Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 9)


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Chapter 9

“I am so proud of you.” Said Swara pecking his lips.

He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer and started to move his nose on her cheek sensously..

“Glad to know.” He said and pecked her slightly.. she was loosing her control and gripping his shoulder more.

“Sanskar i dont understand anything why you thought so? You know what will happen if will take Karma industries?” She asked innocently.

Sanskar gave her a look.

Swara: What dont stare me like this? I know nothing business.

Sanskar: not only business but also of revenge Mrs. Maheshwari.

Swara: yeah whatever (she said and came out of his grip).

Sanskar held her from wrist and back hugged her but she didnt move.

Sanskar: Swara..

Swara: Sanskar it makes me feel bad ???… am i doing something wrong? You know revenge and all but i cant let them go that easily.. (saying this she break down).

Sanskar: No nothing is wrong. It is high time they should understand and stop there stupid acts. If today we will forgive them and leave them without any lesson what you think will they not repeat the same?

Swara just nodded understandingly and pressed her hand on his which was placed on her waist.

Sanskar: And moreover wifey.. it is not karma anymore it is changed into SS industries.. and it is important because before taking some steps we have to make our roots strong.. and now stop questioning me yaar. I have important work to do..(said naughitly)

Swara: Which important work? (Asked innocently)

Sanskar: completing Uttara’s wish of Sanskar ki bachi.. ab Sanskar ki bachi ke liye Asanskari kaam to karne padenge na( he said with a smirk and placed his head in her crook of neck kissing there.)

Swara became red listening to this and pushed him..

Swara: you are still not completly fine. Go and rest.. (she said sternly hiding her blush).

Sanskar: kya bhagwan.. aisi unromantic biwi mujhe hi milni thi..
(He said complaining).

Swara: Sanskarrrr….

Sanskar: fine going.. (he made a grumpy face and started moving towards bed.).

Swara saw him and lightly pecked on his cheek, he smiled and layed down.

After some time they had their dinner together, RamTa and Uttara left to MM so that no one can get doubt on them…

Next day

After giving a proper instruction to Sanskar and sigining the important papers.. Swara left to MM.

While leaving Sanskar behind all sad.
He called someone and asked the man to make arrangements of Swara’s secretary.

As soon as he cut the call.. his eyes were filled with tears..

How much ever he denies but the fact is that he still care for his so called family and it hurts to think about revenge for them… this is the difference between the souls of the people some are good and some bad..

In MM.

Swara reached the mansion

Although RamTa told them that Swara left to her friend’s place as she wanted to stay alone and accept the reality..
But still everyone looked tensed and was waiting for her.

As soon as they saw her coming..
Ragini started to move towards Swara.. she showed her hand and asked her to move back.

Swara went straight to Dp and gave some papers to him without saying anything.. dp looked shocked at her behaviour but he took the paper and started reading it and then the floor swipes below his feet while everyone looked confused at them except RamTa and Uttara.

Without giving any answer to anyone she started to move upstairs.

Laksh went towards dp and took the papers from his hand and was equally shocked.

Laksh: Swara Stop.

She stopped and smirked listening him.

Swara: Yes. Mr. Laksh Maheshwari.

Laksh: What are these? How can you do this? Sanskar bhai himself give these property to papa and you cant take it away.

Swara: Kaunsa Bhai laksh the one whom you tried to kill?? Then let me remind you I am his wife and have full rights on his property i can take anything which is mine.

Ragini: How could you Swara? Instead of finding Sanskar you are doing all these? Is this your love for him?

Said ragini coming forward.

Swara became angry on listening this, how can she doubt on her love.

She without thinking anything slapped her hard such that she stumbles backwards.

Laksh held her.

Swara: Dare you question again about my love for him..

Laksh: you dont have any right to slap her.

Swara: even i dont want to slap her you know my hand stinks afterwards.
(She said with a attitude.. everyone was looking at her in shock)..

DP: swara what happened to you. I know what laksh did was wrong but we are family beta.

Swara: Family?? Like seriously.. we are not family. You have sheltered a person who tried to kill my husband and now no one of you is any one for me. NO ONE. You are just the people who are supporting the murderer of my husband.

Laksh sat down on his kness..

Laksh: I am sorry Swara. I am very sorry. I didnt do it intentionally.. (he said weeping while Ragini to have tears in her eyes).

Swara: Stop your drama. I dont have time for all this.

Laksh: please swara. Forgive me. If you want i am ready to confess everything to police.

Ragini: Laksh No.

Swara: This is not your punishment Mr. Laksh Maheshwari.. the pain you gave me and my family( pointing towards RamTa and uttara) you have to pay back with interest.

Ragini: Swara( she looked shocked) you cant do this.. remember we are SwaraGini right? I am your sister..

Swara pushed her back.

Swara: we are not sisters how can i make you understand.. there is no SwaraGini… it was always Ragini.. bt now not anymore.

Ragini: you are doing the same mistake swara.. it will only give you pain like it gave to me.

Swara: Stop it right here.. What you did and what I am doing it far different… do you know how?

Well let me tell me..

First, I am not like you.. a backstabber. Jo bhi main karongi danke ki chot pe krongii.. not on your back.. so u will have all the chances to save yourself.

Second, I know my limits unlike you.

Third, punishing a culprit is not bad you know..

Laksh: but swara do you think Sanskar bhai ki atma yeh sab dekh ke khush hogi..

Swara’s eye became red in anger as soon as his words gets registered in her mind..

She held him from collar and slapped him hard across the face leaving marks.

Swara: Mera Sanskar zinda hai.. samaj aya tumhe.. agli baar yeh bola na firse i will kill you without thinking anything..

Saying this she again slapped him hard..

She was again going to slap him but Uttara held her hand and take her upstairs..

Uttara: Bhabhi please dont react.. pleasee..

Swara: how can i uttara? Didnt you listen what rubbish he was talking..
(she said breaking down).

Uttara: Bhabhi please you know the truth right… we have not to fall weak, we have to get the justice..

Swara nodded and left to the room with her.

While in the hall

Everyone was shocked seeing Swara like this but RamTa was proud on her..
While laksh was crying and ragini placed her hand on his shoulder…

She caressed his lightly and then managed to take her with him to their room..

“Sat Shri Akal” came a voice from the entrace and all looked towards him while a man with a turban and beard was standing there folding his hands in the order of greeting.


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