Swasan love u till the end (Part 1)


“Love u till the end” by Labdhi
Hello guys it’s me Labdhi with the next part of love u till the end
Recap:intro of everyone
Ragini has arrived arrived at the college
Ragini directly goes to the class

Lakjun (laksh & arjun) have reached college in car nd r waiting Swara
Lak:where is princess
Note: lakjun call Swara as princess as they luv her so much
Arj:I hope she comes soon as her class will start soon
Sanskar arrives after dropping Radhika
Sanlakjun r good buddies
San:hi lakjun
Lakjun:hi sanky
San:waiting for someone
Lak:ya m waiting for my princess
San:princess (before he could say anything he hears a bike horn so he stops nd turns)
A person on bike enters the gate wearing bikers suit and helmet enters the gate and stops near sanlakjun
All r luking at them
Person:hi guys
Sanskar recieved a call so he went away nd the person removed his helmet it was non other than Swara
Swa: hi lucky hi Arjun
Lak: hi princess
Arjun:princess r u excited for ur first day
All were shocked listening to lakjun calling Swara princess especially girls all were jealous
Swa:yup m excited
Lak:now u don’t you think u should leave ur classes will start
Swa:ok bye meet u in break
Swara leaves
She was walking when she bumps into Sanskar
Sanskar was mesmerised to see her nd was just staring her
Swa:I m sorry
San cums into his senses
San: r u blind
Swa:I said sorry
Swara leaves
Sanskar is just thinking about her
Lakjun come to him
Lak:what r u thinking sanky
San:nothing by the way who was that biker
San:princess who is she
Lak:she is…(bell rings)
Hey sanky we will talk later bye
They all leave to their respective classes

Break time
In canteen
Sanlakjun r sitting on the table
Swara comes there
Swa:hi guys
Lak:hii princess
San:she is ur princess
Sanskar did not like laksh calling Swara princess
Swa:what is he doing here
San:is this ur personal property
Lak:calm down guys princess how do u know him
Swara narrates the whole incident
Lakjun laugh listening to it
Swara glares at them…..
Lakjun stop seeing this……
Lak:alright sorry guys but now u both please stop it
Arj:nd please be friends
Lak:ya please
Swa:just for u guys
They both shake hands
Tw boys r watching all this
Boy 1:today is her first day and she already trapped two boys
Boy 2:true I totally agree with you
Swasan and lakjun hear this
Swara felt bad as they accused without knowing the truth
Lakjun were very angry as someone was talking regarding their sister
They both went near the boys and gave a tight slap to both of them
Whole college was watching them
Swasan r shocked
Laksh:who gave u the right to speak regarding her
Boy 1:we did not say something wrong
Arjun:keep your mouth shut otherwise I won’t leave you both
Swara goes to them
Swa:please stop this
Laksh:princess don’t stop us
Swa:won’t u listen to your sister please
All were shocked listening to the word sister especially the two boys and Sanskar
Boy 2: sister
Arjun:yes she is our sister
Laksh:she is Swara Basu our sis and our princess so guys don’t mess with her otherwise we won’t leave u
Arjun: princess let’s go
Swalakjun leave
All were shocked thinking about the recent incident nd lakjun telling Swara as their sister
Girl:we shouldn’t mess with that girl otherwise her bros will not leave us
Boy:u r right
Sanskar goes to swalakjun
Two people r impressed with them one is Ragini and other is our villain Kavya Roy
San:laksh Arjun calm down guys
Swa:ya he is right who told u both to do all this
Lak:stop it princess how dare anyone comment about u
Arj:he is right princess
Swa:alright nobody can win u guys
Lakjun smile
Sanskar is amused to see their bonding
Precap:sanskar jealous
Guys sorry I was a bit busy with my homework so couldn’t post and I wanted to show the bonding between swalakjun so this episode was mainly on it

Credit to: Labdhi

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