The episode starts with sanskar and swara taking a blindfolded piya to a room connected to sanskar’s room
They opened the blindfold of piya and asked her to open her eyes slowly
She was mesmerised to see the whole room when she opened her eyes…..she turned around to see the whole room full of her childhood pictures which they had….her pictures with everyone…..her toys and her clothes……
Piya [shocked and happy]: bhaiiiii…..thisss????

Sanskar went near her and side hugged her
Sanskar: you know this is the room where I had kept these things from the day we thought you are no more……I really wanted a younger sister…..you know every rakhi I spend my whole day here,, in this room
Piya was shocked and teary eyed
Swara: not only this piya you know he has maintained a diary in which he confesses all his fears and feelings to you….
Piya hugged sanskar and cried her heart out

Piya: bhaii……you….did……..so……….much……….just…..forr………me…??
Sanskar: nooo….not for you for myself…..you know my friends used to tell me that whenever they are sad due to anything their younger sister smiles so sweetly and tries to divert their mind and makes them enjoy so much that he forgets all his worries…..when I used to think about this I remembered how once I got less marks and I was crying and you came to me

Piya [giggling a bit]: and that day for calming you I gave you my ice cream also
Sanskar smiled and hugged her caressing her hair……swara was having tears in her eyes seeing this
Sanskar and piya broke the hug and sanskar extended his hands inviting swara to join the hug
She smiled and joined the hug and trio shared a group hug and had a great time together
It was a new day with lots of happiness for all…..it was swasan marriage day and swara
was getting ready in her room…..she was looking hell pretty……ragini was helping her in getting ready

She had worn a red bridal lehenga which along with a long necklace was making her looking the prettiest in the world
Ragini: shona you know you are looking so pretty that jiju will surely faint seeing you
Swara blushed
Ragini: arre now you are blushing so much so what will happen in your suhagrat
Swara hit her playfully
Ragini giggled
Ragini: achha vese have you talked to jiju?
Just then swara got a call from sanskar which was answered by ragini
Sanskar: jaan….i am missing you so much its been 2 days we haven’t seen each other
Ragini: ahem ahem jiju

Sanskar: ragini???
Ragini: ya jiju its me…..you should have said hello first you started your romance instantly
Sanskar: ragini stop teasing me and tell me where is swara
Ragini: you know she is looking so beautiful that I am sure it will be hard for you to control when you see her
Swara beat her from back and blushed while sanskar smiled
Ragini: vese jiju if you are alking on phone then who is coming to gm mansion for marriage
Sanskar: oho ragini I am on my way only and just about to reach
Ragini: ok then will see you here only
Sanskar: arre….arre….but swara……[ragini cut the call intentionally]
Sanskar sighed and sat with a sad pout
Swara bit her playfully and said: why you teased him what was wrong that he asked me to talk
Ragini: are are shona patience after 3 hours you both will become one only
Swara: ragini stop being that shameless
Ragini giggled but then got serious and hugged her tight and started sobbing
Swara too had tears In her eyes but she controlled herself and started consoling ragini
Swara; shhh….raguu

Ragini: di I wont be able to live without you
Swara: arre pagal I am not leaving the city I am just going to my husband’s house which is just 2 minutes from here so you can come anytime to meet me
Ragini: but di then to…..you will not always be there for me as you were earlier
Swara: who said…I was I am and I will always be available for you
Ragini: pakka??
Swara: pakka
Just then piya came In and hugged swara
Piy: bhabhi you’re looking so pretty
Swara: thank you
Piya: you know if I tell bhai that you are looking so breath taking then he will leave all rituals and directly take you to his room
Swara blushed hard while piya and ragini giggled
Piya: achha bhabhi I a going down I just came to tell you that after 5 minutes you have tocome down
Swara; okay

Piya left
HERE sanskar was welcomed by aarti done by sumi and ws made to sit in the mandap…….piya came to him after some time and sat down to his level and whispered in his ears
Piya: you know bhabhi is looking so pretty
Sanskar: piya kiddo are you testing my patience
Piya: no bhai….of course not
She said with fake innocence
Sanskar: hmm……I know very well

Piya smiled sheepishly
Just then pandit ji said “bbring the bride here”
Sanskar got alert and pushed piya a bit and straightened his sherwani and sat in a proper manner
While piya made a “hawww” kind of face and left from there to bring swara
After some time swara came with piya and ragini on her either sides
She was blushing and was looking down…..shekhar went to her and hugged her and kissed her forehead and moved aside again

Ragini and piya made her sit beside sanskar
Both looked at each other and blushed and had a sweet eyelock and then looked back
Priest was reciting the mantras and sanskar held swara’s hands
After some time pandit ji asked them to stand for the seven vows and asked piya to do their gaantbhandan and she did the same
Pandit ji asked to move he first 4 rounds with swara in front and rest 3 with sanskar in front
Both started taking pheres hand in hand…….everyone was happily blessing them by throwing flowers on them
Sumi was very happy but had tears too in her eyes thinking that now her daughter will go away from her
But she controlled thinking that now the occasion is of being happy more than sad so she hided her tears and was happy
At last the seven vows were over and swasan again got seated on their place
Pandit ji asked sanskar to make swara wear the mangalsutra and fill her hairline with vermilion
Sanskar made her wear the special manglsutra with ss on it and filled her hairline with vermilion

A tear dropped down her eyes but before it could fall down her face sanskar held it in his hands and nodded in a no asking her not to do this on such a special day
All smiled seeing them and blessed them happily
It was bidaai time and swara was crying hard
She hugged shekhar nd ragini and cried her heart out and was not stopping
Sanskar held her shoulders and took her to the car giving her a side hug and made her sit on the backseat and himself sat beside her
She was still crying
As soon as he entered the car she hugged him and started crying
Sanskar [caressing her hair]: shhh swara…….stop cying…plzz…..you know na I cant see tears in your eyes……I didn’t know my shona is such a cry baby
She bit him playfully on his chest

Swara: I look like a cry baby?
Sanskar: umm…no…you don’t look indeed you are
Swara: hawww
She started beating him but he held her hands
Sanskar: achha sorry my princess
She smiled and rested her head on his shoulders
Soon they reached gm mansion and swasan got down from the car
Ap did swara’s grahpravesh and welcomed her inside the house after hr and sanskar’s aarti and blessed her
Ap: swara beta you both go up to your room now….and tomorrow is your pehli rasoi and muh dikhai
Swara: yes mom
She blessed them and both left to their room happily


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