Hi guyz less has commented pls tell me if it is boring I will stop writting
So no more bak bak coming to the story

Third person POV
AFTER Swara left the he guy who was studying ask Tannu about Swara she tells him that she is her frnd

Swara pov
After i left Mm I had slept it was my beauty sleep? but it was disturbed by papa call when I picked it papa was told me that he will not able to come today night as he is going somewhere I shoul go to Annu aunty house and sleep today there only I accepted that I was use to live alone but not in night I have never be alone in Night than I see the clock it was 5 pm and it was winter time sO I THOUGHT to go to the aunty house with my book so I can revise so I locked my house and move towards aunty house there I saw a boy playing with some kids than I remembered he is the same boy whom I saw in tannu house he is playing cricket with some kids he is looking too cute his big hazel eyes but som pain is there what am I saying Swara control your emotion thinking this I moved towards Mm

After i reached there annu unty welcomed me and told that my mumma has informed her asked me to be comfortable i smiled and than goes towards Tannu room After I entered there I saw her watching tashan e ishk I too joined her ……………. oh my god kunj was going to propose Twinkle………Arghh ?? who the hell has changed channel I will kill him ?? than I saw the same boy has changed the channel and was watching kabbadi tannu was asking him for remote but he was egnoring her and whe tannu tried to snatch it he is use his giraffe hieght .?? arggh finally I shouted and ask him for remote while he extended his hand but he moves his hand back when I was about to hold it . make face like donkey ? I stamped my legs on his legs saying him donffe(giraffe+donkey) he winces in pain and bends his hands to hold his legs than i tired to take remote but my bad luck aunty came and asked us to study and off the TV I give him a death glare and moved out while he was showing me his tongue ?donffe i murmerd and move out and than. and go for study
Third person pov
After Swara left the room the boy switch off the tv and was thinking something
Boy Pov
Oh this girl is so cute her cute antics omg I just love her ??
Oh stop what did I said I am in love yes I am in love sanskaar maheswari is in love oh stop first let me introduce myself I AM sanskaar, Sanskasr maheswari I am living with my badi ma and bade papa for further study as I don’t want to be in hostel so I came here and morever badi ma and bade pa love me like thier own son so I ws happy seeing thier care.

my brother has came here once for holidays he use talk about many things here He use to say about Swara also he was she is so sweet and cute but I have not seen any photo of Swara because he haven’t taken I first saw her today itself when she came for keys I have as lost in her beauty she was looking so cute it was love at first sight .my thought was broked when I saw tannu coming and hugging her and they talked for sometime and she leaves all the time I was staring her face her big hazel eyes silky hair some on face she was looking like an angel after she left I asked tannu about Swara she told that she is her frnd Swara and she leaves
After that I saw her near garden I was playing there with some kids she came there and I saw her she was going towards my house and she had book in her hand but my thoughts were broked by some children who were shouting to play so I start playing but I was seeing her from corner of my eyes so that se can’t notice i saw her she was staring me and continuously thinking something and after sometime she goes

After sometime when I came home I got to know she will stay there tonight and than I saw her she was watching tv with tannu she was watching and praising that hero she was saying that she loves him I got irrked or u can say jealous so I changed the channel but when I changed the channel I saw her yelling at the person who changed it than she saw me and stopped here tannu was asking for remote I was not giving sobtannu tired to snatch it but bent my hand up so that tannu can’t reach there but she finally asked me to give remote but seeing her asking like that I forwarded my hand but take it back thinking that if I will give her now she will again praise that so I take it back but when I take it back she was really irritated so for irritating her more I make faces but than she stamped my legs and try to take remote as i bend she tried to take but badima came asked us to study .I make my tongue out to tease her and she left from ther giving death glare and murmuring donffe oh it is a new bad word or wat i thinked ? and I too leave to my room
***************************************************************************finally its over thingh god I a,m writting it like an owl. at 12 now bye and guyz plz comment and if u don’t like it I will stop writing

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