Swara: oh god…..aaj phir naya task….sanskar ki pa ……..,I was better in that post but nooo……I will never join that post….let papa also know how much I used to work and how much his other workers will work

Shekhar [entering]: shonaa…….i am sorry bachha…….i didn’t say all that intentionally…….and I know very well that no one will work so hard and wholeheartedly as you do……sorry na shona


Shekhar: apne papa se bhi naraz????


Shekhar: shona yaad hai…..bachpan mai tum naraz hoti thi or mai tumhe chocolates lakar deta tha or tum cheenkar kha leti thi…..abhi bhi lau?? [remember shona in your childhood I used to bring chocolates for you whenever you used to be angry on me]

Swara started remembering her moments with shekhar but then she remembered shekhar’s scoldings she couldn’t control her tears and went away cryingly

Shekhar felt very bad and tears started coming out from his eyes suddenly his felt a strong hand on his shoulder he turned and saw sanskar

Seeing him shekhar started crying sanskar hugged him and consoled him ‘

Sanskar: shhh…..papa…..aapki galti nahi hai…..you haven’t done anything wrong……I will make swara realize that you have done all this to make both of us one…..dont worry…..and for that I am making swara my pa….i will start spending time with her and make her realize her love for me……….and after proposing her I will tell her the truth

Shekhar: thank you so much beta……you are doing so much for us

Sanskar: but I am angry on you

Shekhar: why

Sanskar: uncle what was the need to do this

Shekhar: you know what sanskar I thought that you will wait for her to realize the love but how much time……and that’s why I want you to make her fall in love and realie and I did….because I want to see my princess happy but the most happy she is with you so…

Sanskar: uncle you did so much just for me and swara……

He hugged shekhar

Sanskar: thank you so much uncle

Shekhar: chalo now let’s go down

They both went down and saw sumi making swara ready to eat food but she wasn’t agreeing

Sumi gestured sanskar

Sanskar: miss swara gadodia

Swara hitted her head and said: now what

Sanskar [fake anger]: is this the way to talk to your boss

Swara: sorry

Sanskar: have your breakfast

Swara: I don’t want to

Sanskar: you will have to you are not having any other option

Swara: nooo I wont let me also see what you will do

Sanskar: achha

Sanskar then took out his phone and started sending message to her “I WILL KISS YOU LIKE YESTERDAY ND THIS TIME IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY”

Swara read and was shocked….

Sanskar: so now have your food miss

Swara; noooo

Sanskar raised his eyebrows and swara gulped and sat down and had her bf

And took her car keys

Sanskar: why are you going in your car

Swara: because I cant travel 9kms by foot mr. bosssss

Sanskar: you would have said directly….anyways….you are coming with me in my car

Swara: now why so

Sanskar: because you are my pa

Swara: mr. I am your pa in office not here and secondly why will I come with you

Sanskar: miss don’t argue with your boss and come with me

Swara: I wont

Sanskar: ok then I will ki

Swara: I am coming with you……….

Sanskar smirked

Sanskar: ok then take the keys and sit In the car I will come in a min

Swara went and sanskar went to shekhaar and sumi

Sanskar: papa maa I want to tell something to you both

Sumi: tell na…..you don’t need any permission my son

Sanskar; maa…….voh……vooo…….mai….maine…..

Shekhar: kya voh voh maine

Sanskar: ma papa yesterday I kissed swara

He said in a go and looked at them

Sanskar:I know I shouldn’t have done this……but what to do…..she was seaing rubbish and I hd to stop her…….and in a way its not wrong also after all we both love each other….haa this is different that she hasn’t realized the love……..

He was saying all that seriously but saw shekhar and sumi laughing hard

Sanskar: maa papa ap has rhe ho…..i am serious

Sumi: and you blackmailed her that you will kiss her again if she doesn’t eats and comes with you

Sanskar: haa woh…..but one minute aren’t you angry on me

Shekhar; nooo…..we aren’t we are happy that you care for her so much that you told everything to us on your own…….

Sanskar: do u both trust me so much

Sumi: yes ofcourse …….how can someone not trust her son

Sanskar was teary eyed and hugged both of them

Shekhar: chalo now go your sweetheart might be waiting for you…..

Sanskar smiled and left

Sanskar [in mind]: princess bas 1 week then I will propose you because I know you will realise your love till then

He smiled and both left

Both entered sanskar’s cabin

Sanskar: get me a coffee swara

Swara: but you had food 15 mins ago only and if you have coffee your stomach will ache

Sanskar: whats bothering you

Swara: arre but you will feel uneasy and will be unwell

Sanskar: swara I think you love me……..because you are bothered with each and every thing of mine

Swara: what nonsense

Sanskar: swara as you are my pa you will have to follow some of my rules

Swara: what rules

Sanskar: calm down and listen

1:: you will do whatever I ask you to,, whenever,, wherever

2:: you will never deny me

3:: you will come to office with me daily and daily I will drop you

4:: you will have to eat your lunch bf and dinner on time

5:: you have to sit here in my cabin and work whatever I give you

6:: you have to give me coffee at the time I want to snack in evening and everyday you need to check the progress of the staff

Now that’s it if any other rule pops up in my mind I will tell you……..

Swara: and what if I don’t follow

Sanskar: oh then…..then let me show you

Sanskar got up from his chair and went towards her and held her by her waist

Swara: s a n s k arrr what are you doing

Sanskar: nothing telling you your punishment

He bited her neck very hard and sucked it

He then kissed her cheeks and then smashed her lips with his

Unknowingly swara also responded and sanskar smiled seeing his effect on her

They broke the kiss after sometime

Sanskar: so knew your punishment

Swara went from the cabin

Sanskar: jaan dekhna aaj raat tum mere bare mai hi sochogi……..or ho sakta hai tumhe realize hojaye [jaan the whole night you will tink about me for sure…..and it is possible that you might realize your love for me]

The whole day went like this and sanskar kissed swara 2 times more because of mistakes made by her


Hi guys I know it has been a long time…..but I was so bored that didn’t get any idea of further episodes and even I was alone at home as Aditya is still outside the city……..its been a week I haven’t met him….even now I am waiting for his call and typing this episode also…..hope you all liked It

Do comment guys…….

And I want many suggestions from you all

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