Swasan…..love u till d end (episode 1)

Hello friends…..
this is the first episode of my ff
Both swara and sanskar are getting ready to go to college.
They both are science students but swara learn music also and sanskar learn painting.

They reach college.They are first year students.
…….Swara’s pov……..
I reach college and went to my frndz circle which are sivam sammy ananya bhumi kartik and danny.
I went near them and enquire abt d classes and then went to attend the class as itz our first class so dont want to be late.
when i reach there was no place left for me suddenly i saw a boy at the last bench who is busy with something i dnt knw what. i went near him and asked him ” hi …. can i sit wid u.”The boy smile and shifted so that i can sit.I too smile and sat with him.He was cute and look smart too.usually i dnt complement boys easily ………then our teacher come and start the class with introduction.

……Sanskar’s pov………
I reached college on time.and enquire abt the class timing and straightly went to the class.The class was already filledup .i saw a bench on the last corner and occupied it and started painting someting on my scrapebook.After sometime a girl come near me and asked my permisson to sit wid me i smiled and allowed her.She was cute her smile was angelic………i usually dont feel any connection or relation wid girls but she was different i feel like i have some connectin wid her.i ignored my feelng and then teacher come and as for our introdution.After the introductiom we went to home as today is the first day of college so class will start from tomorrow……
It was propose day and so college was filled with love birds.
Suddenly a girl come near sanskar and propose him wid a rose..
Sanky jst smile and said
“sorry miss but i cnt xcpt ur proposal but we can be friends”…..
the girl was a bid sad but then xcpt it and went away……..

nearly more than 30 girls propsed him today but sanky’s reply was d same with his cute and sweet smile…..(*why not afterall our hero is so hot and handsome)
Swara and her gang saw all this and swara was quite impresssed with him coz he got the proposal of almost all the beautiful girls but he politely refuse without creating any drama……..

but she ignores it and went home as college was over……
At night she call her valentine(laksh) but he was busy so didnot recieve her call……so she slept .
《《《Next day 》》》
As usual sanky and swara came college as soon as sanky reached college all the girls run to him and gave him chocolates………he accepted all and also gave them too.The girls were shocked as they thought that he will be angry today but as usaul he smile and accept it all but only as friends….. Nd he says “I am very lucky to get so many friends i will xcpt it only as frndshil gift please girl dont take it seriously we all are friends…….” saying this he also gave them chocolates…..and went to his class…..
Today swara was again shock by his behaviour he was neither flirt nor moody.she think”i have never met a boy like him in my whole life how can he be so generious yaar”.
she also went to class……..
Hey guys….dnt think oir herion is less she is also popular jst lile our sanky she also got lots and lots of chocolates……

She came to class and sit near sanky.She smiled at him so does he and gave her chocolate too and wished her.Shw accept it and vise versa…….
The class got completed and they went back home.
Days passed like this swara and sanky were friends they were not very much close and sanky was also very much popular in the college but he never show off and he has limited friends (close).

****Second year****
Swara and her group people were discussing about bet suddenly one member of the group said to swara…”hey shona i will give u a bet u have to complete it if u can we all will give u what u wnt”

swara smile “wht is d bet sammy?”
Kartik”think once more shona u know sammy give very hard bet?”
Swara”chillx Katty….Sammy speak up dude”
Sammy”shona u have to make a boy fall for u who will come first from the gate …….we will give u 1 year u have to make him crazy abt u and have to confess him about his feelngs widin a year”

Swara shocked”sammy r u mad u r asking me to play wid smeone’s feelings for a bet?”
Sammy “oh c’mn swara u know now a days no one is serious bt there rlsnship so chill do u agree or r u afraid?”
swara cz of her ego”swara xcpt ur challenge…..dnt challenge my ego ok”
sammy”fine lets see who is d unlucky boy?”

Swara was looking at the gate suddenly someone enter the gate and everyone open there mouth in shocked ……..
So guys who do u think it can be with whom swara is going to play??Is she doing right or does destiny has some plan behind this bet??





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  1. First of all,ur name Aradhya,beautiful name,then the story,it is nice,engaging,I think all readers will be excited to know the turn of events,really nice,keep it up.

  2. Wow I luv the beginning. Seriously it’s nice. I guess it is sanskaar

  3. the boy may be sanskar…

  4. Great start. Lets see how it goes…

  5. vry nic update aradhya… i agree wid u dhanya.. i think its sanskar…plz post d nxt part soon

  6. Sanski…… i guesss or laksh.. continue ur fff

  7. Wowwww i just loved it and u know what i was a silant reader but after reading this i cant condrol my self from praising u just loved it

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