Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 8)

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Chapter 8

Swasan room

Sanskar broke the hug and smiled at her and placed a genlte kiss on her forhead, she smiled at him.

Swara: Sanskar go get fresh…

Sanskar: okay.

Swara helped him to move to the washroom… and then went down in the kitchen started to prepare the evening snacks and tea still lost in her own thoughts…

She came back when she heard him calling for her.

She worriedly ran towards the room and was lost seeing him standing only in his trousers and trying to pull the wear the t-shirt but it was causing problem because of his hand…

He hissed in pain and she came back to reality and mentally slapped herself for thinking this.

She moved forward and grabbed the shirt from him and slowly tried to make him wear keeping in mind about his hand and injuries..
All the while he was looking at her lovingly.. she felt his intense gaze on her and blushed a little.. but continued doing her work..

As soon as she was done.. he grabbed her from waist with another hand and nuzzled his face in her neck leaving his hot breathe making her shiver feeling it..

He bit her skin making her moan in pain and pleasure..

He was placing wet kisses on her neck, shoulder and throat making her feel weak in her knees, she held his shoulder for the support..

“Sanskar.. Swara…” came the voice of Sujata from the hall.. They immediately left each other..

“You wait. I will bring snacks..” said swara avoiding his gaze and trying to move back..

He held her hand and stopped her.

Sanskar: Whats wrong?(sensing her behaviour weird)

Swara: nothing sanskar come lets go..
(She said faking a smile).

Sanskar: Pleasee Swara.. does it still hurt you to see them like that?? I promise we wont do anything if you are not fine with it? (He said concerned trying to cup her face).

Swara: (tears skipped down her eyes): its not about anyone… its about me Sanskar… I dont deserve you.. (she said lowering her eyes while he was shocked) i dont.. i never was a good wife. I always took our relation for granted never cared for your feelings.. but believe me Sanskar i wont do anything more… after everything got settled i will leave everyone.. will never show my face.. pakka.. you will not have to bear more because of me.. (she said crying badly and hicupping while he was shocked seeing her condition then he registered tht she is thinking to ‘leave’ him.. his eyes went red in anger).
I will leave you.. so u can move on.. Sanskar.. you

She was cut off in middle as he angrily turned her and pushed her towards wall blocking her way.. it happened in a swift moment tht she didnt get time to realise..

Before she can come to senses… he smashed his lips on her’s angrily.. he was kissing her hardly showing how much her words hurted him..
His hand reached down her waist massaging it roughly.. he bit her upper lip making it bleed and did the same with the lower one and sucked the blood later..

She came back into senses when he bit her.. she tried to respond but he didnt let her to and increased his intensity…

He pushed his tongue between her lips forcing her to open her mouth and he instantly slipped his inside her mouth devouring each corner of her mouth and sucking her tongue agressively.. she started to get out of breathe but he didnt left her instead was increasing his speed.

Her hands went in his hairs and back and started rubbing it trying to calm him down..

He finally after some time started to calm down and kissed her gently and departed..

He joined his forhead with her’s.

Sanskar: Dare you think of leaving me, again. Results will be more harsh.. (said while rubbing her swollen lips with his thumb). And before sometime you were making me understand right? And now where did your senses go… ??
Dumb Head.. (she widened her eyes listening it)..
Dont give the expresssions.. you are.

He cupped his face..

Sanskar: Swara.. you are the best thing ever happened to me.. what more you wanted to do haan?? You accepted me even after what all I did to you and gave me a chance.. you never left my side and supported me when ragini faked allegations against me.. you were the one who was with me when my family was against me and supported me..
And you said you took our relation for granted.. but what do you think the relation of husband and wife have any rules and all.. you were , are and will always be with me..
I always just expected love from you and you always gave me..
When i slapped you unintentionally but still when you got to know about my accident you came running… and today also for me u brake all the relations without thinking again..
What do you think I will move on? How can I when i will be having a loving, caring, beautiful wife with me.. and if you still want me to move on and leave me then i promise you that.. that day will be the last day of Sanskar.. last breathes.. bcz sanskar is always incomplete without her swara.. (he said.. tears rolled down her eyes.. she nodded and then she immediately placed her lips on his.. this time the kiss was genlte one pouring all the love for each other..)

They parted away..

Swara: I love you sanskar and please never talk about death again.

Sanskar: i love you more and as long as you are with me.. it will never happen…( he said tightening the grip on her)..

“ahem ahem” uttara cleared throat from behind making them come back from their land.. and they parted away and saw uttara standing with a teasing smile.

Uttara: mujhe koi shaunk nhi hai kabab mein hadi ban ne ka but mom called you so…

Swasan nodded and uttara was about to leave the place when she turned around..

Uttara: Bhabhi apply some dark color lip shade.

Swara looked confused with her and sanskar uninterested..

Sanskar:(in mind): girls and their make up…

Uttara: woh actually you know na.. it will help you otherwise what you will say to mom that a big 5.8″ mosquitoe bite you.. (she said with a wink and left making swara red like a tomato while sanskar scratched the back of his neck understanding her words).

Sanskar: uttara ki bachi ruk tu..

Uttara: correction bhai.. uttara ki nhi Sanskae ki bachi ka tym hai. ( she said sticking out her tongue to him and ran away)..

While swara also left the place while blushing making sanskar to smile brightly…

In the hall..

Dida returned and was sitting with Ramta chit chatting when uttara came running to themm..

After some time SwaSan to came while Swara was helping him to walk and made him sit beside her.

After 30 minutes..

Sanskar: I think we should start with the plan now.

Everyone else nodded.

Sujata: but first we need money to do anything.. we need to open a business.

Sanskar: No need maa.. we will get our karma back..

Everyone look shocked..

Sanskar: i know i have made it collaborated with the maheshwari’s but i have kept a clause that if someday i went missing then my wife have full right to take the company back as deep down i was still thinking of all the things and i was not sure about them..
And moreover starting a new company and making it stable needs time.. and i dont want to waste my time for stupid people.. i want to wrap this up soon so tht i can live happily with my family then..

Everyone looked at him with wide open eyes when uttara suddenly jumped on him..

Uttara: Bhai you are the best.
RamTa and Dida also praised him and he looked at Swara and she blinked at her and had a proud smile on her face…

He felt very happy..

Sanskar: but you all have to pretend i am not found or lost for atleast 3 months.. and i will make the papers ready soon so tht swara can took over it..

Swara:(hesitating): Sanskar me.?? I dont know i think dad should.. u know i dnt knw abt it.

Sanskar: not dad Swara… bcz dad will work in Maheshwari industries and we have to plan there too and about you dont worry.. i will help you and will also appoint my most trustworthy person as your secretary but tht person have to stay with you all at MM as I will be updated every second then…

Everyone nodded and praised and started to think of the plan and then dispered into respective rooms.

Sanskar was talking on phone with someone making arrangements while Swara was seeing him lovingly..

He cut the call and turned towards him..

Swara came forward and snaked her arms around his neck..

Swara: I am proud of you.. (saying this she pecked his lips)..

Precap: Swara slapping Laksh?

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