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Here’s the next episode:::

Sanskar was working in his office but he was not able to concentrate on his work….Whole time he was thinking of swabhi [swara and Abhi]
Sanskar: that Abhi was sticking so much with my jaan…..Chipku Kahi ka…..How dare he hug her so tight…..Khadus admi and swara too….How can she be such a good frnd to any man except me….
His thoughts were broken by Laksh who entered the cabin for some imp. Works
Laksh: Bhai this file….Piya and I both are unable to complete it and bhabhi is also not coming to office from so long…Please help us Yar
Sanskar: ha come
He took a chair and sat beside sanky
Laksh started telling him something but he was not at all interested in all that his mind was running on just that one thing…. “Swabhi”
Laksh completed his sayings and saw sanskar lost in his thoughts he shook him
Laksh: bhaiii
Sanskar: ha…Ha say
Laksh: where r u lost
Sanskar: no just ese hi
Laksh: hahaha say na u r thinking about bhabhi
Sanskar: no…Why Shud I think about her
Laksh:Bhai you accept or not this the truth…Anyways leave….You know swara bhabhi and Abhi Bhaiya looks so good together…Their bind is so awesome….Even after so long both were so friendly
Sanskar got irritated
Sanskar: Laksh stop it Yar….Sara time San Abhi Abhi krte rehte ho [Everytime you all keep on talking about Abhi]
Laksh got shocked but understood
Laksh: oh so my Bhai is jealous
Sanskar: no…I am not
Laksh: you are Bhai
Sanskar: lucky I am not jealous…Why Shud I be jealous
Laksh: then why is it affecting u so much….Ahahaha it’s called jealousy Bhai…. Anyways leave it…I think now you won’t be able to help me don’t worry I and Piya will only have to manage

Laksh went
Sanskar again went into thinking about swabhi
Sanskar came to home and saw swabhi sitting on the sofa of his room
He came in and kept his laptop bag on the bed and took his clothes from cupboard and went to washroom without paying any heed to swabhi
Abhi: tumhare patidev ko Kya his [what happened to your husband]
Swara: he might be tired….You go down for dinner we will come
Abhi: OK then I am going come fast
Swara nodded
After sometime sanskar came out to see swara waiting for him
She went to him as soon as he came out and held his hands
Swara: Chalo let’s go for dinner
Sanskar nodded and started moving with her
Swara: what happened today u r not looking in a good mood
Sanskar [telling a lie]: no…I am fine just a bit tired
Swara: uh..OK
They both reached the dining table and sanskar sat and swara served him the dinner
Abhi: swaru come and serve me also…Like you used to do earlier
Swara: awwwwww you remember till now?
Abhi: of course how can I forget your memories
Swara: hahaha you are a big draamebaaz
Abhi chuckled and swara served him leaving sanskar
Sanskar felt bad
All smiled seeing swabhi bind and Laksh saw sanskar with a naught teasing smile
As Laksh was sitting beside sanskar he whispered in his ears
Laksh: jealous again?
Sanskar got alert and looked towards him and said no
Laksh: hahaha I know
Sanskar ate his food without any interest and went to his room
Ap: what happened to him today
Swara: nothing mom he is a bit tired
Dp: swara beta you go to him and see
Swara:OK dad

Swara entered the room and saw sanskar sleeping
She got sad
Swara: today he didn’t even talk to me and directly slept….Maybe he is tired…But whenever he is tired he spends time with me then too
She went towards sanskar and lied beside him and hugged him and slept
As soon as she slept sanskar woke up and turned towards her and pecked her forehead and hugged her tight
Sanskar: I am sorry princess but I am not feeling good…Whenever u r around that Abhi but if I tell you you won’t understand me that is why I will have to do this………

Sanskar came down and sat for bf and messaged someone
After sometime a girl came in and hugged sanskar
Sanskar responded back and instead hugged her more tight
Girl: awwwwww my sankuuu I missed you soo much
Sanskar: not more than I did..
Both parted and sanskar pulled her cheeks
Laksh: Bhai who is she..
Sanskar: my bestesttt friend,, Kratika?
Kratika: not only bestest forever bestest
Sanskar: hahaha yus
All the time swara was burning in jealousy
Kratika: won’t you introduce me to all
Sanskar: oh ya come…
Sanskar: she is Piya my kiddo sis…He is Laksh my lucky…and they are mom BD dad and she is swara
Kratika: swara …..Is she too your sis?
All burst out laughing at that but not SWASAN
Swara: nooo….Wifeee
She said in a super angry tone
Sanskar: swara why r u getting so angry it’s OK Yar…..
Swara: OK!? It is OK??
She said and went to their room without paying heed to anyone
Laksh: Bhai isnt it too much?
Sanskar: I don’t think so
Piya: yes it is
Abhi: I am unable to understand anything…Will anyone tell me what’s happening
Laksh: she is just Bhai’s s junior whom he thinks as his sister and he called her for making bhabhi jealous
Abhi: but why did u want to make my swaru jealous??
Piya: hahaha because he is jealous of your and bhabhi’s bond
Abhi: what?!?!?!?!?
Laksh: hahaha yus
Abhi: oh hello Jiju…….I think swara as my sister and lemme tell you I am already engaged
Sanskar got shocked
Sanskar: whattt
Abhi: yes and swara is my senior and lemme tell you that the girl you addressed as he bestesttt frnd is my fiancee Kratika
Sanskar got hell shocked
While Kratika burst out laughing and side hugged Abhi
Now at this all were shocked
Sanskar: oh no…What did I just do Yar….Now I will have to make swara agree
Laksh: hahaha Bhai all the best
Sanskar went up to his room

Sanskar entered to see swara standing leaning on the window
He went to her and back hugged her to which she jerked him
Sanskar (sweetly): jaannn
Sanskar: jaaannnnn
Sanskar; I am sorry na
Sanskar: Yar manjao na
Swara left and went to the bed and covered herself with blanket from head to toe
Sanskar went to her and started pulling the blanket
Swara: huhhhhhh…..What is this Yar…..Why are u irritating me
Sanskar: jaaannnnn sorry na
Swara: keep your sorry with u
She said in a angry tone and left


Heya guys sorry for short update but i won’t be able to type much long ….Sorry and I will show Valentine’s week now
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