Everyone was waiting outside the OT when doctor came out

Ap: doctor she is ok?

Doctor [removing his specs]: I am sorry but it’s too late

Everyone stood shocked

Doctor: how did this happen

Dp: don’t know doctor…We all were sleeping when we heard the sound of a bullet

Doctor: did you all find the culprit??? Did you all complain in the police station

Sanskar: yes doctor….We tried to find the culprit and also ran behind him but he was wearing black clothes and had hides his mouth also and now we have complained in the police

Doctor: sorry but it’s too late….The bullet was shot on her head as well as in the heart and so it became almost next for us to save us….Sorry

Just then a gang of police was seen coming towards them with someone

Inspector: Mr. Maheshwari…..We found the culprit…Here he is

He said pointing a man beside him with the same black clothes

Laksh: why did you did this…What had Tanya done to you….Why did you took up her life

Man: sir…Sir….Believe me I haven’t done anything….

Laksh: just stop it….Are they fool that they will pick up anyone and address him as the culprit

Man: sir sir….Sir…Believe me sir….I was ordered….To do this….I don’t even know her name

Inspector: who ordered you??? Who the hell is that man….;!!

The man raised his finger and pointed towards sanskar!!!!

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    wowwww so sanskar is going to jail…!! omg diya post nxt soon dear…!! i m waiting

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    Shocking…!! But interesting…. Please post next part soon Diyaa…

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