Swasan- His Love Her Strength (chapter 32 and 33)

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Chapter 32

Swara was standing outside ICU of a well known hospital of Mumbai and her eyes were teary but expressions were blank.

Ansh came from behind and placed his hand on her shoulders.

Ansh: Do you want to meet him, Swara?

Swara came out of her trance and looked at him and nodded in NO and started to move out.

She without saying a word came and sat in the car and Ansh sat on the driver’s seat and started to drive, soon they both reached the house.

Sanskar was following them from the morning unknown to them.
As soon as they left the place, Sanskar came and stood near the ICU door.
He peeped inside and was shocked to see ‘Shekar’ lying on the bed connected with different wires and bandages on his head and arms.

A pang of guilt passed through his heart seeing him in this condition and he started to blame himself. Hell..!! He wanted to punish them but not on the stake of their lifes. His thoughts travelled to Swara, how is he going to face her? Whatever it is, this man lying here is her father, may be she will also blame him and go away from him.. but noo he cant let her go away. Thinking all this he left towards the house to handle his Swara.

He reached there and saw Ansh trying to talk to her.

Ansh: Swaraa.. say something?
(She was still with blank expressions, seeing her like this both Ansh and Sanskar’s heart hurts.)

Swara turned towards him.

Swara: Bhai. (Saying this she hugged her and started to cry).

Ansh hugged her back and patted her back.

Swara: Why is this happening to me? Why? Why cant he go away once? Why it still makes me feel bad seeing him this condition? Why bhai? He never gave me love of a father. I always craved for his love when he came to know about me, he still not accepted me but I was fool and stubborn myself to make him my father. Later in every situation, he chose Ragini over me. I know I should not be but I am jealoused. Very much. I still loved him and gave him every right over my life and always followed his decisions and took the blames still forgave him. But he always discriminated between us. For him, I was never his daughter. Just a human whom he have to accept unwillingly, but I thought he too loved me. (saying this she started to cry more).
When Laksh left Ragini, he asked me to break all my ties with Sanskar on the day of our marriage and when Laksh almost killed Sanskar, he asked me to forgive them and adjust. Seriously..?? Am I that bad to not get father’s love.???

Saying this she slid down and started to cry sitting on her knees, whatever the situation and conditions is Parents love and specially father’s love for a girl is nothing less than most precious feeling. She always wanted to be just his father’s princess.

Swara never got the love of her father, maybe she never said but inside it hurts her alot. Ansh too had tears in his eyes, he can easily relate his situation with her’s. He from the very little age was craving from the love of both his parents. But now his sister is his first priority.

He remember, how they started a NGO few days back to help people from the evils of the society. Their they got to know a person tried to jump from the bridge and was admitted in the hospital. Ansh came to him and he was unaware who is that person and shifted him in Mumbai, when he told this to Swara. She gave him a hurtful expressions knowing about the person and told him that he is none other than her so called father but she stopped him from telling this to Sanskar as she know that Sanskar will start blaming himself and feel guilty. She said she will tell him herself when these things will sort but she cant see him feeling guilty.

Ansh: Swara we should tell to Sanskar now?

She nodded.

Swara: But he will feel bad and blame himself for that man. That man did this much with my mother but she have always handled herself for so many years taking all the blames and never complained but he… he could not 1% of this. I know in this state, I should not say anything to him but still I hate him. I really hate him. He did very bad, he cant take the result of his deeds itself. I dont have a father. I dont.. (she cried more)..

Someone came and kept his hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw the person and immediately hugged him and started to cry more.

“Never say you dont have a father. I am your father, remember it always.” Said Ram patting her head. She looked up and smiled with tears eyes listening his words.

RamTa and Uttara came to Mumbai when they got to know Swara met with an accident, they immediately took the flight and now they are here.

“I am not only Uttara and Sanskar’s father. I am your father also more than them. I never treated you as my D-I-L. I know I have been quite for long time but not now beta. Come to me when ever you want to talk to your father.” he said and kissed her forhead lovingly and wiped her tears with his thumb and stretched her lips into a smile with his fingers. Swara let out a small laugh seeing his antics.

Everyone present there wiped their tears.

Sujata: Haye ram..!! Bas karo mahra glycerine khatam ho gya.. (O god…!! Stop this my glycerine is over?)

Everyone laughed listening to her and Swara and Ram stood up, that is when Swara noticed Sanskar standing there but have a small fake smile on his face which didnt go unnoticed by her. She became tensed, she dont know what is going in his mind. She wanted to tell him but not in this way.

They all talked for sometime with Sujata cracking jokes.. after sometime at night everyone left to their rooms

In Kolkata

Laksh called Ragini after 2 whole days, she became happy listening to this and came near him.

Laksh: Ragini. I got to know about the person who was with Swara that night. I think as soon as she come back you should talk to her about the marriage.

Ragini became more happy listening to this.

Ragini: Who is he, Laksh g?

Laksh: His name is Ansh. He works with her only and I guess they had a good bond.

Ragini nodded and hugged him but Laksh parted her and moved away still feeling guilty making Ragini sad again and teary eyed.

Laksh: (in mind): May be after this. Swara will be happy in her life and bhai’s soul will forgive me. I am sorry bhai.?.

In Mumbai,

SwaSan’s room

Swara was sitting on the bed, while Sanskar was in the washroom. He came out after few minutes, Swara looked at him but he avoided her gaze and sat on the bed.

Swara: Sanskaarr..

Sanskar turned towards her, she shifted more to him.

Swara: I am sorry Sanskar. I know I should have told you about this but I dont want to make you feel guilty. I myself dont know how to handle this and telling you, I am sorry Sanskar please dont be angry with me. (She said and started to cry holding his hand).

Sanskar: (gripped her hand and pulled her towards himself): I am not angry with you Swara. I am angry with myself.

Swara: Please Sanskar dont be. Its not your fault. He is not able to handle what he give to other. Please dont feel bad. (She said cutting him off).

Sanskar: I know Swara. I am not sad because of him. I am hurt because of my own self. I failed as a husband, I thought I am keeping you happy, I promised myself I will never let you feel anyone’s absence will always fulfill all the voids but I was unable to see the pain you were going through without your father and you were so empty.. you cried you dont know how I felt? I just want to kill mysel..(f)

She placed her hand on his mouth.

Swara: Stop this Sanskar. You dont know what you are for me, you are the best husband anyone can get. I am blessed to have you. When you are near me I dont want to have any other person and wanted to spend all my time in your embrace till I die. I dont feel any void and I was not in the pain. I cried not because I felt bad or empty, I cried because I wanted to forget it all. The pain I will get again and again seeing him in front of me. I need to face them. If I wanted to remove all the relations than I have to forget all the things they gave to me, the pain, the differences. Please dont feel bad. I can bear anything but not my Sanskar this much vulnerable. I Love you Sanskar. ( she said tears flowing down both of their eyes.)

He didnt said a word and engulfed her in a hug.

Sanskar: I love you more.

Swara: I know.

They parted away after few minutes and Swara kissed his forhead, his eyes and wiped his tears, then his nose followed by chin and on cheeks. Finally she placed her lips on rough ones and her hand went in his hairs and started to suck his lips.

Precap: ???

Chapter 33

(Mature Content ahead, skip if you are comfortable and read after ♡♡♡)

Swara cupped her face and kissed his forhead lovingly followed by his eyes, nose, cheeks and chin. Finally she placed her petals on her rough ones lightly sucking them, her hands went to his hair while he wrapped his around her waist pulling her closer and letting her to do whatever she want. Making her sit comfortable on his lap.

She know he right now needed her, he need to know what he is for her. What his presence and love does to her? She never felt any void being his side but he always completed her.
Now she is healing him, making him forget all what he is thinking.

She sucked his upper lip while he did the same with her lower one. She nibbled his lips, licked and sucked them while he responded equally. She pressed her tongue between his lips asking for entrance, he obliged and parted his lips. She pushed her tongue in his mouth savouring his taste and taking his saliva in her mouth, he tried to do the same but she was dominate yet passionate. It was all LOVE, pure love she was showing him without any desire or lust.

Her one hand travelled down his chest and she started to open his shirt buttons slowly, kissing him. Her hand made contact with his skin and both shivered at the slightest contact.

She broke the kiss and looked at his eyes which were closed, she smiled seeing him and kissed his eyes and lowered her mouth to his chest gently sucking, kissing and licking his chest. She finally removed his shirt completely making him half naked?.

She saw him and blushed seeing his muscular chest, he smiled seeing her blush. But she moved down and traced her finger on his chest seductively giving extra attention to his nipples making him groan in pleasure then reaching to the abs, she lowered her mouth to his chest and took his skin between her teeth giving him a love bite to which he moaned in pain, she licked and sucked his bitten area to soothe the pain making him moan again but in pleasure this time.

He started to press his hands on her waist making her moan his name but it only increased the pace of her kisses on his chest. She reached down and unbuckled his pants leaving him in his boxers and helped him to come out of them. She started to kiss every inch of his skin from his feet coming up to his face and placed her lips on his once again sucking and kissing him.

He too removed the pallu of her saree letting it fall away, breaking the kiss. He eyed her and started to suck her skin on neck making her to clutch his shoulders and he started to move his tongue on her skin making her moan.
He unhooked the blouse and removed it from her body and once raising his head from her crook of neck eyed her naked assests with hunger and dug his face in the valley between them placing innumberable wet kisses, her hands moved to his hair pulling them from his scalp as he bit the area and later sucked to soothe the pain.

He took one of them in his mouth and started to roam his tongue on her skin making her shiver and increase her desires. She asked for more and more and he started to bit and suck her skin leaving deep red marks showing the passion of her husband for her. His hardness touched her throbbing core making them moan together and increasing the fire between them.
He did the same with other curve of her while fondling the free one with his hands.

They helped each other to remove the remaining clothes and Swara eased his length inside her moaning in pain and pleasure at the same time, giving pleasure to Sanskar and he closed his eyes feeling her. He held her from her lips for support and she started to move, he pulled her and wrapping his hand behind her neck crashed his lips with her’s while she was still moving.

They both moaned in pleasure in each other’s mouth. Playing and fighting with the tongue in each other’s mouth, trying to win an unsaid battle.
Soon both climaxed and Swara fell on his chest both breathing heavily.

She raised herself and looked at him and placed a gentle kiss on his forhead.

Swara- “I love you”.
Sanskar- “I love you too.”

With this Sanskar rolled Swara on her back and captured her lips once again. They made love several times that night just assuring and healing each other with love.

Punishing someone who is near you is not easy, it always keeps on reminding you what that person did with you and make you fall weak. But with support of Sanskar, Swara is able to come through this trauma. Maybe now Shekar doesnt mean anything to her but the wounds he gave will always keep hurting her.
He healed her as well.
Last night they made love till 3 and later collasps in each other embrace feeling being tired.

Next day

Sanskar woke up when his phone started ringing, he tried opening his eyes but closed it instantly feeling tired. But the person called again and again.

Swara: Pick your phone or else I will throw you out. (She said being irritated of its continous ringing).

Sanskar immediately opened his eyes widely.

‘Yesterday night mam was so tender and now see wild cat.’ He thought and picked up his phone and looked at the caller id.

His expressions changed and he made bad faces but finally lifts the call sitting on the bed, Swara moved towards him and kept her head on his lap, he smiled seeing her and started to caress her hairs.

‘Sir I am Laksh Maheshwari.’

‘Yes Mr. Maheshwari, why have you called me this much early.’ Saying this he checked the time and it was just 7 and he cursed him under his breathe.

‘Sorry Sir, but it was indeed urgent. Actually I want to ask for extra time for paying your loan.’

Sanskar smirked listening to this.

‘But you was so sure at the time of contract that you will pay me all the money in 4 weeks and now what happened? Are you trying to run away?’

‘No Sir. I wont. I promise I will give you money soon.’

‘Look Mr. Maheshwari. Business doesnt work on promises but contracts, so as per contract you have to give my money back in next 2 weeks otherwise get ready to rot in hell.’

‘Please no. Please. I have a family to look after. Tell me what you want.’

Even I was having a family to look after Laksh, thought Sanskar.

‘Fine. Give me 51% shares of your company. I will free you from the loan’

‘How is this possible? You cant do this.’

‘I can Mr. Maheshwari, you took a huge loan so it was for sure that it wasnt for some good purpose and your confidence said it same, it will not time for me to find the truth out so better give me your 51% shares or get ready to go to jail. Because you really take a bad decision to ask help from SK.’

‘I will do something and will give the money back.’

‘This is your choice. You have 2 weeks so after that I will myself take the shares as per the clause of contract. Now enjoy your time and bye.’

Saying this Sanskar cut the call without giving him time.

As soon as he cut the call, he saw Swara staring him with wide eyes and mouth.

Sanskar: (chuckled seeing her expressions): Whaat?

Swara: Early morning Devil. Are you always ready to suck the blood out of people?

As soon as, the words left her mouth. Sanskar hovered her making her gasp at his sudden move.

‘Not everyone’s but yours.’ Saying this he bit her skin hard making blood to come out and then sucked it gently. ?.
Then they got busy again.

Precap: “I hate you Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari” shouted Swara on the top of her lungs in anger?

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