Swasan: I love u only u (epi-21)

Hello guys I’m back with another chappy I know all are eagerly waiting for this chappy to know wt Will happen to swara so y to get late

Let’s start

Screen start with Adarsh and pari talking laughing with each other both are so happy seeing swara hitted by a car

Adarsh: (hugging pari) pari we succeed in our plan but we didn’t thought to kill swara but see if swara dies Sanskar will not have any support Now he will on roads without any dought

Pari: ha Adarsh Now we can live happily no no swara that means indirectly there is no Sanskar even

Adarsh: ? he pari Now tell in this happy occasion wt gift u want

Pari: wt gift????

Adarsh: ha pari gift tho bantha had na and even a party we will go for candle light dinner today

Pari: wow okie okie where we will go

Adarsh: which type of a food u want darling Arabian, Italian etc,

Pari: of course Italian baby

Adarsh: okie then I will surprise u we will go at night get ready properly to look (whispers) s*xy

Pari smiles and hits him slightly on shoulders – Adarsh u won’t change

Bother are in their own happiness thinking if swara dead that Sanskar can’t do anything his biggest support will be break now he will become mini Devdas

With happy smile both went near mm soon all went back to home

All entered into mm all got tired on request of ragini shekar and dadi came to mm to stay till evening

All relaxing themselves sitting on sofa shekar and ap where some random parish where in their own world of happiness that they can gain property again on their hands they told dadi that to come aside to give good news to her. Ap and ragini went to prepare lunch for them and laksh was checking some files

@Parish room

Dadi: Tell me now is there swara kidnapped

Adarsh: yes dadi we got successful in kidnapping and even we have one more good news for u

Dadi: okie tell me before that tell me how u both kidnapped swara

Adarsh: It’s simple dadi We haired goons for kidnapping and when a waiter was coming towards her holding a tray I kept leg in between so that he fell down and tray should fell on swara it happened has I thought swara went to washroom to clean herself I already informed my goons they where already present with perfect plan and they kidnapped her without anyone’s notice and they gave drugs to her as I said bcoz she has to loose her senses if she was in senses she can get out from our grip I know her capability so I made her to give drugs injection Has the plan she kissed her senses i asked my men to call Sanskar they did and they told address to him has hutch dog he came in our words listening swara got kidnapped Our man’s went to him to take sign of him He was Ready signing so I said them to leave swara on road but I said to make Sanskar scared but U know wt dadi there is a small twist in this

Dadi: wt twist ???

Adarsh: the twist that swara is dead When I said my men’s to leave her on road a car hitted her Before we hold swara a car hitter her now Sanskar will not able to cop up and he will die guilt only that he can’t save his swara ??

Dadi listening swara dead she felt bad but again she remembered how they insulted her again came to her and Kadoos mood And started laughing with them but not whole heartedly

But soon for there laughs where break by a voice

Voice: Mr Adarsh maheswari Adarsh maheswari

Parish dadi came down runnigly To hall to see who was shouting on them but they shocked to see Sanskar there with red blood shot eyes
Before Adarsh can react laksh shouted in between

Laksh: wt r u doing here Sanskar
Sanskar without listening him he went to Adarsh and holder his gave tight slap to which he feld down and there his hand prints on his cheek with red

Adarsh was shocked for his sudden attack he got very angry but seeing Sanskar anger his angry Expression Changed Into scared
Seeing Sanskar better Adarsh dp and ap got angry

Dp:(? angry) how dare u to Slap my son Sanskar

Sanskar: if u r not elder then I would have Slapped u

Ap/ laksh: hold ur tongue Sanskar saying this laksh holder his collar but Sanskar jerked him and gave tight slap to him even
He searched here and there and he took Mob stick from aside and started beating both laksh and Adarsh with that he didn’t even give a chance to them to revert back

All got shocked to see this shade of Sanskar no one was not even get dare to stop him all are getting afraid if seeing him like that even dp was unable to raise his voice seeing him but after few minutes listening their screams dp got composed himself and shouted on him stop him but in low pich it shows even he was scared Seeing him all composed and trying to stop Sanskar

Dp: (shouted in low pich) stop it Sanskar
All got hold Sanskar soon all Sanskar family members came and trying to stop but he was not at all in a mood to listen them finally to stop him Ram slapped him

Sanskar stopped after slap not bcoz he slapped him but he have seen all of them looking towards him with scared eyes

Adarsh and laksh shouting in pain

Soon their respective patterns held them to support

Ragini/pari : how dare u to beat my laksh/adarsh Sanskar

Sanskar: (shouted at him above ragini voice??) then how dare these Adarsh to harm my swara

Dp: stop ur non sense Sanskar I know about my son He can’t do this Who know who made an attack on swara and trying to defame my son may be u got bored of swara thats y r getting a way to get rid of her waise bi 1st kavitha then swara who knows now other girl….. Before he completes the sentence someone slapped him
(imagine guys the great dp has beaten up someone who is that that is non other than our prathap bcoz Sanskar ramtha can’t slap dp na bcoz he was elder to him but prathap was not may be he was elder but not related to prathap so he slapped him?)

All got shocked to see the scene
Ap: hey u how dare u to lift hand on my husband she was about to slap him but Lakshmi (prathap wife’s) stopped her and jerked her hand

Lakshmi: then how dare he to take bad words about our Sanskar

Ap: wt he didn’t said anything wrong he said correct only Sanskar was cheater he will Soon ditch swara
Sanskar was looking at them with emotionless face bcoz he got hurt more now his own family was thinking about him like that the one who he loved more than his parents they where talking bad about him

Laksmi: don’t u dare utter a word a word again I know about my Sanskar u all know wt after listening his past I felt sad for Sanskar but now I’m happy that u all distrusted him if all trusted him he would not have come to us now I’m so happy that u all distrusted him thank u so much for that bcoz of u all I got a son like him
Now I front of all of u I’m saying that from now onwards Sanskar is mine and prathap son also from now onwards he will is bade Papa and bade maa not as mamu and mami
Sanskar r was shocked to listen them Ramtha where proud his son chapter and their upbringing

Lakshmi: waise wt u told swara will leave swara then if like that u r son Mr laksh maheswari will also leave u daughter- in – law ragini

Ap: y will my son leave my bahu he was not like Sanskar (same pich)

Lakshmi: ya u r right Sanskar was not like laksh bcoz ur son laksh used three girls but my Sanskar was not like that ur son loved 1st swara then Kavya and then again ragini see he disturbed these many life so if we see like that laksh is a play than Sanskar hai na prathap. Prathap nodded his head to his wife t

To this reply ap has no answer so she bended her head down even a are silent like ap

Screen freezes on Sanskar shocking face and pralak smiling face……….

Precap: stay tuned……….

*************episode ends***********

Guys what u think is swara is alive or not tell me through ur comments

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  1. awesome…hope swara is fine

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  5. Amazing episode but there are spelling mistakes and some words are missing.Please read again you will come to know.

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  11. Amazing update… i am sure swara is save… and love lakshmi answers to ap… its good that sanskar beat aadarsh and laksh… pls post next update soon…

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    Awesome one..
    Swara must be alive

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