Sanskar was crying badly in his room…..swara came to him and hugged him….he hugged her by resting his head on her lap and started crying
Sanskar [crying]: why cant they understand my feelings
Swara; shhh sanskar it’s not like that…..she was just teasing you
Sanskar: no she was not…..and not even her even dad cant understand my feelings…
Swara; sanskar it’s nothing like that…you know you have not taken proper rest and that’s why these small things are overpowering you a lot…..come on now sleep
Sanskar: I don’t want to
Swara: sanskarrr…..please come and sleep….
Sanskar: swara I said na I am not feeling like
Swara: ok then I too will not sleep
Sanskar: what rubbish swara…just go and sleep
Swara; no I won’t
Sanskar: why
Swara: if you will sleep with me I will sleep or else not
Sanskar: swara what kind of condition is this
Swara: sanskar either we both will sleep together or none of us is going to sleep
Sanskar: ok come
Swara: not like this
Sanskar: then..
Swara: lift me in your arms and take me to the bed
Sanskar without any argument took her in his arms and made her lye on the bed and himself laid down beside her
She moved towards him and hugged him
She rested her head on his chest and slept
Sanskar was caressing her hair when she was sleeping….he was thinking something deeply and don’t know when he too slept cuddling into swara

Both swasn woke up at the same time and hugged each other
Sanskar [with a happy mood]: good morning jaan
Swara: good morning
Sanskar smiled and started moving closer to her
Swara [feeling his hot breath on her neck]: san…skar…….what….are…you….doing
Sanskar: nothing jaan……
Swara; sanskar let me go I have to prepare your breakfast as well as lunch
Sanskar: nooo
Swara: sanskar pleaseee
Sanskar: no
Swara: yes
Sanskar: achha ok but first give me my morning kiss
Swara; okk
She smiled and kissed his cheeks
Sanskar: swara am I a kid that you’re kissing me on my cheeks
Swara: of course…..you are my sweet chotu kid [she said pulling his cheeks]
Sanskar: swara you’re impossible
Swara: after all I am your wife
Sanskar shook his head and meanwhile swara got out of his hold and ran to the washroom
Sanskar [shocked]: swaraa…..swara this is cheating…..you didn’t even give me my morning kiss
Swara: I gave my kid
Sanskar: don’t worry jaan I will take revenge
Swara blushed and closed the door while sanskar smiled

Swara was dragging sanskar to piya’s room……she opened the door and pushed him inside and locked the door from outside
Sanskar [banging the door from inside]: swara swara what is this…..please open the door na yar
Swara: no first you both sister and brother solve your misunderstandings
Sanskar: swara are you opening the door or not
Laksh: no we are not opening
Sanskar: lucky ke bache open the door
Laksh: no….bhai we are going for breakfast and if you want to join us then solve your and your kiddo’s misunderstandings and call us we will open the door or else stay here itself
Saying this swa—-lak went out
Here sanskar was alone in piya’s room and then piya came from the washroom shocked and teary eyed seeing sanskar
Sanskar was facing towards the door and was not able to see piya…..
Piya [tears in her eyes]: bhai…
Sanskar turned to see a teary eyed piya standing there
Sanskar: I am sorry voh the gate is locked….i will call maa now and ask her to….[he was interrupted by piya]
Piya ran and hugged him tight and started crying
Piya; bhai….i..am….so…sorry…….i…should…..not….have….done…this…..i am so sorry please forgive me……you know from 2 days we all didn’t even enjoyed and had fun
Sanskar was neither responding to the hug nor saying anything…. he had just closed his eyes and his fist was tightly closed
Piya: bhai I already don’t know how much more years I am going to spend with you all because dad is planning my alliance after two years and already we have met after so long time…..i don’t want to waste these years…..each and every moment of this year is precious for me….please bhaiiii….please
Sanskar could not control anymore and hugged her tight and started caressing her hair
Sanskar: piya shhh stop crying…..sshhhh…..never say that again I was not really angry on you….i was just a bit sad……I am sorry
Piya; no I am sorry bhai
Sanskar: shh its ok….come on now let’s go for breakfast then we have to go to office also
Piya: bhai I don’t want to go to office
Sanskar: what why
Piya: bhai I am too young….dadi made me join that for her purposes but I want to study and then b something on myself
Sanskar smiled
Sanskar: ok…I will talk to dad today itself
Piya smiled and said thank you
Sanskar: kidddo…..how will we go….swara and lucky have locked the door
Piya: ideaaa……lets go from this window and shock them
Sanskar: yess…..now it will be fun come on
Both went out from the window

Everyone except sanya [sanskar and piya] were on the dining table for having the breakfast
After some time they both saw sanya coming smiling and joking and swa—–lak were shocked to see them as they both had locked the door
Piya: good morning mom….good morning dad
Ap and dp: good morning betan
Ap: chalo finally everything is ok
All smiled but swa—lak were confused
They both were standing at a corner when sanskar came there and wrapped his arms around both of them’s shoulders and whispered in their ears
Sanskar: shocked na?? you only said clear the misunderstandings so we cleared….and when me and my kiddo meets we leave everyone shocked
Swa—-lak glared him but later started giggling

Swara was in the kitchen preparing sanskar’s lunch when sanskar called her
Sanskar [shouting from room]: swaraaa………….swwaraaa……….swara come here….
Ap and piya laughed
Piya: mom…..it’s not even been a week and see how bhai has got a habit of bhabhi
Swara blushed
Sanskar [again shouting from room]: swaraaaaaa…………..swaraaaaaaa
Swara: coming sanskarr
Piya; bhabhi you go…we will manage all this…….
Swara started going
Piya: enjoy bhabhi
Swara blushed and increased her speed towards the room

She entered the room
Swara: what happened sanskar
Sanskar: swara….please make me wear this tie na
Swara: hahah sanskar you don’t even know how to wear a tie
Sanskar: stop making fun of me and help me….please I am getting late
Swara: hahahah okay
She came to him and started making his knot
Sanskar held her from her waist and pecked her forehead
Swara: sanskar don’t disturb me
Sanskar: arre you do your work….what am I doing to you [kissing her neck] I am just romancing with my wife
Swara: sans..kar………pplea….see……..i…….am……getting late
Sanskar: even I am getting late for office jaan
Swara bit him playfully on his chest and pulled him away and started to go when he pulled her back
Sanskar: I want you to tie this knot daily…..
Swara blushed and started playing with his shirt buttons when one of the button broke
Swara got alert as his chest was visible while sanskar huckled
Swara quickly closed her eyes
Sanskar shook his head
Sanskar: open your eyes swara…
Swara nodded in a no
Sanskar: swara I said open your eyes
Swara opened it slowly to see sanskar smiling
Sanskar: first of all we are husband wife so no need to shy so much and after all I have been shirtless so many times in front of you
Swara blushed
Sanskar: and secondly my shirt button broke because of you….so now you only need to stich it
Swara: arre but you can wear any other shirt na
Sanskar: then you will have to tie my knot again….i don’t have any problem….choice is yours baby
Swara blushed and went towards the cupboard and came with box of threads and needle
Sanskar smiled
Swara took out a needle and thread and started trying to put the thread in the needle but she wasn’t able to
Sanskar smiled and back hugged her and joined their hands and started to do it
Both were smiling and finally the thread was in….swara turned towards sanskar and started stiching the button

In between the needle by mistake touched sanskar’s chest and he shouted “ahh” swara got concerned and stopped
Swara: sorry
Sanskar: arre its ok
Swara: no its not
She said and pecked his chest
Sanskar smiled
Sanskar: you are the solution of my all the problems
Swara smiled just then she heard ap calling her
Both swasan went down hand in hand and swara saw someone in the hall and started running and hugged the man tight making sanskar shocked and jealous
That man hugged swara more tightly
Swara: abhiiii you don’t know ow muh I missed you these years….where were you??
Abhi: shonaaa………more than you I missed you……I was in US for business purposes but now I am back
Swara: that’s great….means now you will live in mumbai
Abhi: no not in mumbai in pune but I am here for some days
Swara; what…..ohh nooo
Abhi: arre its ok……we both will enjoy these some days a lot
Abhi got a call and after attending it
Abhi: chalo swara I need to go
Swara: where
Abhi: hotel
Swara: why in hotel when you are staying here with us
Abhi: no I am staying at hotel and even my booking is done
Ap: beta you are swara’s friend so you should stay here
Abhi: but aunty
Dp; no ifs and buts beta please
Abhi: ok
Swara got happy and introduced him to everyone…..swabhi were talking and chit chatting and swara even forgot sanskar….sanskar got angry and left for office
Huh…..done with this one…thanks a lot do comment

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