Swara woke up and held her head 

Swara: Ahhh 

Sanskar who was sitting on the couch rushed to her and poured a glass of water for her 

Sanskar: drink this 

Swara drank the water all in once 

Sanskar: so you are okay 

Swara: sanskar what happened to me 

Sanskar: oooo….What happened….You don’t know what you have done….You were trying to seduce me….You drank bhanggg 

Swara: whatttt

Sanskar: yes….tanya made you drink bhaang in name of thandai

Swara covered her mouth with hands giving a shocking expression 

Swara: what did I do….How I believed her…..

Sanskar [trying to make her mood light]: vese I was liking that swara who was calling me “Sanku baby…Jaanu” and all that 

But swara was guilty for believing Tanya 

She started crying making sanskar shocked and worried 

He cupped her face 

Sanskar: shhh swaraaaaa….It’s ok

Swara hugged Sanskar and started crying even more 

Swara: I did…Such a bigggg blunder by believing her 

Sanskar broke the hug and was about to say something when he saw her rushing towards the washroom covering her mouth

He followed her and saw her vomiting again in the washroom 

He rushed to her and started rubbing her back

Sanskar [worried to hellllllllll]: swara…jaaann…..Easy….!!!

Swara lifted her head and washed her mouth while sanskar was shocked to see her vomiting blood all over again 

He just cupped her face and saw blood near her mouth

Sanskar: swara….

He said with a worried, caring, extremely scared voice

His voice made her even more scared…She was relieved till when his voice was ok…She was reassuring herself but now….His voice was so different
It made her scared too

He wiped her face and just took her out of the washroom…He was stopped in the middle by her….She hugged him as tight as she could 

She wasn’t scared of herself,, her life but for him….She was scared if she has cancer what would happen to him…!!!!! More than her it will pain to him 

Sanskar other side was too scared but he composed himself and just broke the hug

Sanskar: shh swara….Nothing to get scared about…Let’s go to the doctor …..
Everything will be alright…..Let’s go there as soon as possible 

Both left everything in middle and sanskar took the car keys and took her down with him 

Both came down…Swara’s face was pale….She was extremely tired because of the bhaang….Now she was scared too…….

Sanskar’s face on the other side was too filled of load…He was trying his level best to compose himself…He knows if he falls weak swara too will lose all her hopes….But after all he too is a human being with a heart….!!! 

Everyone who was chit chatting in the hall except Tanya….everyone got a bit serious seeing them like that 

Sanskar: mom dad…Swara isn’t feeling well I think she is having fever and we are going to see a doctor 

Ap: what…Swara beta how many times I told you take care…You don’t listen…Always work 

Do: leave it ap…Swara beti is looking so tired and loaded…Swara beta you go and take care…

Swara was not in a condition of replying anyone…She was just facing towards the ground…..Sanskar understanding her emotions just held her hand even more tight assuring her 

Sanskar: will come soon….!!

Piya: take care Bhai Bhabhi

Piya was a bit sacred too and had a doubt that swara again vomited blood it’s just that they aren’t telling anyone coz they might get worried…

Sanskar just nodded her and left 


Doctor was seeing the reports with the most serious face ever which was making swasan worried more and more 

With each passing second swara was losing her hope…Though sanskar was too scared but he had hope that nothing is gonna happen to his swara….!!! 

Sanskar [composing himself]: doctor…Everything…Ok??

Doctor: Mr. Maheshwari what is this I warned you thousands of time that find the person who wants to harm your wife  
Sanskar: doctor I found out the person but I don’t know how she manages to mix something Everytime in her food….!!!! Now it’s enough I won’t leave her…..Now I am ready to go to jail also…..!!!! I won’t leave her….I will just murder her….!!!

Swara: sanskar…..!!!???? Please control yourself please….!!!! 

Sanskar: what control??????? Haan what control??? Just because of you I brought her home….But still you are taking her side 

Doctor: Mr. Maheshwari it’s not time for getting aggressive…!!! Your wife is safe as of now but I am telling you if once more she feels nauseau then just understand she is in cancer….Then even j can’t do anything…..I am changing her medicines and please find a solution of that culprit…!!!! 

Sanskar: don’t worry doctor…..I will do everything possible 

Sanskar was driving the car with high speed 

Swara: sanskar please stoppp…..Please sanskar 

Sanskar just banged the car in a tree…

Sanskar [at the top of his lungs….Most loud voice Ever]: how dare Shee……How dare she to hurt my wife…..I will kill her today…..I will destroy her life…..

Swara: sanskar please please for me please stop this 

Sanskar: what stop swara…What stop….This time you are not going to stop me….I will do whatever I want to…!!!!

Swara: ok….Do whatever you want to but please cool down as of now please sanskar….I need you the most this time….I don’t have any hopes now…All the courage I was getting till now was because of you….Now if you will do this then sanskar I am nothing now…. Nothing
She just went crying 

Sanskar was shocked to hell seeing swara like this….His all anger vanished ……All that he could sense was his swara

He just hugged her tight

She just melted in his arms..She hugged him even more tight and let out her feelings…Her worries….She was feeling protective in his arms….She was feeling as if all Tanya and bad things now don’t matter to her when she is in his arms…She wants to be in his arms forever…..She wants to live in his arms…She wants to die in his arms….

Sanskar forcefully broke the hug after almost 30 minutes…In these 30 mins both let out everything….Both cried as much as they could and consoled each other….

Sanskar cupped her face: shhhh….Jaaan….Nothing is going to happen…Now you are safe na…I am with you now…I won’t leave you even for a second…Just believe me 

He kissed her forehead with lots of love…Someone has said true…The guy who kisses your forehead in your tough times is the guy who can even give his life for you….!!!! He is the only guy who can love you like anything….Even more than he loves himself 
Both reached maheshwari mansion and as soon as sanskar parked the car

Swara: don’t tell anyone please

Sanskar just nodded and held her hand and both went in
Guys m really very dissapointed with comments and this is why I didnt publish since so long or else the episode was ready…
I know it’s exam time but why then everyone else is getting good response ….
Why not me??
I really give my best and if still you don’t like it then if I don’t get comments then I won’t publish and understand that Diya is not gonna come back to tu ever…!!!
Bye guys….dunno if it’s our last meet…!!!
I hope it’s not

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