SwaSan! Love!! (Two short) part-1


A huge room is shown ….dark ..but the light of the candles which was kept all around the room was shining the room making its appearance as beautiful …the room was filled with the fragrance of jasmine flowers and red rose as it was decorated beautiful all around the huge bed ….but all thz is not comparable to a beautiful and a gorgeous queen sitting on the middle of bed …
Her red cheeks ..which is so natural coz of her continuous blushing and the heavy red bridal dress worn by her ..and a mangulsutar designed on her milky neck and a red vermilion applied on her hairline
Was clearly stating that she is newly married bride and it is her first night ….
Her face expression was clearly showing tat how desperately she is waiting for her husband to come though she was lil nervous and …fully blushing ..

There was a knock on the door …she looked up with a bright smile ..and breathing heavily ..thinking it might be her hubby …but to her disappointed it wasn’t her hubby

Bride: uttara …
Uttara: SWARA BHABHI …(she comes in )

(Yes the bride is our beautiful swara)

Swara:haan uttara ..
Uttara:WO actually bhabhi …Laksh bhai ka call tha ..wo
Swara:haan ..wat happen uttara
Uttara:actually bhabhi …he said ki ..SANSKAR BHAI has gone for a Imp work
And would not be able to come today
Swara:? mujhe se bhi imp WO work tha kya ..
Uttara:arrey bhabhi?(she sits beside her)
U r the most imp person in his life ..but the work for which he has gone is his dream project …
Swara:☺wat really ..(happy) he..got…
Uttara;☺haaan haan bhabhi
Swara:(hugs her and happy) wow uttara I’m sooooooo happy finally sanskar got tat project
Uttara:I knew it after listening thz ur sad face will turn to a happier one
Swara:(release hug)? y not ..I love…
Uttara:haan I know u love bhai’s happiness more than urs ..(smiles)
Swara:exactly (smiles)
Uttara:(smiles) accha bhabhi u sleep now it’s late …(teases) waise bhi 2mro bhai will not let u sleep ..?
Swara:(blushes) uttaraaaaaaa
Uttara:haan …haan I’m going

She smiles and leaves from there
Swara smiles

Swara p.o.v

Oh god I’m sooo happy today …finally I’m MRS SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI …
Awwe my cute sanskar I love him soo much …he is my everything ..coz no one r there in thz world to whom I can say they r my mine…sanskar, uttara,laksh thz 3peoples r my family ….I lost my parents when I was child …same goes with sanskar …but uttara his sis and Laksh his best friend was with him …but with me no one were there until he came in my life ..my love my sanskar .he was my senior in clg .uttara my friends bro .but was friendly to me also ..we all became friends ..I used live in a orphanage ..but after I got my friends I.e uttara,laksh and sanskar ..I mostly used to
live in their house ..later I started loving him ..his every shades ..but was scared of telling him ….sometimes I feel tat he loves me too …seeing his care his talks his gazes towards me …but I was confused …but one day he confessed me …yes he confessed I was flying on the cloud by his confession …
I still remember tat day ..my life’s beautiful day ….(smiles and thinks)


Swara and uttara were busy in watching T.V ….sanskar smiles and sits beside swara
But soon his smile faded away when his eyes falls on T.V …and he makes irritated faces gets more irritated hearing Swara

Swara:????? awwee utts ..(points to tv)look at there how handsome he is looking …(gives flying kiss) my SRK
Uttara: hahahaha swara …u r soo funny?? u r mad for him
Swara:??? WO tho hai .. See how he is proposing the heroine …I wish one day he propose me same like tat …


Uttara:hahahaha if he propose u …then will u accept and marry him??
Swara:?? y not …

Sanskar spits the water ..which he was drinking ???

Sanskar:(murmurs) god y r u planning for my sauthan

Uttara: but Swara he is old now..and

Sanskar: (thinks) u r my sis (smiles)
Swara:(cuts off) haan but love doesn’t see ages right? …I will marry my SRK …and??? at honeymoon …

Sanskar fumes in anger and jealousy hearing thz ….so before she could complete ..he turns her with froce and smashes his lips on hers soft petals ..her eyes were widened by his sudden action …and uttara was like??? ..soon seeing their kissing she closes her eyes immediately …..where as sanskar was so lost tat he didn’t let her lips ….he was kissing her madly ….she was trying to protest and push him but he pulls her more closer by her waist …start biting her lower lip …she gasp in pain taking it’s an opportunity he enter into her mouth …and starts exploring his tounge all over her mouth ….while she stopped protesting and was rubbing his back …soon the long lasting kiss was broked due to lack of oxygen ….she didn’t dare to look at him …and downs her gaze

Sanskar:? look at me …

Swara immediately looked up …he can see tat her milky cheeks was turned to a crimson red …he cupped her face …and started leaning to kiss her yet again …she gets startled and turns her face

Swara:wat r u doing …
Sanskar: I will do more than thz …if u ever talk abt any other man (smirks)

She immediately looks at him with widen eyes …uttara opens her and …

Uttara:bhai ..wat r talking huh! …tat too in front of ur innocent sis …and wat is ur problem if she talks abt another boy …
U r not her any bf ..so…
Sanskar; huh! Correct my lil sis ..I’m her bf
(Looks at swara) hai na swara ..u love me right ?

Swara downs her head in shy and blushes???….while he keeps staring her lovingly

Uttara:bhai leave abt her …1st tell me do u love her?
Sanskar:haan of course I love her (pulls swara in his embrace) hai na Swara?

Swara blushes

Uttara:? haa wat is thz …swara did my bhai proposed u before ..
Sanskar: can’t u see utts now only I proposed her …wat is thz before
Uttara:? is thz called a proposal …
Sanskar: yeah …hai na swara (tigens his grip)
Swara:(looks at him and blushes) yes Sanskar……yes for all ur questions (hugs him)
Sanskar: (hugs and smiles) I love u swara
Swara:(blushes) I love u too

Uttara:(hugs both) me also guys (smiles)

Flashback ends

After being in 5years …relationship with my Sanskar …finally today I got married him ..I’m soo happy today ….now I’m getting sleep

Swara p.o.v ends

She looks at the sanskar’s pic placed on the side table ….takes it and hugs the pic ….sleeps with a angelic smile

Next day

Swara and uttara were preparing breakfast
Just then they heared a knock on the door

Swara:I will see

Uttara nodes …she smiles and opens the door ….gets happy seeing the person

Swara:(happy) Sanskar …
Sanskar: (pecks her lips and hugs her) haaa darling I’m soooo happy …u know (releases the hug) finally I got my dream project
(Comes in stretching his hand)
(Looks at uttara) hi utts …
Uttara: good morning bhai (smiles)
Sanskar(turns ..to Swara) : sweetheart plz serve the breakfast I’m really hungry …I will fresh up and come

Swara nodes with a smiles

He leaves to the room

After sometime

Sanskar was eating breakfast …suddenly his eyes falls on swara’s mangalsutar and sindhoor …which he didn’t notice all thz time

Sanskar: (taking a bite) hmm shona wat is thz y r u wearing thz mangalsutar and vermilion …we r not yet married yaar

Swara and uttara looks at eachother in shock ….Swara gets angry? and keeps the vessel angrily making it sound ..coz she very well know tat he frgt abt their marriage in his work
She leaves from there …angrily
Sanskar stops eating and gives wat did I do look?? …uttara chuckles

Uttara:arrey mere bhai …did u frgt abt ur marriage …

Sanskar reminces and looks at uttara ..

Sanskar: oh haan I frgt I was sooo busy with my work tat I frgt abt my marriage ..
Uttara:she might be angry on u ..bhai her mood would be off

He looks at the direction where swara was sitting ..on couch watching TV
Sanskar: I don’t think so …

Uttara:and y it so
Sanskar: (points) look there ..how can she be sad watching my sauthan (irritated face)

Uttara:???? bhai u r funny .. Seriously sauthan hahahaha

Sanskar gets a call …

Sanskar: k utts bye …have to go now …
(To Swara ) bye jaan

He leaves from there before uttara could say something …she goes toward swara thinking she might be sad …but Swara was lost in her TV world watching her fav hero SRK with a smile
Uttara shakes her head


Hi guys …thz is Sara …? well confused right …yeh tanu ka I’d …and now thz girl is saying herself Sara ….actually I’m her friend
Now u will ask where is tanu …then let me tell u guys …she really busy nowadays ..not for only now …but still April she is busy like hell .. U know her leg was fractured …now her studies + her health …stupid girl she isn’t taking care of herself ….
And abt her ff’s she is discontinuing it …she will write further …I know many r asking her to give next epi ….messaging in fb and all ..
She was going write …I scolded yesterday for tat and we ended up with fighting?

So for her I wrote thz …..actually its not my story if u wanna give the credit or praises then give it to tanu …not me coz thz os was written by her in her dairy….I just typed it and posted here …all the imagination is hers ….it’s os but I made it ts ? coz I’m not tanu who can write so lengthy …
There were many os in her dairy but I choosed thz coz swasan track in serial … We r not getting their lovely scene right
…waise tanu …doesn’t know tat I wrote thz …? when It is posted then I will msg her ..
I know she is angry with me …but I’m also her friend right

Oops sorry guys for boring u all by thz stupid talks …??

Aur Tanu …yeh tere liyeh ..rishi’s tanu??????

Bye guys ….waise u know tanu right?????

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