Swasan: I love u only u (epi-20)

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Let’s start

Swara went to washroom it has 10 min still swara didn’t turned up So Sanskar went in finding swara but he didn’t find He searched everywhere he got tensed he came running to prathap in between he collided with a man he asked sry and went running to prathap seeing him tensed even that man also left behind him

Sanskar: (breathing heavily) mamu swara swaraaaa

Prathap: wt happened Sanskar y r u tensed wt about swara
But was unable to say anything

Ram: (tensed) tell me Sanskar wt happened

Sanskar: (tears) mamu swara is missing She said she was going to washroom but she was not there I find everywhere but I didn’t find her
All got shocked listening him

Sumi: (teary eyes) wt u mean my missing Sanskar she will be here only

Sanskar: no maa I searched everywhere but I didn’t find her maa she said she was going to washroom to clean her dress but she was no where maa

These all Where see by a young man seeing Them tensed he went near them he kept hand on Sanskar shoulder

Sanskar looked at him in confused manner with tension face

Man: hi I’m Arjun malhotra I’m sorry to disturb u ppl but u all are looking tensed if u say me I may help u ppl

Sanskar: it’s okie thank u for asking it’s not ur problem Mr malhotra u can leave and once again thank u so much for asking

Arjun: it’s okie He saw a side seeing sumi standing near Sanskar he was shocked to see her he was having tears in his eyes
Arjun: (whisper) maa

Sanskar told everyone to search again a went in other directions sumi was unable to hold her cry she was running in venue in search of swara sumi was followed by uttara and Arjun He went to them unknowingly

In meantime Sanskar got a call from unknown number from many times

Sanskar: (tensed) hello who S this

Caller: that is not important Mr Sanskar I think u r not getting ur wife right

Sanskar: how do u know who r u (anger) where is my wife if she gets a single u will see worse of me

Caller: relax Mr Sanskar maheswari offoooo sry just Sanskar na

Sanskar: (anger) look I don’t know who r u but remember one thing if u anything with my wife u will see hell

Caller: (anger) if u raise ur voice one more time I will kill ur wife here itself

Sanskar: (Tensed) No no don’t do anything I will do wt ever u say

Caller: that better come to xyz Road and ha don’t use ur stupid by getting police and u shouldn’t even tell ur so called family

Sanskar: okie I will come but plz don’t do anything to my wife

Caller: it’s depend on urs if u don’t do anything she will be safe or else I was leaving to ur imagination

Sanskar went out running in between he dashed an old man both their Phones fell down

Old man: sry beta I didn’t see saying this he gave phone to him

Sanskar: it’s okie I’m sry saying this he left the place old man looked at him confused

Man went in search of his son to see where he was he was shocked to see his son with lady he hided seeing them When they passed through them he held his son hand and drag him aside

Now Arjun came into senses now was smiling in tears and seeing his dad he hugged him tightly
Arjun: papa maa papa I found her papa I found her soon he remembers something papa I don’t know but someone is missing papa they all are so tensed for her

Man: wt is the meaning of someone missing

Arjun: ha papa they all are searching for her maa is crying alot papa in between in man’s there is a message he looked towards the screen lock man shocked to see phone which is not him

Man: who’s phone is these thinks for sometime may this phone is of that man’s who dashed me he opens the photo and see the screen lock and gets shocked to see the girl Arjun also sees the man

Arjun: papa he is the crying alot saying his wife is missing may be she the girl

Man: do u know who is she
Arjun nodded in negative

Man: she is ur sister

Arjun: wt ?? (composes) that means I haven’t seen her in the group so she was only missing I have to search her papa my sister I will find her at any cost
Man smiles yes beta u have to find her at anycost Now go to them and show this phone may be they will get to know anything through this phone

Arjun: papa u can also come na

Man: no beta I can’t come in front of them u go it’s not right time to come in front of them

Arjun: okie papa bye man nodded his head and left Out without anyone’s notice

Sanskar side

He was driving rashly thing about his princess their nok-joks pranks on each others everything where revolving in his mind he soon reached there to the place where they told them to place

Its and highways road both are standing each others
Sanskar was searching for swara we was seen her but it’s seems like she was not in conscious she was not in her senses 2 mans were holding her by her shoulders

Sanskar: (anger) swaraaaaaaaaa u basturds wt u want leave her or else I will kill all of u

(guys these all where seeing by Adarsh he was watching through cameras he was in holi venue itself if their plan got backfire so that no one can fought him that’s y he was watching through cameras sitting in venue)

Some goons came near Sanskar holding some papers

Goons: hey u stop shouting and I was sending u some papers sign it and send to me or else u wife will be dead infrotn ur eyes

Sanskar: (? angry) you I won’t leave u easily wt papers I want to sign

Gonns: property papers saying this he kept Paper on car bonnet

Sanskar: wt property papers (shock) I won’t sign it and leave her or else I will see ur end

Goons: acha we are sacred of u okie we will leave her (shouts) hey leave her

Sanskar looked the direction Smile but soon His smile turned into tension – swarrrrraaaaaa

Swara was left by the goons they drugged her to loose her senses she was walking without senses on road there are many vehicles are moving but she was not in senses so she was moving here and there

Seeing Sanskar was about ran to save her but goons holder him tightly and head goons hey stop her and catch

Before they catch her a car came with towards her dishhyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sanskar: swaraaaaaaaaa on seeing this Adarsh was smiling with evil smile

Screen freezes on Sanskar and swara faces…….

Precap: wt will happen stay tuned……… To know

********* episode ends **********

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