Swasan : I love you Swara (Character sketch)

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Gadodiya family

Parvati Gadodiya : Parvati Gadodia is a traditional woman. She is a strict disciplinarian. She has brought up Ragini with lot of care after her mother passed and pamperd her too, but ensured the culture and traditional values are instilled in her. She holds all her responsibilities strongly and is a strong pillar in Gadodia family. Hates sharmistha and Swara very much…..

Shekhar Gadodiya : Shekhar Gadodia is a calm and a composed person. He is the father of Ragini. He has treated his daughter like a princess. But now regrets for it….. Misses sharmistha and Swara…..

Ragini Gadodiya : She is shekhar’s daughter. A very shy girl, quiet with preserved nature but filled with values and is the most caring character. She is much opposite to swara in many things. She is very obedient towards her dadi ma and respects her a lot but when it comes to choosing right, she do stand with the right without opposing her dadi ma.

Bose family

Shobha Bose : Shobha Bose is Swara’s maternal grandmother. She is a very lively person at the same time emotional too. At one point in time she shared great friendship with Parvati Gadodia. The two families are undergoing a rough patch in their relation.

Sharmistha Bose : Sharmishtha is the daughter of Shobha Bose and mother of Swara….. During young age she fell in love with Shekhar but unfortunately the two couldn’t marry as the families went against. Ex wife of Arvind raizada

Swara Bose : Swara, a girl of the modern world, A girl whom loves to live life to the fullest, A girl whom is full of positive vibe, a girl whom believes in standing up for what is right. She is one whom is almost like a carefree bird! A bird whom loves the great adventure! She being modern yet with-holds all the traditional family values and adores her family to the fullest.

Raizada family

Devayani raizada
Eldest personality of raizada parivaar dida ki behan, she has 2 son’s aravind and manohar..
Late Aravind raizada
Eldest son of devayani raizada, but died in a plane accident has 3 sons and a daughter and a step daughter (swara)
Late Navya raizada
Second Wife of aravind raizada, died in a plane accident
Manohar raizada
Youngest son of devayani
Manorama raizada
Wife of manohar raizada
Arnav singh raizada
Eldest son of aravind, very ruthless personality to the outer world but very caring and possessive about his family especially for anjali and Swara
Arjun singh raizada
Second son of aravind raizada, love his family very much and assisting arnav in business
Akash sing raizada
Only son of manohar raizada, respect arnav very much, assisting arnav in business
Anjali raizada
Daughter of aravind very cute and loveble character
Khushi raizada
Wife of arnav
Payal raizada
Sister of khushi and wife of akash
Aditya singh raizada
Youngest son of aravind, he is also like arnav very ruthless to the outer world and highly possessive about Swara and anjali…

Sharmistha children


Navya children


Maheshwari family

Durgaprasad Maheshwari : Durgaprasad Maheswari is a rich and snob person. His social staus matters to him a lot, and he ensures his family follows his rules. He is the father of Adarsh and Laksh……

Annapurna Maheshwari : Annapurna Maheshwari
Wife of durgaprasad and lakshya”s mother. A very sweet lady and a perfect example of a Indian wife. Unable to protest her husband she always have to suffer a lot and choose btw his sons and her husband.

Adarsh Maheshwari : Elder son of durgaprasad and also the elsdest son of maheshwari mansion.

Parineeta Maheshwari : Wife of adarsh…..

Laksh Maheshwari : He is a person with impulsive nature….. He gets what he wants…. Pampered son of dp and ap…….

Ram Prasad Maheshwari : Sanskar”s father and durgaprasad”s younger brother.

Sujata Maheshwari : Sanskar’s mother…. A comic character but changed after an incident… Wants Swara to come back in Sanskar’s life…. So that sanskar will become like before….

Sanskar Maheshwari : Arrogant rude egoistic….. OK I can’t say anything more about him as I love him so imagine him as after 6 months leap in swaragini…. He never talks with anyone and also lock himself in his room…..

Uttara Maheshwari : A fun loving bubbly personality….. Misses her Swara bhabhi very much…..

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