Swasan: I love u only u (epi-2)

Hello guys I’m back with 2nd chappy
I hope u all liking this ff
Thank u for all ur comments guys plz support me like this so that I can improve my skills I know I won’t express the feeling that gud but I will my self to write properly

Let’s start
Where uttara said I have a work to do here but stopped by laksh
Laksh: uttara u can’t leave me I know my sister love me more plz don’t go with that cheater Sanskar
listening cheater word she can’t control herself know before swara speak
Uttara: bas bhai I already told Sanskar bhai is not cheater and u all are misunderstanding bhai but know I can’t tolerate a word against my bhai
Laksh: then who I’m
Uttara: stood silently there bcoz she don’t want to say that u r also her bhai bcoz today by mistrusting Sanskar bhai u lost The right
Laksh: clapping his hands wow uttara aaj tune prove kardiya ki blood relation are relation

The love which I have give to from childhood doesn’t matters to u right
Uttara: ha blood relation is only matters to me aur I have learned this things from bade Papa only
Sanskar listening don’t want her to blame them more he hold her hands ask uttara chalo now it’s over
I’m glad that my family belives be that means u mad papa and my wife thats enough for me uttara now chalo we will leave from this place I don’t even wt to see their faces
Laksh: ha ha go u have to enjoy with that 1cr right Now go and enjoy
Uttara: (no one can’t stop her bcoz her anger Reached to peaks) shut up Mr laksh maheswari

Dp: (anger) uttara how can u call ur brother with name
Laksh was shocked listening To uttara she him by name
Uttara: then it’s wrong in that Mr maheswari Ji
And u laksh majestic hi wt did u said blood relations matters to me right ha blood relation only matters to me like bade Papa
He also didt accepted Sanskar bhai aur kavitha kids shaadi but he accepted it and swara bhaji marriage
Uttara: (continued) even though bhabi was Bengali he accepted it relation with bhabi bcoz ur his own son but my bhai is his brother son
Am I right maheswari Ji
U always says that u won’t show any difference btw their children and his brother children but u where wrong u always showed Difference btw Sanskar bhai and laksh bhai
In all this sujata and rp didn’t utter a word bcoz they know by mistrusting their son they did wrong and all family members stood their with shock listening to uttara
Laksh: this was wrong uttara papa made swara has his daughter th…..

Uttara: (interpreted) ha I know maheswaei ji has said swara bhabi has his daughter but he didn’t really mean that if he really does that he would have stand for bhabi now but he stood for u and Adarsh
And Mr Adarsh thank u bcoz of u I got to know who s my real family and for I have to stood up
Thank u so much Mr and Mrs Adarsh
Dp and ap was in a shock they didnt even get words to say to her
Uttara: ha I said I have to do my work right saying she went near pari and snatch the keys from her and went to do room

All stood there shocked for uttara word before pari could realise she left to the room
Soon all came back to sense and went Near uttara

She opened the locker and took Out the money out and kept in suitcase
She kept 1cr in a suitcase for which they blamed her brother
Uttara: u all had blamed my bhai right I’m taking this 1cr with me bcoz the luxurious life which u all are having now there is hard work of my bhai more than u r both sons Mr meheswari ji
When my bhai started handle the business’s then only ur stocks rate have been increased it was normal when ur so called son Mr Adarsh was handling it it was only normal and this money is my brothers hard work which I’m taking with me
And u ppl down even have right to stop me from taking this money
Chalo bhai now we will leave
Sanskar: no uttara I can’t take this money this not new to me uttara I had reached to high position before also without having single person by side to support me but know I have my sister my wife who always supports no matters wts the situation and my parents who taught me to good things till u all are with me no one can’t even touch me

Uttara: (smiles) See Mr laksh maheswari and maheswari ji This my brother who only know to love his family not like u ppl
I know bhai u can’t take this that’s y I did this to prove ur character in front of all

Now chalo bhai bhabi we will leave now
Swasan smiles and hugs her she also hugs her back

Raglak and dp and ap not getting wt to believe
Swasan uttara Rp and sujata Left the place before going
Rp: bhaisa I always respected u but wt u ppl did today is not gud saying this he left t he place
All stood there in shock but 2 ppl are smiling it their winning smiles bcoz their plan got succeed dividing his 2 brothers ( and u all know who will be that)
Swasan left to baadi

Screen Freezes on swasan teary eyes and raglak shocking faces

Precap: let’s wt will happen……

Yeaaaaaaaa finally I completed my 2nd chappy to plz don’t forget to comment
Keep smiling always ? ?

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  3. nice dear sorry but some spell mistakes there next time check it actually by reading it some what confusion came bcz of spell check . update next part soon

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