SwaSan! Love!! (Two short) part-2



Swara and uttara will be sitting in dining …..All yumy and tasty dishes r arranged on the table …
But it’s looking like neither of them touched it …though they wanted to do ….they were looking sad …but y ? Wat happen??

Uttara’s phone rings …. Swara immedeatly looks at her …. Uttara looks at mobile …

Uttara: laksh bhai

She murmurs and lifts the call
While swara was staring her ….

*On call*

Uttara:haan laksh bhai
Uttara: but…..
Uttara :hmmm okay bhai

*call ends *

She cuts the call and looks at swara whoz eyes were filled with anger …she got up from the chair angrily

Swara:?today also he isn’t coming rgt
Uttara:wo sanskar bhai ….
Swara:? haan I know he have some imp work which is so imp than me …than us ….tat like always he will not be able to come at night …and 2mro morning he will come with flowers or chocolates so tat my anger would vanish seeing them
Uttara:(chuckles) but it happens rgt….u gets melt rgt Swara bhabhi
Swara:? haan ….but not thz time one week has passed for our marriage ….from our marriage day to still now ….he doesn’t come to home at night and comes at morning tat too for few minutes and again leaves … Thz is too much …thz time I’m not gonna speak to him

She leaves from there ….. Uttara shakes her head looking at the dishes on the table …. And leaves from there


After sometime

“Shona ….Shona …. Shona … Swara ….. Swara …. ”
She hears a peaceful voice and looks at the person …. Get happy to see the person who was standing in a white shirt & pant … The sun rays falling on him … Making his face shine

Swara:(whisphers) Sanskar u came …(reminces tat she is angry with him ..makes a angry face)

“Wat happen shona y r u angry ”

He say’s with a peaceful and sad voice

Swara:I’m not gonna talk to u …. Leave from here ?

“Shona don’t be angry ….I’m sorry today I don’t have anything to give u so tat u frgt me …… Cause today I’m left all alone shona ”

She hears him saying thz with choked voice and instantly looks at him …was shocked to see tears in his eyes

Swara: sanskar y r u crying … See don’t cry …I’m no more angry on u ….cause I Love u rgt

She goes towards him and tries touch his cheeks but wasn’t able to do so ….he smiles sadly

Sanskar: u can’t touch me shona cause I’m no more me …I’m just a soul ….

She was taken a back by his reply and yet again tries to touch him but again failed ….tears roll down from her eyes

Swara:no u r lieing … U r playing a prank rgt ….see sanskar don’t act ..or else I will kill u (tears)
Sanskar: I’m already dead shona .. I just came here to listen those 3magical words from ur mouth ..for the last time … And I did so …. I LOVE u too shona … It’s time to leave …

He smiles sadly

Swara:(tears) no no u can’t leave like thz …if u leave …then wat will happen to me and ..uttara .. Where should we go … (Wipes her tears) see sanskar u aren’t gong anywhere …

But he just smiles sadly … His image was getting blur … Her heart started beating fastly …

Swara:(tears) no ..no ..no sanskar .. Don’t leave us … See from now onwards I won’t be angry on u ….there wil be just “LOVE” ……stops ur nonsense plz stop it

But he disappeared some where in the sky ….she screams with tears

Swara:nooooooooo sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

She gets up and was breathing heavily,sweating badly …..soon something strikes her mind …she looks around and finds herself in a room It was morning…and takes a sigh

Swara:it was bad dream …thank god…. Meri jaan hi chaligayi thi

She takes a relief knowing tat it is was just a dream
Just then there was bell on the main door …hearing it
She immediately rushes towards the door and opens it ….. Cries throwing herself in the person’s embrace

Swara:(tears) sanskar thank God u r fine …?

She hugs him tightly ……sanskar looks confused and releases the hugs ..was shocked to see her condition ….she was sweating badly …her eyes filled with tears ….he immediately cups her face concernly

Sanskar:(concerns) wat happen shona ….r u fine
Swara: (releases the hug and looks at him) sanskar wo I saw a dream (she tells everything)

He smiles and caresses her chest lovingly …

Sanskar: darling it was just a dream leave it …
Swara:?no Sanskar …. I’m scared ….wat if u ( stops & choked voice) ……and nowadays u won’t come at night and …..
Sanskar: (interrupts) shona I was having a imp work sweetheart so didn’t came …..but don’t worry now ….I’m free ….the work is completed ….now I won’t leave u ?

He pecks her lips and pulls her closer to him by waist

Swara:(pouts) tat work was imp than me huh!

He smiles and yet again pecks her lips …

Sanskar: u r my life jaan … & Tat work was quite imp …it is my dream project u know …
Swara:oh Haan ….I’m sorry…. See I’m so selfish just thinking abt me …I’m sorry …but u were ignoring me cause of tat work (pouts)
Sanskar: u were jealous coz I’m not spending time with u cause of my work ?
Swara:(pouts) yes
Sanskar: then u better be it … U should also know how it’s feels when u ignores someone ?
Swara: awww then when did I ignore u
Sanskar: White watching My sautan …u completely ignores me rgt (fake anger)
Swara:(blushes) wo kya hai na SRK hai hi aisa …he has some magic…. Tat I will not be able to control my self falling for him more and more
Sanskar: (irritated ) Swara stop blushing …y r u blushing huh!.. U should only blush for me got tat
Swara:? thz is too much sanky
SRK ..is …

Her words left incomplete as he bites her neck ….she winces in pain

Swara:aah…ahh y did u bite me ?
Sanskar: it is punishment baby for speaking abt other man in front of me ?

Saying thz he takes her in his arms ….just then uttara comes there and immediately closes her eyes

Uttara: chi bhai …how shameless u r ….started in hall only ….
Sanskar: yes I am shameless and….
Uttara:(interrupts) bas bhai u no need to explain me … U continue ur work with ur wife ? ..I’m tho leaving …bye …
Sanskar: tats like a good girl ..bye

He smiles and looks at swara who was blushing hard ….

Sanskar: the reason for thz
blushes is me only rgt

She hits his shoulder and hides her face his chest
He smiles and walks towards the room …..

Swasan room

Sanskar places swara on the bed and sleeps on her nuzzling his face in the crok of her neck in hailing her sweet fragrance …. While she blushes and makes circle’s on his cheeks

Sanskar: hmmmm jaan
Swara:babyyy (sweetly)
Sanskar:bolo sweetheart
Swara: (blushing) wo …I… I …o .. Hmm …haan

He lifts his head and looks at her who was blushing hard … And understoods wat she actually want ..he smiles naughtily and teasingly

Sanskar: wat do u want shona ?
Swara:baby …wo …I …I…

She say’s thz softly …opening his shirts button and removes his shirt ….and kisses his hard tone chest lovingly … While he smiles
And unzips her top … Whereas she widens her eyes ….he smiles naughtily and starts caressing her soft back sensuously and romantically ..while she breaths heavily …blushing hard

Sanskar: wat do u want shona?
Swara:(blushes) sanky …make me urs …..LOVE …me …plzz

She say’s thz so sweetly tat he began to give a wet kisses all over her neck …biting it …sucking it …he immediately removes her top …and looks at her bare curves while she blushes……he stars kissing and biting her one curve ..while..folding and kneading the other one
She moans in pleasure

Swara:(moans) aah …baby ..easy

Both were naked still kissing eachother sensuously yet passionately ….he kisses allover her delicate bare belly and licks her naval .. While she breaths heavily …..feeling his loves sweet torture ….he goes down and kisses her milky thighs &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ……soon he lifts his head and looks at her ..moves closer to her face and kisses all over her face …and places her rough lips on her soft lips ….and began suck and kiss hrr lips with all his passion and love …..soon he enters into her
The room was filled with the fragrance and pleasure of their LOVE


The end



Thank u and sorry guys for late update of thz os ….but hope u all liked it ….
I know it’s not tat nice ….so sorry guys

Thank u all
Love u all????

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