Swasan: I love u only u (epi-19)

Hello guys I’m back with another episode I hope u all like previous episode and thank for supporting me and guys plz I need more comments

Let’s start
Ayush ran to Sanskar like a bullet train for chocolate

Ayush: (breathing heavily) jiju chocolate

Sanskar: (worried) arey chotu y u r running like took him in arms next don’t run like this see how u r sweating

Ayush: okie but my ?
Sanskar smiles and gave him a ?

Prathap came in angry mood like he will kill shekar right now if he gets a chance

Sanskar was confused to see him like this and he asked prathap wt happen he told everything to him now Sanskar also got into angry mood

Sanskar: how dare they scold chotu mamu I won’t t leave them

Prathap: ha Sanskar we will show wt will be consequences when they plot us

In mean time swara and sumi to stop their angry mood

Swara: stop u both and mamu stop all this and provoke him more I know u bother are and it justifies even but I don’t want their presence in my love more plz let us live our life happily

Prathap: (seeing with teary eyes) Okie I won’t but if they come next time I won’t leave them

Swara: okie (smiles) now plz let’s enjoy the party I’m getting bored

Sanskar: acha u r getting bored he looked towards Ayush who was eating ? leaving world aside he told something to Ayush and he smiled and left from there

Soon Music start From dj we see Ayush was standing there with dj (guys Sanskar told Ayush to change the track of the music)

(Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh bole re zamana kharabi ho gayi
Mere ang raja, jo tera rang laga
Toh seedhi-saadi chhori sharabi ho gayi

Itna maza, kyun aa raha hai
Tune hawa mein bhaang milaya

Itna maza, kyun aa raha hai
Tune hawa mein bhaang milaya
Dugna nasha, kyun ho raha hai
Aankhon se meetha tune khilaya)

Sanskar took a hands full of colours and thrower on sumi and all Ayush came with color with in small hands he rubbed color to prathap 1st that to pants bcoz of height problem all smiles took him in arms and he color his face happily all smiles seeing his excitement

(Ho teri malmal ki kurti gulabi ho gayi
Manchali chaal kaise nawaabi ho gayi, toh?

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa Jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi (x2)

Teri kalaai hai, haathon mein aayi hai
Maine maroda toh lagti malaai hai)

[guys I’m very bad at expressing dance moves so I’m not giving dance moves ?]

Sanskar took swara a aside and twirled her once Seeing Sanskar she also started dancing By moving her hip

Soon swasan dragged all family members and all are enjoying the party but few people are burning in anger that is our mm and GF (they where not able digest Seeing their happy)

(Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa Jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi (x2)

Kyun ‘no-vacancy’ ki, hothon pe gaali hai
Jabki tere dil ka kamra toh khaali hai
(kamra toh khaali hai…)

Mujhko pata hai re
Kya chahata hai tu
Boli bhajan teri
Neeyat Qawwali hai)

All are dancing happily but on other side 2 man are entering into venue one man is of 45+ and another man is young almost around 25 years both are having smile on their faces

Seeing them a few people came near them and greeted them with smile they seems like they are One of the top famous business man

On other hand Adarsh was trying to implement the plan he was talking to someone on call
Adarsh: wt I said to u people it’s should be done in prefect if it’s get any change then I will make sure ur life in hell

Os: okie everything will be perfect

(Zulmi ye haazir-jawaabi ho gayi
Tu toh har taale ki aaj chaabi ho gayi, toh?

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa, Jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi (x2)

Haan, bole re zamana kharabi ho gayi
Haan, bole re zamana kharabi ho gayi…)

Few goons enter into venue on back those 2 man 1 man observed this goons and felt different seeing them but seeing the party he brushed his thoughts And went inside the party

Sanskar and all Dancing in happy mood but unfortunately a waiter dropped juice on swara dress all stopped dancing and looked at him

Sanskar: hey can’t u see and walk

Waiter: sry mam sry Sir I don’t know my leg Hitted to rod that’s y I got slipped

Swara: it’s okie bhaisa u don’t do it intentionally na then leave where is the washrooms here

Waiter: mam there corner

Swara: okie thank u bhaisa u can leave now (turned towards Sanskar) Sanskar I just go and come

Sanskar: okie chalo I will also come

Swara: Sanskar I’m not a kid I can manage waise bi here only I just come in 2 min

Sanskar: okie but be careful
Swara nodded her head and left the place

Again all got into dancing mood but Sanskar was unable to dance now even he don’t know y he was feeling restless

Screen freezes on Sanskar Restless face……..

Precap: swara in danger…….


I know it’s boring part but I promise in next Part u all will say how many twist are there in this ff……

Wt is Adarsh evil plan will he succeed in it ?

Who are those 2 men’s ?

Let me Know through comments

Keep smiling guys ??
Bye bye…….

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