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Episode 1


Swarra Pov
That idiot donfee because of that stupid I was not able to watch tei huh kunj was about to propose but that idiot donfee change the channel would have taken remote from his hand but Aunty came my bad luck but he was mking faces donfee what does he think about himself I think he sbould be in mad house in Ranchi no no no In Agra idiot ?
My chain of thoughts were broken by tannu who was asking to teach her a math sum oh I forget to tell u I love math u know in the whole world after my family and frnd I only love math sunday and dairy milk My frnd use to tell me that I am not from earth because like other girls I was leastintrested in love and most imporrantly I llve math and I don’t like pani puri oh they use to teaze me as alien ? heheha oh I will tell u later first let me do that sum If I will not do na tannu will eat my brain
Swara pov ends

Sanskaar Pov
After I leave from there I came here and start studying but my mind was just thinking of Swara I started to dream about our future ? hehaha I know I am lil bit fast but someone has said if want that im future first u have to dreamt about that so I was doing so just than kamla kaki comes and told me to come for dinner so I moved out when I reached at dining area it looks all were waiting for me so I sat than was taking water as I was thristy badi ma ask me where I was they were waiting for me I told them nothing than started to drink water suddenly tannu told ma I think bhai was dreaming about his lady love that’s why he was lost. it was like a bomb I split out. water and started coughing than badi maa give me water and start pating my back I was coughing and when I became normal I look up Swara was completely drenched what happened to her I think but suddenly something strike my mind I was trying hard to not laugh but nature is nature I brust out in laughing Tannu to joined me we were laughing like hell and she was glaring us like she is gonna kill us I was thinking I am gone today but to my suprise she runs upstair.

Swara POV
We were studying when I heard aunty calling us from dinner I went down and silently sit for dinner truthly speaking I was. too much hungry I wanted to eat but all were not eating how can I start kts nkt our manner I thjnk they were waiting for someone
Oh how can I forget obviously they were waiting for that donffe omg .
Soon he came and sat for dinner I also started to have dinner just than Aunty ask him where he was she was calling for him he replied nothing just than Tannu said probably he would be dreaming of his girlfriend before I could laugh ? he split out water on me and was coughing after sometime when he stop coughing he looks at me I was staring him with blood shotted eye ? I noticed he was trying to supress his laugh but than brust out in laughing Tannu was too laughing at me honestly speaking I want to kill him that time but than supress my anger and runs from thier. I was cursing him donkey monkey idiot stupid and etc after my cursing I noticed I was fully drenched and I have no cloth and tannu cloth doesn’t fit me than I go down and tell aunty aunty gave me keys of my house and told me to go to my house and change my cloth
And odered tannu to accompany me we started to go but than time was 10pm and no one was on road but don’t know why all bad thought started to come in thought all the scary films came into my mind how ghost kill thier pray and drink blood literally I was sweating and singing hanuman chalisa

I was hell scared same with tannu we were holding each other. it was looking like someone was following us just than bhoom I opened my door and we go inside we were holding each other like we were going to die in some time tannu and when we opened our rom door something fell down and I and tannu started screaming after sometime we calm down and switch on the light and i quickly take my cloths and started to leave but suddenly light got off Tannu screms and run from thier I was hell scared that I was not able to move I freezes ,just than I sees something and it was coming towards me omg I have see in many films that when ghost come lught automatically got off ???? i closed my eyes in fear and my legs were getting weak I was able to hear foot sound coming towards me I was shaking and I was murmuring hanuman chalisa ughh anhh anhh pls save me ? just than he tapped my soldier this was it I started to scream ?? my hearts was at the speed of bullet train god save me and this was I started to cry ?? oh just than I hear some familiar sound so I opened my eyes
Swara : aaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? bhoot.

How was the chappy actually this was not today topic but at evening me and my cousions were were talking about ghost so this Idea came in my mind oh god the feeling which swara was having I am having now hpefully see u tomorow
and ha this is link of my first os if anybody want can read this http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-heaven-soldier-love-story/
and pls don’t curse me after reading ok let it be first tell me if u have any problem with story line because someone in previous epi has said she didn’t like it I am happy she shared her feeling so that I can improve so pls tell me about my mistake someone great personality has said that we learn from our mistake so do tell me and guyz I am chotu sa baccha givë me ädvice also pls ok now bye

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