Swasan- His Love Her Strength (chapter 31)

Chapter 31

Same day

In kolkata

Laksh woke up in the morning in an unknown room.

He held his head in her hands and looked around, he started to sweat and made a horrified face finding himself half naked.

He looked around the room and found everything scattered.

He turned around and found a chit on the side table.

‘Thank you for the hot night?. Tell me if you want again..   
                                ~ Ruby ‘

He held his head in his hands and cursed himself for cheating on Ragini, tears started to form in his eyes.

‘How can I do this? With Ragini? With us?’ He thought

On the other side, Ragini was highly tensed and was calling him again and again.

Her condition was not less, she was crying and was praying for his welfare.

She get up when she heard the sound of door opening.

She turned around and found Laksh standing..

She ran towards him and called him but he just ignored her feeling guilty for his deeds, which hurted Ragini.

Laksh went inside the washroom and stood opening the shower.

Laksh:(in mind): What I have done? I have destroyed everything with my own hands.. in order to get everything quick and easily, i even ruined what I was having. How can I?? (Tears were flowing down his eyes). I cheated on Ragini, who loves me unconditionally.. how can I? Sanskar bhai was right??.. he already warned me but I being a fool didnt understand her words.
I understand now bhai that what you did was for my welfare. I am ashamed of myself for not beliveing you and doing bad to you.. (he banged his hand on the wall nearby, blood started to ooze out of his hand) Now I cant even face Ragini, I will not destroy her life. I will leave her. I will send her away from me.

Inside the room,

Laksh entered the room after few minutes, and started to get ready without looking at her.

Ragini tried to call her but he didnt listen to her and left ignoring her hurting her badly.

Whole day she was feeling bad as whenever she called him or tried to talk, he was giving a excuse or other and was even not looking at her.

At a unknown place,

Sujata and Uttara were standing hiding their faces with clothes, at the same time the girl came who was with Laksh last night.

Girl: Aunty i did your work. Now, he will think that we spent a night but in real he just slept because of alcohol.

Sujata: Thank you chori.
(Saying this she handed her a packet of money.)

Sujata and Uttara smirked seeing this and left to house.

Sujata: Ab dekh nagin, pati ki kali kartoot chupa chupa ke usse badwa dene ka nateeza? (now see snakey, the result of hiding husband’s black actions)…

In MM,

Ragini: Laksh. (she called him)

Laksh:(angrily): What Ragini?? Huhhh cant you see I am busy.. from the morning you are just irritating me cant you do your own work.

Ragini:(felt bad and tears roll down her eyes): Laksh aap yeh? (With hurt expressions)

Laksh closed his eyes: (in mind): I am sorry Ragini. (To her): Please Ragini I dont have time for the drama’s leav the room and let me do the work.

Ragini ran to their room and fell on bed crying.

In Mumbai,

Swara went unconcious in his arms and Sanskar patted her face.

Sanskar: Swaraa… swaraa..

Sanskar picked her up and make her lye on bed, Ansh too came running listening his voice and was shocked to see Swara.

Sanskar was shaking her.

Sanskar: Ansh call doctor pleaeee.. see what happened to her?

Ansh came forward and kept his hand on his shoulder.

Ansh: Shh bhai nothing happened wait.

Saying this, he sprinkled water on her face and she slowly starts to get her conciousness back.

Swara opened her eyes blinking several times.

Sanskar saw her.

Sanskar: Are you fine, Swara? What happened? Is it paining? Should I call doctor.

Swara nodded her head in negative.

Swara: I am fine Sanskar. Nothing happened. (She smiled weakely, he sighed listening her voice and caressed her hairs lovingly).

Ansh: Dont worry bhai, nothing happened to her. Doctor said that she will face blackouts often because she hit her head..

Sanskar looked at him and nodded still caressing her hairs.

Ansh got a phone call, after cutting the call

Ansh: bhai police came and wanted to talk to you about Akhil.

Sanskar nodded but than looked at Swara, ansh saw this.

Ansh kept his hand on his shoulder.

Ansh: dont worry I am here and nothing will happen to her.

Sanskar nodded at him and left the room after kissing her forhead once.

Swara looked at Ansh with wide open eyes.

As soon as Sanskar left, she hit him sith pillow.

Swara: You traitor. How could you??

Ansh: What happened to you now?

Swara: You are calling Sanskar as bhai but I am your behn… so bad???????.

Ansh sighed and was moving towards her.

Swara: and he forgave you??
Ansh nodded and she started to cry more loudly.

Swara: You both are doing Dostana? and left me alone so bad. It was your fault as well but I am the once who get punishment, now tell me how should I manofy him otherwise?

Ansh: chup to ho ja meri maa. I got so many punches(he touched his stomach) you too want them? (Swara widened her eyes and shaked her head in negative)  so ?. This is not possible for everyone to handle Devil.

Swara: Hey… dont call him Devill???.. he is my husband.

Ansh: Wah..!! Ek side reh.

Swara: huhh.. okay.

Ansh: Swara.. (seriously): I think we should tell Sanskar about this.

Swara: We will tomorrow after coming from hospital (saying this her eyes became teary)

Ansh: Behna please. (He said wiping her tears) she smiled but said nothing..

At the same time, Sanskar came in room, seeing him both became quite.

Sanskar: (in mind): Are they both hiding something from me, again?

Ansh turned towards him and left the room after wishing them good night.

Sanskar moved forward towards bed and take out her medicines without looking at her.

She held his hand and looked at him pleadingly.

Sanskar sighed and sat beside him and hugged her.

Swara: Dont ignore me Sanskar please. I am sorry.

Sanskar: Sshh. Swara its okay. I am sorry i was so rude right?

Swara nodded her head in a ‘NO’

Swara: It was my fault.

Sanskar: Are you again hiding something from me? (He said and her body stifens)

Swara: Will you mind if I will tell you tomorrow? I promise I will tell you myself. Trust me.

Sanskar: If you promise it will not harm you in any way?

She nodded with a smile and placed a kiss over his heart.

‘I love you’ both said at the same time and smiled.

Precap: Same as previous.

How was this guys??

Sorry if you find it boring??, i burnt my hand so typed it hardly??. Sorry.

Thank you.

Love you all❤❤

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