Swasan: I love u only u (epi-18)

Hello guys I’m back with another chappy I know Im updating late plz forgive me for this I was busy in some work enjoy this chappy for now

Let’s start
All getting ready to go for holi party Parish where having evil smile on their faces bcoz of their evil (what will happen will they succeed in their plan ? don’t know let’s see?)

Dp: ap all are here right shall we move we are getting late And ha Ap did u called gadodia family

Ap: ha ji sab log aa gaye chalo chalthe And gadodia family will come directly to venue it seems I called and inform them
All nodded their heads and left the mm to the venue

Swasan room
Sanskar: (shouting) swaraaaa swaraaaaa
Swara came running to room

Swara: (angry ?) Sanskar y r u shouting like that

Sanskar: (innocently) see my shirt button

Swara: Sanskar for this u called me in hurry u know u r impossible I came running leaving all work but u are shouting for button u can choose another dress na there are 2 more white kurtha na

Sanskar: ha par that was not ur choice na this is ur choice na
Swara smiled forgetting her anger on him but soon she turned her face to face angry mood

Swara: remove ur shirt I will stritch it
Sanskar nodded his head in no

Swara: Sanskar u only said u want this Kurtha only then y u r nodding ur head in no give me soon it’s getting late

Sanskar: ha I want this Kurtis only but u stritch like this only
Swara nodded her in disbelief she don’t want to argue more bcoz its already getting late she took needle and thread swara son involved in stritching but Sanskar as usual in his naughty mood he kept hands on her bare waist and caressing it but swara didnt paid a head she know if she reacts he will do more

Sanskar got shocked seeing no response then he got know she was avoid him for purpose but Sanskar is Sanskar his hands where traveling to upper parts sensing this swara eyes got widen

Swara: stop right there Sanskar (seriously)

Sanskar: huhhhh unromantic wife (dramatic way) hey bhagwan y u gave me this unromantic wife to me
Swara angrily punched on his stomach

Sanskar: auchhh swaraaaa holding his stomach

Swara cuts the thread with her teeth after she looked towards Sanskar but he showing his fake sadness in front his love

Swara smiled and peck on his pout and ran from there immediately
Swara: come fast Mr Sanskar I’m waiting for u down
Sanskar smiled seeing her antics

Soon all left to venue

@ Venue
Swasan and all entered into venue and there already mm and gadodia Family where present but Sanskar and all didn’t gave any importance to them they just left from there to inside seeing this mm felt insulted

Sanskar and all went to greet others happily or we can fake smile bcoz there are some Sanskar frnds even he was unable digest that his friends more over his best friend also where not his side when he need them most and asusual when his frnds got to know that they are back with full of money again they came with lame excuse for not giving money to him

Akash (Sanskar Frnd): hi Sanskar With oversweet smile

Sanskar: (fake ☺) hi akash

Akash: (fake ?) sry Sanskar when u need me I was out of station my wife told me about u when I’m back in sry for not helping u man

Sanskar: (stern voice With taunting way) don’t Become sad akash I know u went to London bcoz of me u have stay in London bathroom For an hr I should say sry for that

Akash: (rubbing her ? sweat with hands) wt… London…. Sanskar

Sanskar: stop it man I know u where present in bathroom for and hr when I left ur home u came out I thought may be by seeing me waiting u would have came for me but I was wrong u don’t even turned up
U would have thinking how I got to know then let me tell u it car is out and I know when ever u went out station u will left ur car in the airport only don’t forget akash I’m ur my best friend and I know every thing about u

Akash: (fake guilt) I’m sry Sanskar that I thought about money if I would have given u it won’t come back for me

Sanskar: wow akash for 5 lakhs u thought this much kair leave it I’m in good mood now plz enjoy the party and let me enjoy
Akash went from there with making faces And felt insulted by him But Sanskar didn’t paid heed to

Soon Sanskar eyes fell on swara who was talking with other ladies with smile on her face he was happy seeing her happy y not bcoz he want only this his family should be happy everytime uttara Ramtha and all playing with Ayush

Ayush was so excited seeing full colours and all he was running whole area with happy smile back to him prathap and rp was running Has safe guard
In mean time sujata called rp he went aside and only prathap was with Ayush

Ayush: mamuuuu catch me I’m getting bored

Prathap: okie my champ saying he again started running back of him

Ayush unknowingly hitted a waiter by mistake the tray which he was holding felt on a man his dress was completely spoiled by drink

Ayush got afraid seeing that he immediately went back and stand back to prathap with scary face

Prathap: sry sir he was small na he didn’t see I’m asking apology from his side we are sorry chalo champ say sry to uncle

Ayush: sry…….. Uncle…… (sacred voice)

Man was about to say something but a old lady stopped him in between

Oldie: (angrily) hey u (to Ayush) how wt ur parents are teaching u don’t u have manners when we came out we should be silent

Prathap: (same voice) excuse me mam I’m asking sorry from u but still u r shouting u can’t even see he was just 2yrs old boy an u r saying about manners 1st of all u don’t have manners

Oldie: how dare u to talk with parvathi gadodia like (yes guys the man is shekar guys after they left no one don’t see Ayush and prathap know only laksh and Adarsh and dp bcoz try where in business but not shekar so he don’t know about him)

Prathap: (now he got know that she was Ayush dadi) ohhh so u r that parvathi gadodia so wt if u r parvathi gadodia then and prathap Malik and don’t u dare to bad mouth about my champ

Shekar: (anger) see Mr prathap ji u can’t talk with my mother like this have some shame she is elder to u

Prathap: then stop ur mother from talking rubbish things about my Ayush

Shekar/dadi: Ayush (shocking)

Sumi came there to see Ayush but got shocked seeing shekar and dadi there she composes herself and went near prathap Seeing Ayush sacred

Sumi: Ayush Wt happen beta y r u scared

Ayush: (sobbing) mumma…… These bad…… Uncle…… Is scolding me…….
Sumi looked shekar in disgusting manner shekar was shocked listening Ayush was calling mumma he was happy to see him but soon listening bad uncle his face become sad

Sumi: don’t cry beta some people don’t even know how to behave with kids u don’t cry beta come u want play with colours and jiju also got ? for go

Ayush: (listening ? word he forget about recent incident) ? yeah where is jiju sumi pointed towards Sanskar

Shekar: sumi how dare u to say like that to my son

Sumi: wt I told u

Shekar: yehi Ki I don’t know how to talk with kids

Prathap: she told truth only na mom and son both don’t know how to talk with kids if u have memory less Then let me remind u how u talk with my champ

Shekar again listening my champ he got angry

Shekar: ohhh may be u r sumi bf that’s y u r supporting he son much na I’m have…….

Sumi slapped him angrily not once she slapped him twice
Sumi: u don’t even have shame shekar he is my stop it u don’t even understand wt he is to me

Sumi held prathap hand and left the place before going prathap stopped her

Prathap: (anger) I thought u misunderstood sumi but now I got to know that u don’t even love her and let me tell she is my sister listen MY SISTER

Shekar was shocked to listen this he was not getting anything here dadi was also in same position bcoz for the 1st time she slapped him that too twice

Screen Freezes on shekar and dadi shocking expression………

Precap: swara in danger……….

******** episode ends*******

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