The episode starts with swasan driving back to office……they were in sanskar’s car…..swara was quiet and was weeping silently and sanskar felt bad seeing this

He touched her hands giving her an assurance

Sanskar: swara….why are you worrying….its just a mistake which is not done intentionally……and papa will forgive you so why are you worrying

Swara: sanskar….i am not worrying I am just feeling a bit guilty for blaming papa

She said resting her head on his shoulders…..he smiled and kissed her forehead

Sanskar: forget that matter and don’t spoil this special day

Swara [teasingly]: whats special in today’s day

Sanskar stopped the car with a jerk and looked at swara giving her a UNBELIEVABLE look

Sanskar: swara you are saying whats special…today I proposed you…..today we are one

Swara laughed wholeheartedly seeing which sanskar smiled a bit

Swara: hahhahah sanskar look at your face I was just teasing you

Sanskar: swara that’s not fair

Swara: everything is fair in love and war baby

Sanskar [moving closer to her]: is it so

Swara: s..an..s….k…aa…rrrr what are you doing

Sanskar: nothing

He moved closer to her ear and whispered: EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR BABYYYY

He stressed the word ‘baby’ a little and started leaning towards her lips and smashed his lips with hers as soon as he got a green signal from swara….both kissed passionately and lovingly showing all their obsession…..after sometime sanskar broke the kiss and swara hugged him being shy….sanskar smiled and hugged her back kissing her hair….he hugged her more tight tan swara had hugged him….

Swara squeezed his waist a little which was covered with her hands



Suddenly a car horn disturbed them….bringing them back to sense…..just then a car came and stood parallel to them and the man driving the car opened the window and said

Man: have some shame guyz….romancing in public

He said and drove to his destination….as soon as he went swasan bursted out laughing and sanskar pecked her forehead and started driving again

Soon they reached office

Swara went with sanskar to his cabin and sanskar made her sit on his chair

Swara [in a ruling way]: SANSKAR MAHESHARI

Sanskar understood her prank and decided to join her and have some fun

Sanskar stood up and saluted her and said: yes mam


She said this to him in the same way he said her when she was his PA

Sanskar: aaannnnn……noopes…..i cant get you any coffee miss gadodia but yes I have an offer for you..

Swara: offer?? Huhh…….you will give offer to your boss?? Very mean person you’re

She said and showed some fake anger just like a boss

Sanskar: boss?? Who is boss?? I am everyone’s boss here and you are talking about my boss??

Swara: hawwww……..forgot the same day

Sanskar: what did I forget now jaan??


Sanskar: I said this but then you too replied “HAHAHAH SANSKAR NO NEED FOR THAT”

Swara: hawww….i didn’t say anything like that….you are so bad….now I will show you

She said and started beating him and both were moving backwards with swara beating sanskar on his chest and sanskar trying to stop her and after sometime both fell on the bed with swara on top of sanskar…..sanskar smiled and put his hands inside her top on her waist making her shocked….she was never so close to him…..she was feeling as if butterflies are dancing in her stomach…..sanskar smiled and pulled her closer to him and kissed her earlobe

Sanskar [whispering huskily in her ears]: get up jaan….you are very heavy

Swara was getting up when she realised what he said and threw herself on him

Sanskar: aaaawwwwwaaaaahhhh

Swara: what you said haan???

Sanskar: me??

Swara: I guess we are alone right now…han toh tell

Sanskar: kuch nahi [nothing]

Swara: sanskar….youuu

She said and bited his neck hard

Sanskar: ahhh swaraaa

Swara: now you came to know how much I hurt when you bite me

Swara bited his lower lip which left sanskar extremely shocked

Sanskar: ahhhh jaaaannnn

Swara: today I will take revenge from you

Sanskar [naughtily]: jaan I put my hands on your waist too!! So if you want do something like that then I have no problem

Sanskar said removing his shirt and now he was shirtless again..

Swara was shocked at first but then thought something and bited his hard toned chest and then his collar bone

Sanskar: ahhh swaraaa

Swara smirked

Sanskar: I didn’t know my jaan has a this kind of shade too

Swara: abhi toh you haven’t seen the real me

Sanskar: oh is it so

Swara: hmm

Sanskar moved closer to her and said: then I would like to see the real you jaan

Swara blushed as he smashed his lips with hers and her hands went back to his hair and pulling him more on her while he bited her lower lip making her gasp and entered her mouth and explored each and every part…and after some time they broke the kiss and sanskar wore his shirt but didn’t put buttons…he pinned swara to the wall and pulled her inside his shirt covering it

Her body touched his bare chest and both were very close to each other…..just one inch apart….swara started breathing heavily

Their romance was disturbed by a phone call….sanskar cursed the caller and lifted the phone while swara was blushing hard

Sanskar: haa ok…I am coming

He ended the call after saying this and looked at swara and smiled while she smiled back shyly

Swara: having meeting??

Sanskar nodded giving a sorry expression and was wearing his shirt popularly

Swara: its ok….but then at night you will come to me to home

Sanskar: kyu [why]

Swara: voh….i wont go alone to talk to baba

Sanskar: nervous??

Swara nodded and sanskar smiled and shook his head

Sanskar pecked her forehead and she smiled

Sanskar: I will be back in half an hour till then you sit there

Swara nodded and sanskar turned to go but stopped hearing swara’s voice

Swara: sanskar

Sanskar tuned and said: hmm

Swara went to him and hugged him tight and murmured ALL THE BEST

Sanskar smiled and hugged her back…..she was hugging him possessively and broke and pecked his cheek and he left from there


Swara and sanskar were returning back to gm for talking to shekhar and swara was very nervous and was bitting her neck or was keeping her neck on sanskar’s shoulder….she was bitting his shirt not realising what she is doing and then she very harshly bitted his hand along with the shirt to which sanskar moaned

Sanskar: ahh

She realised what she had done and said a sorry to him….he stopped the car and cupped her face while she was looking down

Sanskar: swara look at me

But she was still looking down

Sanskar: swara……jaaann…..look at me

Sanskar said and lifted her face with her chin and made her look at him…both shared a eyelock…which was broken soon

Sanskar: swara…..nothing is gonna happen…ok so don’t worry….

Swara nodded

Sanskar: achha today after talking to baba we will go to have ice cream

Swara: haa….you will take me?? Sachhii???

Sanskar: haan mera bachcha

She hugged him tight and said: I love you so much sanskar…thanks a lottttttt

Sanskar too hugged her

Then sanskar’s phone rang again


Swara: momm…..sanskar keep it on speaker

Sanskar kept the phone on speaker

Ap: sanskar…..duffer…..idiot……..

Sanskar: mommm…..mom calm down and tell what happened that you are saying all this to me

Ap: you forgot to bring swara home na for dinner

Sanskar bit his tongue

Sanskar: mom……sorry voh I forgot

Ap: you know sanskar I don’t know how you are so bhullakad because in our family no one is having such problem of forgetting something

She started giving a long lecture while sanskar was gesturing swara to save him

Swara finally saved him

Swara: momm….

Ap: swara….beta you….you know I prepared your favourite dishes…..chicken…paneer….halwa also but this sanskar forgot to take you here

Swara: what

Swara said and started throwing daggers at him

Sanskar was joining his hands and was lipsing a sorry

Swara: mom….leave it….he is a big bhullakad

Ap: right beta….you don’t worry…..i will make the same dishes for you again day after tomorrow….come in night for dinner then

Swara: ok mom….and if you don’t mind can sanskar stay in gm for one day

Ap: yes sure beta…..

Swara: thank you mom….bye

Ap: bye beta and yes take care of your bhullakad lover

Swara giggled and kept the phone

Sanskar: why you took permission for me staying with you

Swara: not with me mr. sm in guest room of my home

Sanskar: and why so

Swara: see we will chit chat with maa papa also and then we will go for having ice cream also so it will take a lot of time and why to worry mom for this…


Both reached gadodia mansion…..and rang the bell….sanskar was holding swara from her shoulders

Shekhar opened the door and saw swasan there

Swara got teary eyed seeing him

Shekhar: swara sanskar…come come inside

Swara hugged him and started crying…sanskar saw and smiled and crossed his arms and sumi too smiled seeing this from back of shekhar….

Sanskar came to sumi and stood with her and both had crossed their arms

Shekhar was pacifying swara

Shekhar: ssshhh shonaaa…..why are you crying….what happened

Swara: papa…I…i……am….so..soorrry…..i…I..have..h u r tt…..you…a lot

Shekhar: shona….you didn’t do anything….come come inside

He brought her inside and made her sit on the sofa and gave her a glass of water and she drank it all in once

Sanskar and sumi were still seeing them with hands crossed and sanskar’s head on sumi’s shoulder


Both swara and shekhar were busy in talking and both were laughing also

Swara: papa….come lets have dinner I am very hungry

Both headed towards the dinning table and saw sumi serving sannskar and caressing his head

Sumi: you might be tired beta….eat as much as you want to

Sanskar; maa your hands really have a magic…..the food is just wowwwww……I loved it sooo much

Sumi hugged him and even he hugged her

Both swakar [swara and shekhar wereseeing this with their mouth opened]

Swara: maa you booth have a great bond more than mine and yours too…..which I could not do in these 23 years he did in just 1 month?? Howww??????

Sanskar: swara clearly say na you are jealous of us

Swara: who said so…..i have my papa with me!!!!!!

She said hugging shekhar and even he hugged her…..all had dinner and had a great time together


Swasan came out of gm mansion

Swara: come lets go

Sanskar; where

Swara: sanskar….you forgot???…..you promised to take me to the ice cream stall

Sanskar; arre my jaan I remember…..so come lets go

He said and started moving towards the car

Swara: arre where are you going now

Sanskar: to the car….we are going from car na!

Swara: no we will walk and go

Sanskar: ok madam…as you say

Swara smiled a bit and held his arms and both started walking and were talking about some random things


Swara: bhaiya give one cone with chocolate and vanilla both scoops and yes one with mango and strawberry’s scoops also [to sanskar] and sansakr whatever you wan to order for yourself you can

Sanskar: bhaiya…..just do 2 ice creams with vanilla and choco scoops in each and cancel the other one

Swara: arre why you cancelled that….i wanna have na

Sanskar: and if you want to have then have just one or else lets go back…..

Swara: no I will have two

They both started arguing and at last sanskar gave up

Sanskar: achhha ok bhaiya then give two cones with vanilla and choco and one with strawberry and mango

Shopkeeper smiled and gave them the three ice creams

Swara was enjoying both her ice cream and her mouth was also full of ice cream while sanskar was eating quietly and without any disturbances

Swara quickly finished her both the ice creams and hurried when she was at last and sanskar had just finished the first scoop and one was still left

She snatched his ice cream too from him and started eating

Sanskar: swaraaaa…

Swara: catch me if you can

She said and ran away and he ran behind her….she stopped in a park and stood at a place and continued eating her ice cream….sanskar reached there and held her from her waist

Sanskar: you are having so many ice creams just in a day…..and if you catch cold then??

Swara: sanskar I wont……and see I had only 2 ice creams

Sanskar: and you are having mine also

Swara: oh so you are feeling bad I am having yours…..u only said na what is urs is mine

Sanskar: I am not feeling bad that you are having mine but if you catch cold then I will be guilty for this…..for giving you 3 ice creams with two scoops each

Swara: sanskar….you don’t need to be guilty for anything because nothing is gonna happen to me….so don’t worry baby

Sanskar shook his head

Sanskar: lets go now

Swara: hmm

Swasan started walking together and were talking….


Swasan reached gm mansion and sanskar was opening the door of gm mansion with keys [they both had locked the house before going and took the keys not to disturb shemish]

Swara: sanskar

Sanskar turned and nodded

Swara hugged him tight

Swara: thank you

Sanskar hugged her even more tight and asked: for what jaan

Swara: for loving me so much

Sanskar: then toh I should be more thanks

Swara: hmm….so toh you must be

Sanskar chuckled and swara smiled and pecked his lips

This left him shocked

Swara hugged him

Swara: I love you

Sanskar: swara I have an idea

Swara: and whats that

Sanskar: lets sleep together tonight

Swara beated him playfully

Swara: shameless

Sanskar; just for you

He said falling on her [just like he fell on her on the day after swasan’s marriage….on swara’s first rasoi day when she was wearing saree for the first time that red saree]

But just like that she held him and pushed him inside



Swara woke up extending her hands up and saw sanskar beside her sleeping peacefully and snoring

Swara saw him in shock and started waking him up

Swara: sanskar sanskar wake up

Sanskar saw her voice shocked and woke up with a jerk

Sanskar; swara what happened is everything ok

Swara: sanskar how come you are here….and did we sleep together tonight

Sanskar [rubbing his eyes with hands]: hmmm tohh

Swara: what hmm toh…..we are not married yet mr. maheshwari

Sanskar: and miss gadodia we love each other and even our family is ready for our marriage

Swara: but still we aren’t married

Sanskar: arre its ok na we just slept together and don’t worry I didn’t do anything

Swara started beating him with pillow and started chasing him and he while running rushed to her washroom and locked the door

Swara [knocking the door]: sanskar come out and go to any other washroom because I want to get fresh here

Sanskar [from inside]: you can go in other washroom too jaan and if you don’t want to then I have no problem you can come inside with me

Swara: oh god…..this boy is just maddd

She said and went to her cupboard and took out a dress and went to the washroom of the guest room


Everyone was having bf on dinning table including sanskar and sumi

Swara was serving them and she only had made the food

Ap: swara the food is very nice

Swara: thank you mom

Ap: swara after your marriage I wont cook there you only cook…..because I liked this food so much that I will never eat any other’s food now

Dp: then toh swara beta….i think we should make you and sanskar marry soon

Swara blushed

Sanskar: y papa

Dp: because I want your mother to stop cooking because If I keep on eating her hand made food then I will become ill one day for sure

Ap threw daggers at him

Swara: dad that’s not fair….my mom cooks so well and you are saying this….[to ap] mom lets do one thing now you stop cooking and ask them to eat outside food so that they come to know the value of your hand made food

Ap: correct swara now I will have to do this only

Sanskar to dp: dad see na these both before my marriage only started and this much then what will be our condition after our marriage

Dp: I wonder my son…..

Ap and swara stared glaring dp and sanskar respectively while they both gulped and shemish bursted out laughing

Shekhar: hahahahah dp and sanskar I am with you

Swara: hawww papaaaa

Sumi: swara why are you worrying I am here na with you both

They all had a family time together….laughing,, giggling on silly talks,, teasing each other,, showing fake anger and many more things



Swasan were working in swara’s cabin with swara sitting on sanskar’s lap and sanskar holding her from her waist from one hand and guiding her to do something on computer with the other….

Sanskar kissed her earlobe in between

Swara: sanskar already you made me sit on ur lap and now u r starting romance too

Sanskar: jaan don’t disturb me

Swara hit him on his chest and got up from his lap and took a file in her hands

Swara: I am going to discuss this project with dad and papa you too come and join us as this project Is of MEHTA AND COMPANY and we need to focus on this project as its of 15 crores

Sanskar nodded and followed her and both went to the conference room where shekhar and dp here waiting for them

Shekhar and dp teased swasan a lot and also discussed the project



Hey guys hope you liked today’s episode…..this was a special bonanza for you all….next update will be before day before tomorrow…..hope you all enjoyed it

Love you guys do not forget to comment guys

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