Swasan- His Love Her Strength (chapter 29)

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Chapter 29

The car caught fire and turned into ashes making Sanskar and Ansh both numb and still on their places.

Pehle Kyun Na Miley Hum
Tanhaa Hi Kyun Jale Hum
Milke Muqammal Huye Hain
Yaa They Tanhaa Bhale Hum
Saware Saware Saware

Sanskar came into senses and was about to run towards the car but Ansh held him tight, he was struggling to go out of his grip but Ansh tightened his grip.. tears were flowing down both of their eyes badly..

He pushed him and reached near car, Ansh ran behind him, but more fire came out of the car making both of them fall back.

Na Hamara Hua Na Tumhara Hua
Ishq Ka Ye Sitam Na Gawara Hua
Na Hamara Hua Na Tumhara Hua
Ishq Ka Ye Sitam Na Gawara Hua

Ansh hugged him but he pushed him back? and fell down on his knees and started to cry, cursing himself.

The sight in front of him made him total numb, whole the moments from their meeting till now started to come in front of his eyes.. he cried more and more..

He wanted to deny the fact but he is not able seeing it truth in front of him.

His security reached their and they became teary eyes seeing the strongest man crying like this.

Ansh condition was not less.

Sun Beriyaan Saware
Sun Beriyaan Saware

Sanskar: Pleasee Swara..!! Come back.. I love youu.. pleasee.. i promise i will take care proper care…(he hardly managed these words and cried more).

SWARAAAAAAAAA….( he shouted her name).

“Haan Sanskar chilla kyun rhe ho, hn yahin main… (Sanskar why are you shouting? I am right here)” came a voice from behind?.

He turned around and saw Swara standing blood dripping from the wound of her forhead and her arm bleeding as well ,walking towards him slowly with unsteady steps.

He literally got his life back on seeing her coming towards him and he ran towards her and hugged her tight and started to cry like a baby.

Swara with one hand slowly caressed his hairs trying to calm him down, understanding his situation because she too felt the same before few minutes that she will, not be able to see him again.

Tears flow down her eyes…

He separated himself first and then kissed her whole face again and again, then hugged her.

Ansh smiled with teary eyes seeing his sister.

He went and hugged her from back and she smiled seeing his gesture..

Last two days, their bond grew more and more… they are exactly same as real brother and sister even much more??…

They stood their the same way for few minutes..

Sanskar’s grip loosened on her and he took his steps back.

Sanskar: You are fine?

Swara nodded her head and told him how she left the car.


After the phone fell down her hands, she remembered his crying and pleading voices, her heart ached thinking him the way..

She knew if she will die today, Her Sanskar will not be able to tolerate this.. not for her ownself but for him, she have to do something..

She closed her eyes, remembering the moments and Sanskar, she pushed open the door hard with her whole strength twice or thrice, finally it opened.. (pata nhi kaise bs soch lo?).

She smiled with teary eyes and jumped from the car, same time car catches fire as bomb blasts as speed reduces.

She fell down on a stone with a thud making her head injure…

His Love gave Her Strength to save herself for him, only him…❤❤

***flashback ends***

Sanskar: (turning to Security Head): John take Mam to hospital, I have to go somewhere.?

Swara: (moving towards him): Sanskar…

Sanskar turned and glared at her with red eyes making her stop in his tracks and scaring her.

Ansh: Where are you going, Sanskar?

Sanskar without giving any answer started to move towards car, Ansh moved forward and held his arm but he jerked him away.

Sanskar: Stay away?. John dont leave them for a second alone dont know what will they do next.. (he said in utter anger and went away while SwaNsh tried to stop him but were scared as well)

Sanskar left for somewhere…


Ansh moved forward towards Swara

Ansh: I am sorry Swara.. i was not able to save you… u u.. ???..
(He cried and was looking down feeling guilty).

Swara instantly hugged him.

Swara: Bhai.. shh shh.. its not your fault, I am fine.. Right? I am standing in front of you… but bhai who did this?

Ansh: Akhil Singhania.. (he departed himself from her and then kissed her forhead affectionately).

John came forward and both went to hospital.

On the other side,

Sanskar was driving the car rashly with red eyes seeing him anyone can be afraid…?

Sanskar called someone and talked for a minute and then smirked listening to other side…

He stopped his car outside a well built Mansion and moved inside..

He entered the hall and smirked seeing ‘Akhil Singhania’ tied to roped with a chair in his own house…

Police was standing near him making a circle.

As soon as Sanskar entered the place, police cleared the way and he moved forward and gave a hard punch on his face due to force his head turned to other side and lip started to bleed.

He slapped him, punched him, kicked him.. again and again.. while Akhil was just shouting in the pain.

A police officer and tried to hold Sanskar.

P.O: Sir. Please leave him. We will handle him.. ( he said as he was afriad he will kill Akhil bt little did he know that this is just start?).

Sanskar turned towards him.

Sanskar: Did he try to kill your wife?????? No naaa. So just shut up.. and leave…. everyone.. (angrily)

P.O: Sir dont take law in your hands.. pleaseee..

Sanskar gave him a angry look and P.O. nodded and left the place being afraid.

Sanskar: Dont worry, I will not kill him. You will be given your time with him. (He said once p.o. reached gate..

P.O. sighed and left while Sanskar turned towards Akhil)

Akhil: Oo. Look at Mr. SK. Came himself trying to act hard and smart but beating a man who is tied up… tch tch.. (he said trying to skip the upcominh situation)

Sanskar smiled evilly and moved forward towards him, kept his leg on the chair and held his face with his one hand making Akhil sweat with fear.

After a minute,

He moved back.

Sanskar: You are free.. try to fight if you can..

Akhil moved his hand and realised that he is free now..

He stood up and moved towards him.

Akhil: I didnt think you will be fool enough to open me.. (he said coming close trying to punch him).

Sanskar: More than me you are being a fool who asked me to increase your punishment indirectly.. (he said and held his hand and then kicked him in between his leg making Akhil fall back in extreme pain).

Sanskar: What you thought? You will try to harm SK’s wife and I will do nothing.. there is reason why I am known as ‘DEVIL’ , now I think I need to show you..

Saying this he started to kick him again and again, while Akhil was shouting in pain.. but it was not affecting Sanskar.. he was feeling satisfied with every scream of his..

Every time he see his face that incident come in his mind, where the car turned into ashes, how he once thought that he lost her forever…

He picked a up a rod and started to hit him badly, everytime the intensity increases than the previous one..

He beat him till the time he went unconciouss..

He called police and asked them to punish him severly daily till he is alive and as well as handed over the file of all his illegal activities making sure he will not come out of jail atleast in this birth…

Police took him with them and then Sanskar left the place.


SK Mansion

Swara was sitting on the sofa in the hall with a bandage tied to her head and hand while Ansh was movimg to and fro in front of him.

Swara: Bhai where is he?

Ansh: He was with Akhil before and gave him a lesson alone? now he is coming here.. dont know till when I am alive… (he said bitting his nails)

Swara chuckled seeing him all tensed but still she was even scared..

At the same time, Sanskar entered the house.

Sanskar moved towards Swara and sat on knees in front of her and touched her forhead and hand which was bandaged not looking in her eyes.

Sanskar: Is it paining?

Swara nodded her head slowly..

Sanskar placed a kiss on forhead lightly and then also on her arm over the bandage.

He became teary eyed seeing her, Swara tried to cup his face but he moved back picked her in his arms and made the way to their room.

He placed her on bed and covered her with blankets after giving the medicine and left the room without saying a word…

He went to hall and passed Ansh making his way to garden..

Precap: Same as previous.

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