SWASAN LOVE ME THODA AUR EPISODE 54 ….Special episode do read

Both reached mm mansion…Sanskar stopped the car out

Swara: sanskar please don’t tell anything to anyone now….Laksh and mom dad have come their leaving all their work…Let them enjoy for as much time they are here…Please..

Sanskar: ok I won’t tell anything to anyone….But piya knows everything…She called me when you went for the tests…I will have to tell her…!!

Swara: umm…It’s ok….But don’t tell to anyone else

Sanskar nodded

Both went in..!!!

As soon as they entered they saw Tanya sitting wit everyone and talking and laughing but piya wasn’t taking part in those chats…

Seeing them coming piya jumped from her place and rushed to swara

Piya: Bhabhi….Are you okay ..What did the doctor say

Sanskar: shhh piyaaa….Kiddo she’s fine…No need to worry ……

Ap: sanskar what did the doctor say?

Dp: yes what did the doctor say….Nothing serious na…???

Sanskar and swara looked at each other for once and back to ap and dp

Sanskar: no……No dad….nothing….Nothing serious…..Just a bit fever….And food poisoning…Doctor has asked me to take her full care….And make her eat hygenic food…..

Sanskar: piya….Kiddo please take swara to our room and make her rest I will come soon

Piya nodded and took swara with her

Sanskar was cooking food when AP came in

Ap: are sanskar….Why are you cooking??? If you need something tell me or servants na

Sanskar: mom…..I was getting bored and wanted to do something and swara hasn’t eaten something from morning so just thought to cook for her

Ap: arreee you go and sit with swara I will bring the food

Sanskar: mom…I said na no…I will cook please I want to cook for her….Pleasseeee

Ap: achha ok okk cook….Pagal

Sanskar smiled

Tanya was watching this peeping inside the kitchen secretly and was thinking that her plan is failll
Sanskar entered his room with Swara’s lunch

Piya was sitting beside swara holding her hand while swara was crying silently….!!!

Sanskar saw her and got worried and kept the tray on the table and went to swara and cupped her face.

Sanskar: swara….Shhhh…..It’s ok…Now nothing’s gonna happen…..I promise I won’t leave you even for a second…..Trust me

Swara just hugged Sanskar and started crying

Piya sensing the situation decided to go and told sanskar through her eyes that she is going to which sanskar nodded .

As soon as piya left sanskar broke the hug forcefully and cupped her face

Sanskar: shhhh it’s ok…No more crying….now come and eat something

Sanskar saw moving towards the tray just then he was stopped by swara

Swara: no please….I don’t want anything

She said with a fear in her mind…Which was seen by Sanskar

Sanskar: swara…She hasn’t mixed anything in this….Trust me…I have made this food on my own

Swara: what but you were tired na

Sanskar: so what…I couldn’t take rest with your health now…!!!! Please eat

Swara nodded and sanskar started feeding her with his own hands

After the dinner he took her in his embrace…She rested her head on his chest and started thinking and didn’t even realize how she went into deep sleep

As soon as sanskar felt her load on him he opened his closed eyes to see her resting in his arms possessively wrapping her hands around his chest….He smiled and pecked her forehead and started caressing her hair

Sanskar [in mind]: I will have to do something….I can’t leave this Tanya like this…..She is too much…How can she think of such a drastic step…!!!! Miss Tanya now it’s time for payback….get ready…On the first day itself in the hospital I warned you something but still you crossed your limits now see till where I can go for my wife…!!!

He thought before switching off the lights and going into deep slumber with swara


Hi guys sorry for short update but the story after this is full of tragedy, emotions, fighting and drama of course and I have a gud news that my di that is old writer if this FF has delivered a cute baby boy on 5 April 2017 and his name is Arjit and so I didn’t want to give a sad episode

I wasnt in a mood but coz di asked me to give a special episode I gave???
After all it’s my nephew’s arrival???

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    Congrats dear….Amazing epi……precap scary……..

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    Baby boy ? ????
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    Scary Precap

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  25. hiii ur ff was a beautiful one… i was not a regular reader but a continuous one… cze from no where i saw this name and started reading the first episode and it was quiet interesting.. and i made it up till the 54th episode reading it continuously for 2 days… its so nice the way u compose it… but a request don’t separate swasan… i know it should be interesting but not separating home.. and don’t be disappointed for less comments.. just keep writing though people comment or not.. cze there are lots of silent readers i guess… so girl keep rocking… and convey my wishes to ur sis and cutie pie baby boy… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Diyaaa

      Awww that’s really so sweet of you dear???
      Thankyou so much???❤️
      I am so glad that you are liking my FF
      And don’t worry coz I never separate swasan in my ffs…!!! Swasan won’t be separated they will be together forever…Just a few emotional moments they will sent with one another…!!!???
      And after your comment am gonna tye the next episode right now and post it asap!!!!!?????

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  26. awesome dear and congrats to hemanshi di…

  27. waiting eagerly for ur next episode :* :* :* :* :* cze i got used to read it continuously and now when i don’t see one i am missing it

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      Don’t worry I have written the next episode…Just that I uploaded the teaser today I am gonna upload the episode tomorrow or in night❤️

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