Swasan…..love u till d end (episode 2)

hello friends after a long time i am going to post my ff…sorry i think u all have forgotten my ff now cz it happened wid me too but what can i do guys exams r also important and board exams r very very important…….plz guys pray for me so that i can score good marks coz i am not able to study well cz i am very sick or can say i am going to say good bye o u all soon cz i am very sick and my sympthoms are showing dt i may die soon who knows when i will say bye bye to u all haha i am serious guys i m not joking so plz pray dt i may live my life futher too…..my exMs r till 3 march if u all r interesed in my ff still then only i will continue otherwis i wll quit…..ok cz i knw there are many awsome n jhakas ff i am crazy for them …… I have dne lota of bak bak i share had share my thoughts n pain wid u all so sorry if i made u bore …….
Lets start our episode……..

Sammy(laugh loud):I think swara u should backoff…..
Swara(still in a shock can say):what d hell in d whole school he only has to come from the gate now …..itz nearly impossible to make him fall for someone …..

(so guys i think u have guessed it already he is our dashing hero sanky……)
Sammy:So swara my bet amount…
swara:Swara never lose any bet so itz nearly impossible i will make it possible ……(with attitude)
sammy:ok u have time u can try …..(saying ds he again laugh)
………………… …………………………………..
***sme day at class***
Swara came to d class n sit near sanky….
sanky was busy wid his scrapbook …dn swara thought to talk wid him so she start–
swara:Hello sanskar what r u doing?
sanskar:hi swara nothing i am jst drawing something….
swara:Oh i think u like drawing cz whenever i see u ,u r busy wid ur scrapbook isnt it???
sanskar:ya sort off….
professer come and d class start after class end sanky went out at once……
Swara also went widout meeting her frnds she was in deep thought wether to continue the bet or to backoff….her heart says leave it cz she knws sanky is not that they of boy who will flirt wid another after his heart break…..but her stupid mind and ego says dt swara nver lose any bet so she hear her mind instead of her heart……..

¤¤¤¤¤¤NEXT DAY COLLEGE¤¤¤¤¤¤
Swara and sanskar are sitting in there class together doing there as usual work ……
Swara: sanky ca we be friends???
sanky:i thought we are already frnds ???
swara:ya i guess soo …..dn why u always remain silent u nee talk wid anyone why????
sanky:actually swara my nature is only like dis i dnt talk much wid ny one ….
swara:but we are frnds rit so we cn talk na???
sanky:ya why not …….ok so u start??
swara:ok first of all tell me ur likes and dislikes
sanky:my likes and dislikes…….i like to paint listen songs gardening …i like to travel too bit i never went anywhere till now cz im new inds city and ibhav very less friends….i dnt like people who tell lies and irriteate me…….ok nw ur turn???
(swara was a bit scared after listening d last lines his dislike who speak lie)
swara:i love to sing i also like painting bt i am nt so talented…..i like to roam wid my friends and ebjy wid dm i like to make frnds…i like betting very much…..i dnt like people who dislike me….widout any solid reason….haha joking i like everything***she went in talking n sanky jst admire her.

College end
He was thinking about swara and smiling coz from d very frst day he like her she is the only girl whom he like but he never try to talk wid her but today as she herslf came and talk wid him he was very happy……
Swara was also thinking about sanskar and d bet she was thinking hw cz she break his heart she was feel an unknwn pain when she thought of breaking sankys heart unknowingly tears were falling frm her eyes…….
but she ignore d feelng n try to cll her love/jst so call love laksh who dnt recieve her call so she was double upset and slept ……

so guys do u think swara will came to knw her feelng for our sanky or she will stick to her so call bet what will be there destiny ……
will swara nad sanskar becme swasan or they will be parted after sanky will came to knw about the bet ……

plz comment and also i want ideas plz guys i really need ideas ….

good night i will post next part on 3march pakka…..till dn stay safe

love u all♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♡♡♡

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