ur father for money but u didn’t do that u just listened wt ur mother said and left maa all alone And gave divorce papers

Thank god Ayush will not grow in these environment he was leaving with us if not we don’t known wt would have done to him for all this stupid society

All get in to in dilemma listening to Sanskar questions seeing this parish got tensed bcoz if they have a fear that they will start again trusting them

Sanskar: leave it u all still won’t understand anything bcoz u want only proofs to prove or innocence and one more I want to tell u all especially to Mr Adarsh maheswari (dangerous tone) I thought to leave u wt u did with me but now u touched my wife to this game I won’t sit silent from now all of listen from now I will show u all a mini hell and u Adarsh for which property u did this all I will take over all the property from ur hands I make u all on roads mark my words I will make u all get on roads

Now parish fear got more they Where shivering Like hell and all mm and gadodia family all in dilemma position

Sanskar: chalo mom we will leave all are heading toward the door but suddenly Sanskar came back to them
Adarsh maheswari I forgot to tell u that my wife is alive (see rabia swara is alive Now there is now need of killing me ??) I know u would have thought that she is dead but she is alive that is y u are standing in one piece or else u both would have leave the world by know ?? saying this he left the place

Sanskar was thinking how swara was saved

@Flashback Start

The goons who where holding Sanskar Leave him seeing swara hitted by a car he felt down with thud his mind was absent for a second His world turned into ups and down soon he ranned towards swara he had a hope that swara can’t leave him

But he don’t there is a shock waiting for him he saw swara bit not on road but on someone’s embrace

Sanskar seeing swara in someone arms he felt like kill him in a min but soon seeing her calling his name even she was not in senses
Swara: Sanskar…………. My Sanskar will come……

Sanskar smiled took her in his embrace immediately from the man and crying in happiness
Sanskar leaned to car door and hugged her tightly and crying in happiness
Sanskar: (tears) u r safe shona u r safe u know I thought I left me but no see u r safe for me I know u can’t leave never

Swara: San…… Skar slowly she was trying to see him but her vision was clear for her She seeing many Sanskar picture
In meantime all family members came to the spot and even police came and catches the goons who all trying to escape from the scene seeing her safe But police catches all of the goons

Police: sir don’t worry we all got the goons Now we will aresst the person who where behind this

Sanskar: how come u all are here I mean I didn’t even inform u all and police to (to wards family)

Ram: bcoz of ur phone

Sanskar: wt my phone

Man: ha ur phone but the phone which u r carrying is not ur phone it’s my dads phone when u dashed with my dad ur phones got exchanged then I got to know ur phones were exchanged and my father said u look tensed so I thought to track u with the help of my paps phone and I did that u ever moving towards highways and same thing I informed ur family and police and I tracked u through phone and I got to know u where in highways I raised speed towards u but when I saw I from far these goons leaved swara on road even she was unconscious I thought to save her so I came towards her did drift wala stunt and dragged her in car seat (guys it’s only possible in stories movies and all not in real) and then I stopped car and get down and dragged her out to see her state and after that u all know

Sanskar: thank u so much if u where not there I would have lost my life by know now thank u so much Mr malhotra

Arjun: Arjun call me Arjun not malhotra I didn’t save not only ur life indirectly my life to (dadi in flow all looked at him confusion) I mean I don’t know seeing picture in ur phone I just connected to her may be I thought her as my sister may be bcoz of that I thought like that

All signed in relief even same goes with Arjun he signed in relief

Arjun: acha leave all that we take swara to hospital come
All nodded and took her hospital but Arjun signed police man something

Screen freezes on Arjun face………

Precap: stay tuned for more drama………

*********** episode ends**********

I hope u all like this chappy Tell me through ur comments don’t forget guys plz let me know ur view

Keep smiling always ? ? ?…….. ??

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