It was around 8 in evening when sanskar came inside his room with some gifts in his hands but to his shock swara was still sleeping
He placed the gifts on the side table and went to her and tried to wake her but no response
He got worried and rushed down in a hurry
Sanskar: momm…..mommmm
Ap came from kitchen
Ap: yes what happened
Sanskar; mom its been 5 hours swara is still unconscious????
Ap; yes beta actually she woke up but then after sometime she again went into deep sleep even I want her to wake up…since morning she hasn’t eaten anything
Sanskar [sad]: ok
Ap: sanskar your food…should I serve
Sanskar: no I am not hungry
Ap: sanskar beta please eat something….you too haven’t eaten anything since morning
Sanskar: I don’t want to
He said and went upstairs back to his room
He came near swara and caressed her hair
Sanskar: jaan are you so angry on me that you don’t even want me to listen your voice?? Please don’t make me wait so much……pleaseeee
He said crying badly keeping his head on her shoulders

After sometime he got up and sat on the couch and went into deep thinking
An hour passed and he could hear some noises which brought him back to his senses and as soon as he came back to sense he got shocked to see swara screaming
Swara: sanskarrrrr……………noooo…….nooo please…..please don’t take…him away from me……noooo……..i cant live without you……sanskarr…….sanskarrrr…….noooo
She was screaming and sweating badly he immediately rushed to her and cupped her face and tried to wake her up
Sanskar: swara…..swara jaan wake up…jaannnnn….jaaannn
Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskar….she got up and hugged him immediately
He caressed her hair while she was crying badly
Swara: sanskar….sanskar they will take you away from me
Sanskar: shhh swara what are you saying and who will take me
Swara [sweating and scared]: sanskar I…..I….saww….a…d-re-a-m……iit wwas tt—hhee worst ddr-e-a-m ever….some goons were beating you and taking you away from me
Sanskar: sh swara……no one can separate us…..okay?? So don’t cry……see you trust me na [she nodded] then stop crying come on
Swara: thank you sanskar
She said hugging him
Sanskar: I am sorry swara
Swara; for what

Sanskar [breaking the hug and cupping her face]: swara I hurt you so much…..in morning I didn’t even listened to you once and got angry on such a stupid thing….i didn’t even think once that it’s not possible that you don’t prepare anything for me……I am soo sorry….because of me everything got spoilt…….even our first day after marriage
Swara: shhh sanskar you don’t need to be sorry its ok
Sanskar: no its not….i hurt you so much…..and you why didn’t you slap me once if I was not listening to you
Swara: sanskar how can I slap my husband
Sanskar: why cant you??? If I am wrong you have the right to do anything to me
Swara: leave it I don’t want to remember it again…I just want to forget that
Sanskar: ok so even I will not remember it….have you eaten anything after I went
Sanskar: I knew
Swara: sorry
Sanskar: what sorry swara?? cant you take care of your health
Swara: you’re saying as if you have eaten the whole raja bhog
Sanskar: I have eaten a lot of food
Swara; achha what you ate?/
Sanskar: you sent the tiffin box na I ate from that
Swara: ok…so tell me what was there in the box
Sanskar: umm…..umm….yess…..pav bhaji…you know I loved it so much
Swara: sanskar you don’t even know how to lie
Sanskar smiled sheepishly
Sanskar: achha wait a min
Swara: why
Sanskar: just a min
He said and went to the fridge of their room and took that kheer bowl out and came
Swara got teary eyed seeing it
Sanskar: come on let’s eat it
Swara nodded and took the spoon and made him eat with her own hands
Both fed each other the kheer and hugged eo
Sanskar; I love you swara….and I am sorry
Swara: sanskar one more time you say sorry and I will kill you
She said being frustrated
He smiled naughtily and kept on repeating “sorry” “sorry” “sorry”

Swara got more frustrated and started beating him with pillows…….he laid down on the bed and she came and sat on his stomach and started beating him more and more
Sanskar: aooo swaraaa……jaan whatever you want to do you do but please not this pillow fight
Swara: achha if not this pillow fight then…..
She said and started tickling him
Sanskar: hahahhaahhahahhaahahha swaraaaa stop that…hhahah….jaan….hahhaa….please….hahahha….stopppp
Swara stop being tired and sanskar came upon her and now he started tickling her
Swara: hahahahahaaahaha pleaseee sanskarrrr hahahah nooo naaaa
Sanskar: why no? now its time for revenge baby…
Swara; hahah I am sorry please leave me
Sanskar: achhha then give me a kiss then I will leave you
Swara: hahahah…nooo
Sanskar started tickling her more and more now
Swara: ahhaahahahahah achha okkk
Sanskar stopped tickling her and started leaning towards her lips but she rolled him and came upon him and joined her lips with his
Both were kissing passionately showing all their love for each other….they were showing how they missed each other in this one day
After some time both broke the kiss and hugged each other
Sanskar: I missed you so much
Swara: even I missed you a lot
Sanskar: aren’t you hungry
Swara: I am very hungryyy
Sanskar: then what are we waiting for let’s go down for dinner
Swara: ruko….first let me change
Sanskar: achha ok come fast I am waiting
Swara nodded and left to change

everyone was having their dinner and were silent at first….piya thought to tease sanskar
Piya; sanskar sir will you like to have this shahi paneer made by my bhabhi
All giggled a bit which was unnoticed by sanskar
Sanskar: kiddo why are you still calling me sir?? Now toh swara has also forgiven me
Piya: sir you know my bhabhi is so innocent that anyone can make her forgive anyone…..
Sanskar: kiddoooo please yarr
Piya: no response
Sanskar; swaraaa now you ask her to talk to me
Piya; bhabhi if you love me you wont ask me to do anything just now
Swara zipped her mouth and looked at sanskar with an innocent face while he glared both swapiya [swara and piya]
All giggled
Piya [to tease sanskar more]: sir have this na…..my bhabhiii’s special
Sanskar got frustrated and let out his frustration on piya
Sanskar [shouting]: stop it piya….just stop it….it’s too much….i am not any animal that you think I can hurt anyone and easily live happily…..it was not easy for me to live these hour not talking to anyone properly neither I wanted to hurt swara…it was also not done intentionally…I don’t know why cant you all understand that I love her and even in my dreams I can never think of hurting her…..why cant you understand that if you all are so hurt seeing her pain then what might be my condition……
He just said these words with pure emotion and love for swara….he had tears in his eyes and was literally crying because now he was hell frustrated…not frustrated but he was becoming more and more angry that why cant anyone understand his feelings
He left to his room without saying a word after that

Swara: sanskar……
But he was by now gone to his room
Piya was crying
Swara went to her and started consoling her
Piya; its all because of me…..i am such a bad sister I didn’t even realise how I hurt him so badly and that too about such a serious matter
Swara: shh piya its not your mistake….he is just a bit tired and you know na he get’s angry so quickly…..dont worry ii will talk to him and confront him
All were consoling piya and here sanskar was crying badly sitting on the surface of his room


Hi hope you all liked it sorry if it was short but my exams are not over yet so next update pakka on 8th that is day after tomorrow pakka…….do comment guys

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