Hi guys here is the next episode
the episode starts with sanskar pacing around in his room
Sanskar:: why is swara behaving like that….there is something different in her behavior….why she thinks herself the cause of her dadu’s death…why is she feeling so insecure???

He slept after thinking about her strange behavior

Swara was serving breakfast to everyone when she by mistake broke the cup of tea near shekhar due to which his dress became dirty
Shekhar:: what is this swara …..can’t u see…why are u soo careless…..see now I will have to bath again….can’t do anything good
He said without realising and left to his room
Sanskar who was standing on the doorstep heard everything
Swara couldn’t control her tears and went to her room cryingly
Sanskar came inside and stood with sumi
Sanskar:: maa dont you think even papa os scolding her a lott since last 3 days without her mistake
Sumi:: haa beta I don’t know why is he doing this….he doesn’t realises what he says and just keeps on speaking …..i dont know how to handle shona now
Sanskar:: dont worry about her…she is my responsibility….but if papa will scold her this much then it will become difficult for me also to handle her…
Sumi:: we will have to do something….but till then you have to handle swara
Sanskar:: I will
Sumi smiler and sanskar left to swara’s room and saw her getting ready for office
Sanskar:: swara
But she ignored him and left out taking her purse and car keys
Sanskar went after her
She was driving the car rashly looking like she wanted to commit suicide…sanskar who was following her was becoming worried with each passing second
Finally swara stopped in the parking lot of the office
She cane out and sanskar sighed in relief but something made him shock …he saw blood oozing out from swara’s hands
He immediately got out of car and rushed to her and held her hands
Sanskar:: are u mad….can’t take care….why were you driving sooo fast….wanted to commit suicide or what
Swara::leave me
Sanskar:: never
Swara:: sanskar I said leave me
Sanskar pinned her to the wall
Sanskar:: not a word now
Swara was about to say something but he kisses her and shuts her mouth??
Swara stood there shocked while sanskar was kissing her showing all his anger and broke after five minutes
Sanskar:: not a word more
Swara was still in shock
Sanskar went and brought the first aid kit nd bandaged her hand…..he didn’t say anything and left
Swara came in senses and hurriedly went to her cabin

sanskar shekhar and dp were sitting and discussing a project when swara came and gave a letter to shekhar
Shekhar:: what’s this swara
Swara:: no response
Shekhar sighed and opened the letter and was shocked to read it
Shekhar:: swara what’s this
Swara:: this is my letter as I am leaving this city after a week and joining the Kolkata branch of our company
Sanskar:: whattttt……how come u took this decision alone
Swara didn’t say anything
Shekhar:: swara why are u resigning
Swara:: no no m not resigning m just shifting to other city branch as I don’t get respect here
Everyone were shocked by her answer…
Shekhar: swara
But swara went to her cabin
Shekhar [in mind]:: oh No…I did as this will make swara and sanskar come close but she is leaving the city…..ohhhh god…what have I done
Sanskar:: papa don’t worry I promise you she won’t leave this branch or this city
Shekhar:: but she is adamant
Sanskar:: its my responsibility….in this one week I will make her normal and I promise she won’t leave this city
Shekhar:: are u sure
Sanskar:: 100%sure papa dont worry

Sanskar was determined to make swara agree for not leaving the city
He went towards his cabin and thought what to do …… sanskar then got an idea and went to the room where all the staff is present
Swara was telling everyone that she is leaving and everyone were sad
Sanskar: why is everyone’s mood sad
Employee: sir swara mam is leaving
Sanskar: who said
Swara: I said
Sanskar: but u can’t
Swara: I can and I will
Sanskar: but it is the rule of office that no employee can leave the company before completion of 5 years of bond and there are 6 months left for your bond to expire
Swara: but i dont need any bond as I am daughter of the owner
Sanskar: oh then toh very good as owner’s daughter or son cant leave the company ever once he or she joins….so now u can never leave
Swara: nooooo…….no I am an employee 6 months is ok
Sanskar smirked and was about to leave
Swara: but I won’t be the manager as somebody here thinks i am not capable of that
She said looking toward shekhar
Shekhar felt bad
Sanskar: ohh….so do one thing down to ny cabin and I have a work for you
She followed sanskar…all the employees left to respective works and shekhar started crying and dp consoling him

swara: what work do you have for me
Sanskar: you are my PA from today
Swara: whattttt
Sanskar: why are u so shocked u either have to be the manager or my pa
Swara: but how can u decided that
Sanskar: I think u r forgetting that I only handle everything about employees here
Swara: but
Sanskar: u have only 2 options
Swara: ok…I am ready to be ur pa
Sanskar smirked

Sorry for the short one guys…I just wrote as I was getting bored….and thanks a lottt for all the blessing u all gave ??
Me and aditya both are sooo happy??

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    Amazing di…. Its superb…. Loved it

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    Wow Hemanshi it’s awesom sorry I didn’t comment last episode I just read now and it was superbbb

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    Awesome di
    Smart sanskar

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    Awesome di…Loved it…take care of ur health and also my niece/nephew

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    Awesome dear…. Continue soon

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  12. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Fabulous chappy di.. Omg,swasan first kiss, aww??..Sanky rocks,swara shocks??..Precap is exciting??.. Keep going di..

    Don’t give much stress yourself..If you write any part then write slowly and take time..Take care of yourself and my champ or princess.. Lots of love for both mumma and baby??.. Keep smiling??..

  13. Dharani

    awesome hemanshi sorry for not commenting in previous episodes i read them now only i was busy with my exams and congratulations to be mumma

  14. Mahavir

    diii…first of all congo for u and jiju…and this epi it was awesome awesome beyond the world and see na today is my xam eventhough i m reading ur ff…ok di keep going a takecare u urself and ya a light wala hug to u….love u di…

  15. Manasvi

    Congo hemanshi dii..
    I m very happy for you and jiju..
    May god bless with a very sweet cutie..
    Btw epi is amazing..
    Nd dont stress yourself.. Take care of yours..
    Aur baaki toh aap khud hi doctor ho.. Mai aur toh aapko kya instructiond dun???
    Take care..
    Love u dii..

  16. Zeestum2

    Sooooóooooooo sorry di actually i didn’t read this episode just saw it it was too good and i want next episode soon after all its swasan romance na ???? ??? i loved sanskaar’s care for swara when she got hurt missing them a lot ❤❤❤❤

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    Hemanshiiiii diii,,, Kya khaya jaa raha hai ajj kal? huhh u become too smart like Sanskar.. !! awww my SwaSan.. !! eagerly waiting for u n my Golu/Angel… don’t think that i will demand about next part.. !!! TC dii.. love u dher sara.. stay blessed… !!
    ready to bear any kind of punishment from u for being soo late.. !! *peak in ur cheek.. !!
    Thnk u… ;-*

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