Swara : ghost aaaaaaäää ?
Person : shhh I am not ghost
He remove his mask
Swara : donffe ?
Sanskaar : what ?

Swara : u idiot how dare u to do that ?
By saying this started to cry and her body was shaking due to fear she was so much frigtened ?
Sanskaar : heyy stop crying sshh pls stop crying pls I was just teasing u ?
Swara : this is way to tease other U know how much I was frightened she says this while crying this was it for sanskaar he hugged her and try to console her but she pushed him and says ?
Swara: stay away u donffe?
Sanskaar : sorry I didn’t mean to hurt u I was just joking pls forgive me ?
Swara : its k ?
Sanskaar : frnds ?
Swara. : no first let me out
Sanskaar : come

Swara : btw what is your name donffe
Sanskaar : what my name is sanskaar u can call me sanky btw tell me what is donffe
Swara: oh sanskaar and donffe means…………… Lets go inside aunty will be waiting
By saying this Swara went inside sanskaar was happy atlast they became frnds (really they became frnds ?)
Sanskaar side
He was sitting on table and thinking
Sanskaar : when i saw swara going towards her house I started following her I can see that she was scared than only a naughty idea came in my mind and started following her when she reaches there I also get in when she goes upstair I off the light from main switch and wear a mask and goes towards her room by seeing me tannu ran from there and here swara was standing I literally goes towards her she was really scared and she closed her eyes and was singing hauman chalisa I was controlling my self not to laugh than I touched her sholdier by this she started crying I wasn’t able to see this I was joking but she was literally scared She opened her eyes by seeing my face oh I forget to take off my mask she was shouting ghost I immediately put off my mask she sees me and started to cry I tried to hug her she pushed me oh this girl than I ask her sorry first she Isn’t ready for forgiving but later forgived I aked her friends she replied yeess omg that time I was at cloud nine I want to laugh jump and hug her but controlled my emotion but when I asked her meaning of donffe she ran from there
Know I am wandering the meaning of donffe u know pls let me
Pov ends
Sanskaar phone rings he lifts the phone
Sanskaar : hello
Other person : hi
Sanskaar : laksh bhai (yess another person is laksh)
Lajsh : yes mere bhai how are u how is tannu badi maa and others
Sanskaar : everyone is fit and fine.

Laksh : I think u have forgotten me
Sanskaar : nothing like that bhai I was just busy somewhere
Laksh : ok tell me what is the girl name
Sanskaar : bhai who what r u saying I don’t love anyone ok
Laksh : when I say u love her
Sanskaar : bhai her name is Swara
Laksh : swara u love her
Sanskaaar : yes bhai
Laksh : sanskaar u know na she is like my sis I can kill u for saying that ok she is not this type of girl kk
Sanskaar : bhai I know and u too know I am also not that type of boy she is first girl whom I have given attention
Laksh : ok mere bhai so tell me about your love story
Sanskaar : bhai it was love at first sight he tells her everything
Laksh : she easily got reddy to be your frnd I think something is fishy
Sanskaar : bhai nothing like that i know she has also fallen in love with me don’t underestimate me
Laksh : but
Sanskaar (interrupts) :no if and but ok first tell me about my bhabi u proposed her what does she said
Laksh : heyy sanky I have no guts to see her and u r asking to propose ?
Sanskaar : bhai u r na leave it atleast ask her to be your frnd
Lucky ? : I will try but if she refuses ?? ok leave it ? u know I have a suprise for u, u will get it tommorrow morning
Sanskaar :, what is the suprise bhai I can’t wait tell me na
Laksh : have some paitence ok talk to u later
Sanky ; bye good night and have dreams of my bhabi ?
Laksh : sankyy

Sanky : bye hehee
He cuts the call and go to sleep but sleep was far away he was continuously thinking of Swara
Swara entered the room she was looking at Tannu with blood shotted eyes
Tannu: swara wo that wo that
Swara : what wo that with an evil smile
Tannu : leave that na past is past let’s see the present

Swara ? : yes tannu by saying this she started to beat her after sometime she stops when she was tired
Tannu : sorry swara but tell me one thing
Swara : what
Tannu : who was the ghost
Swara : your so called cousion
Tannu ? : what when he died ? ?? Oh noo it means we r leaving with ghost ?? goddd ?I have to tell mumma
Swara ? : tannu sometime use your brain god has given u too use it
Tannu ? : swara what r u telling ghost is living with us and u r asking for using my brain ha
Swara : tanuuu
Tannu interrupts : swara talk to u later first lett me tell mumma
Swara : ligsten first
Tannu : u think this is time for ligstening she was about
Swara ? screams : tanuu ligsten first she tells her everything
Tannu : omg swara I will not leave sanskaar bhai but first hug him omg he made swara gadodia scared omg by saying this sbe start laughing ??
Swara?: tannu its enough
Tannu ? hehaha I can’t stop it yaar hehaa
Swara ? : tanuu stop or I will kill u
Tannu (cantrolling her laugh) : okk madem but one thing swara u never spare anyone like this but now u make him your frnd isn’t it weired
Swara was lookin her with ? expression
Tannu : have u fallen in love with my bhai ha swara
Swara : tannu shut up or I will tape your moth
Tannu ?? : okk
Swara : tannu tell me about him his likes and dislikes
Tannu :omg from where the moon has rise today
She goes towards the window and looks the mon
Tannu : moon has rise in same direction ohh now I understand it is an dream yeah becuse Swara asking about boy like and dislike impossible some one pinch me
Swara comes and pinch her hard making her scream ?
Tannu : swaraaa
Swara with evil smile ? : u only asked me
Tannu : if I will ask u to kill me u will kill me ?
Swara : I ? think yes ?
Tanuu : swaraa u r so bad ?
Swara : stop ur drama tell. Me what I am sking
Tannu tells her everyrhing
Tannu : love is in airr ?
Swara ; ya I also think so nikhil ?
Tannu : swaraaa I will kill u stop it ok he is only my frnd ?
Swara : when did I say that u love him I was just saying his name
Tannu : I know u swara so stop
Swara : I wamt to tell u that I love eaxh other ? he propose me (swara was controlling her laugh)
Tannu : ? really swara
Swara :yess he proposed me ?
Tannu with a sad smile : u r lucky swara many girls like him
This was it for swara she started laughing holding her stomach hehe ??
Swara : ? tannu look at your face haa I was joking yaar he disn’t proposed me nor I love him hehea wo today I read your diary by mistake there I saw his name so started reading further ? and u haha but jokes apart tell me one thing if he really propose me than ?
Tannu I will kill him ? and u too
Swara : now I see something different what was it
Tannu : swara u know na after my family The person whom I loved the most is u, u r mot only my bst frnd u r my sii or more than that if it happen I will leave him
Swara (with teary eyes) : I love u tannu
Saying this she she hugs her
Tannu : i love u too
Swara : ohho stop this emotional drama I am not in mood to this
Tannu :, what is your mood swara what r u thi nking ha
Swara ? : nothing
Tannu : I know u well u r cooking so. Mething in your mind
Swara : no noo
Swara : tell me oh stop what r u gonna do with bhai swara don’t do anything wrong ok
Swara : oh stop giving me lecture I know what I am gonna do
By saying this she smirks evily ?

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