Swasan love u till the end (Part 2)


“Love u till the end” by Labdhi
Hello guys it’s me Labdhi with the next part of love u till the end

So let’s start
The break is about to end so Swara was leaving
Swa:guys the break will end so m leaving for my next class
Lak:ok princess bye tc (take care)
Arj:ya bye princess
Suddenly a boy comes and closes her yes with his hands
Swara touches his hands and understands
Swa:omg see mr.Neil Malhotra himself has come
Neil:ok u understood
The boy was Neil Malhotra swara’s bestie and also with Swara in same college
He removes his hands
Swa:u idiot where were u till now didn’t u have to attend lectures
Neil:I was getting bored so I went outside
Swa:I would have also come with u
Neil:that’s why I came here I m gonna bunk today so u have to come wid me
Swa:wow ordering Swara Basu
Neil:ya cause u r my bestie and I can order u
Swa:ok lucky Arjun can I go
Lak:ok princess go
Arj:but what about mom
Swa:bros plzz don’t tell mom
Lakjun can’t say no to her
Lak:ok princess u don’t worry we won’t tell mom
Arj:ya princess u go
Neil:why don’t u both also come with us
Swa:ya nice idea
Sanky was feeling jealous as Swara was so free to Neil but could not understand its reason
Arj:ok sanky why don’t u join us
Swa:oh ya he is Sanskar lakjun friend
Neil:hi dude nice to meet u

San:same here dude
Swa:ok so let’s go
They r walking when suddenly laksh bumps into Ragini as he was busy on his phone and laksh falls on Ragini
Laksh was mesmerised nd was just staring Ragini
Swaneil nd sanjun r shocked to see the scene
Swa:lucky get up r u alright
Laksh comes back in his senses
Lak:ya m fine
Laksh gets up
Swara gives hand to Ragini
Ragini gets up
Lak:m sorry
Rag:it’s ok
Swa:hi Swara
Rag:hi Ragini nice to meet u
Swa:same here we r going out why don’t u join us
Rag:but lectures
Swa:come on yaar
Rag:let me ask my mother
Swa:no parents allow their children to bunk so it’s useless to ask them nd now no arguments u r coming
Swara introduces everyone
Lakjuneil r stunned because Swara won’t be so friendly with anyone so soon but on the first meet she is asking Ragini to come with them
But laksh is happy as Ragini is coming with them
Neil whispers:Swara what is this how did u develop friendship with Ragini so soon
Swara whispers:Neil didn’t u see lucky staring her it felt love at first sight so to confirm I asked her to come
Sanky saw them whispering nd felt jealous
San thinks:what r they whispering but I don’t know why but whenever Neil talks to Swara I don’t like it
Arj:Guys where r we going
Swa:let’s go to mall
Lak:ok princess
They leave

Precap: sanky jealous of Neil
Guys I hope u like this part

Credit to: Labdhi

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