Swasan- His Love Her Strength (chapter 28)

Chapter 28

Swara went away from there sitting in the car.

Same time,

Ansh got a call from Sanskar, seeing the caller id, he made a scared face and murmered ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ for his safety.

**Phone conversation**

Ansh: Bhai. How are you? Anything important you called me?

Sanskar: Yeah. I wanted to ask on which project you guys are working.

Ansh:(in mind): Margya beta?. Think something Ansh .. (to him) Why suddenly? Acha bhai leave it. I was telling that Rajesh called me and told that Laksh will get the notification today and the loan our company gave him is also stopped processing.

Sanskar: Hmm. Good.. Dont worry Dida will handle him now.?

Ansh: ok ok. Bhai I will call later. I am busy. Bye.

He cut the call fastly without waiting for reply.

**Phone Conversation ends**

He sighed in relief and left the place.

Akhil was standing at the back and smirked listening to this..

(Akhil Singhania)

On the other side,

Sanskar looked puzzled with Ansh’s answer. He is standing outside the Mumbai Airport?. (So fast na?)

Sanskar: (to himself): What this bhai-behn jodi is cooking? I didnt remember I gave them any project for Mumbai. Then how come they here? Sanskar you have also gone mad with them, before sending you should have asked but na?. They both made me feel.. Now if something will happen na, I wont leave them both..

Thinking this he left for office hiring a cab.

Other side,
Swara was seen driving the car talking to Sujata on bluetooth.?

In Kolkata

Laksh was driving the car and was about to enter a area when few people came in front of him and stopped his way.

He became angry on seeing someone stopping him and came out of car angrily, wearing his googles?.

Laksh: What the hell? How dare you to stop me? I will not leave you all.

Everyone started to laugh listening his talks.

One person came forward and asked him.

Person: O. So what are you going to do?
Laksh: I will show you. (Saying this he was about to punch him but instead get a punch real hard and fell back?)
What the f**k? (He said touching the blood from the corner of his lips).

He turned his face towards them and stared them angrily.

But instead the person came forward and kept his leg on his chest and bended to face him closely.

Person: Dont even try, you are nothing more a kid for us and dare to come back to this property of AM without permission.

(AM: Ansh Malhotra)

Laksh: AM?? He what? This was Rajesh’s property.

Person: Was but not anymore.

This came as a shock to him and he felt as if whole land skipped under his feet.

Laksh:(in mind): Shit!! Where will I keep all the drugs now. But before that I have to remove them from within.

Laksh:(to them) But I have my things inside, I need to remove them.

Person:( the person laughs sarcastically): Are you fool? He bought everything inside on this land.
From the soil to the buildings. Not leaving anything and there is nothing yours inside anymore.

Laksh: What? (It came out as loud as possible from his mouth just near that person’s ears).

Person punched him again in his mouth.

Person: Quite. Dont shout. We are not deaf.

But this time it didnt pain Laksh as the shock he got was more than anything to digest.

Laksh:(in mind): No this cant happen. How can this happen? No never. I need to talk to Rajesh, he will have to give all the things to me. He cant do this to me.

Laksh stood up pushing the man, the man stumbled but managed himself and smirked seeing his pale and tensed face.

Laksh ran inside the car and drove away. While the man behind laughed at his state.

He stopped the car after half an hour outside a chawl type place.

He hide his face and removed the jacket and made his way inside and entered a house with bad condition.

“Rajesh… Rajessh…” he called for him once entering inside.

(For those who want Laksh to have some fun?)

As soon as he entered, the door behind was closed by someone from outside.

Outside the door,

Dida was standing with Rajesh and was grinning ear to ear thinking about what is going to happen next.

Dida: Open the door after 20 minutes and dont give him answers much and then leave this place forever.
(Saying this she handed him over a bag full of money, eyes of person started to sparkle and he nodded.)

Dida left from the place and looked at Rajesh evilly?.

Once coming out from there.

Dida dialled a number.

Dida:(on phone): Sir. I want to tell ki in xyz place a person named Rajesh live and he is doing drug business and also human trafficing. He is not here now but will come after 45 minutes.
(After a pause) yes yes.. the new is hundred percent correct.

( she cut the call)

Dida: (to herself): What you thought Rajesh Babu that you will do illegal business and I will leave you and will give you money. Haye bhagwan..!! I first time have seen a person who becomes this much happy with fake money??.. now you jail mein chaki pissing and pissing and pissing??..

Thinking this she left the place?.


nside the house…

As soon as the door closed, he went near it and started to bang it loudly.

Laksh:(banging): Open the door. Is someone out? Please open it.

(Saying this he started to pull it and also tried to break it but nothing worked).
(Afterall he is not Daya??)

He screamed when he felt something moving on his foot. He looked down and found number of cockroaches present in the room along with lizards.

He started to shout more loudly and bang the door with more power.

His eyes widened on seeing the lizards on the door and he moved back immediately but stumbled and fell down.

He tried to get up but a lizard came below his hand and he shouted and threw it away.. and somehow managed to get up after killing cockroaches??.

(No animal was harmed during this and also dont try this at home as this is performed in expert’s supervision?).

He moved back and collided with sofa such that he came down landing on it, then immediately after Rats fall down on his face, making him scream loudly.
He started to move his legs and hands in order to protect himself.

His throat dried due to shouting and hand hit the table behind.

But maybe god showed mercy on him, the room door get opened as 20 minutes were over.

As soon as he heard the sound, he ran from there towards the light and immediately closed the door from outside and found Rajesh looking at him.

Rajesh: Are you fine?

Laksh(with red eyes): Do you blo*dy think I am fine? Just see what the hell happened? How could you?

Rajesh: Eh.. mind you language. It was your fault who asked you to come without telling me. It is a trap.

Laksh: I am sorry and wait..!! How dare you to sell that land and my things in it. (He said once coming out of trauma holding his collar).

Rajesh get angry and jerked him away and slapped him.

Rajesh: Never dare to touch my collar again. I think you forgot who I am? And moreover that was my land and I sell it. None of your concern?. And your things. Dont talk about it. I know what things. Be sure you never mess with me again otherwise I will tell police by myself and now get the hell out of here and never show your blo*dy face to me??..

(He pushed him saying this, laksh was not able to say anything and left the place sadly).

As soon as he left, police came and arrested Rajesh and his people?.

Laksh was walking aimlessly on the road while his phone was ringing but it made no effect on him, the rain started, he got drench but still was walking..

On the otherside, Ragini was highly tensed for Laksh and was calling him again and again, she was playing with her mangalsutra and feeling restless. Suddenly it broke down making her numb and tears start to flow down her eyes and was calling Laksh.

Laksh while walking came in front of a bar, and entered inside. Sar on the bar counter ordering a drink.

Laksh:(in mind): Now what I will do. Everything get destroyed. My whole plan and my whole dream. I have nothing left with me and also I have to pay SK a loan of 100 crores. How will I do this? My contract and the people, they will kill me..

(Thinking this he sipped the drinks and lost his senses)

A girl came in short dress in front of him and started to move her finger on his face, he jerked her away first but later she got successful in seducing him and they both went inside the room??..

A person was seeing this and smirking from behind.

In Mumbai

Sanskar entered Ansh’s cabin and on seeing him there Ansh became shocked and stressed.

Ansh: Sanskar what are you doing here?

Sanskar raised his eye-brow on his question.

Sanskar: I thought to help you guys as my work was completed.

Ansh: ok good good. (He said sweating)

Sanskar came forward and Ansh was getting more scared seeing him coming.

Sanskar: Where is Swara, Ansh?

Ansh: She have gone to home, will reach soon in 30 minutes.

Sanskar: Good. Now start.

Ansh: What to start? See Sanskar. I am a good boy. I am not what you think of. I am very much straight.( he said nervously trying to act normal to which he recieved a glare in return)

Sanskar: Which Project Ansh?

Ansh: hai ek Sanskar. You dont know.

Sanskar: tell me otherwise ready to get beaten up.

Ansh:(in mind): mar toh dono taraf se padegi toh bta hi deta hoon. (I will be beaten in both cases so i think i should tell).

Ansh: ABC project.?

(I know nothing of business, so kindly adjust?).

Sanskar looks shocked.

Sanskar: What the hell? Ansh you know Singhania’s, dont you? Then how could you bring Swara here? (He said angrily).

Ansh: I.. I ddnt want .. to.. br.ing here.. she insisted.?..

Sanskar: O Right..!! How did she came to know??..

Ansh: You remember.. that day when you asked me to divert Swara’s mind i asked help for this one?.. i know i shouldnt have but now toh.. I am sorry. I told her that this was your dream project and you want it but due to mess you are not able to concentrate and she thought to help you.. m sorry sanskar.. but everything is fine

Sanskar moved his hand frustateldly in his hairs.

Sanskar: ya right.. you both brother and sister.. what you people think of yourself. If it was my dream i would have managed but This is all my fault. I should not have send you both here. Now call her and ask her to come soon?..

At the same time, security guard entered the office without knocking.

Sanskar: Now. What the hell? Is this the way?

S.g.: Sorry Sir. It was important. Actually we got to know that Akhil have planted bomb in Swara Mam’s car.

Listening this whole world skipped down Sanskar’s feet.

Ansh shook him anbd Sanskar glared him angrily..

Sanskar: If something will happen to her, I will not leave you alive??…

(Warning him he ran from there calling her… Ansh too came behind all guilty and tensed).

In the car..

Sanskar was driving and Ansh was sitting behind him.

Sanskar was calling her but she was not picking it up.

Sanskar: Swara.. pick the damn phone.. (he cursed and increased the speed of car)

Ansh: Sanskar nothing will happen to her.

Sanskar: Shut up… (he roared without turning towards him driving more fast).

Finally she picked up the call.

Phone Conversation

Swara: Hello Sann…

Sanskar: Swara listen to me. Car mein bomb hai. Leave it. Fast. Dont apply the brakes.

Swara:(shocked): What?????? How you know?

Sanskar: Dammit. Thats not necessary but someone leave the car pleaseee…
Try to open the door without applying brakes or reducing the speed.

Swara nodded her head, tears were rolling down Sanskar’s face.. while Ansh felt more guilty and tears were rolling down his eyes as well, Swara was never less than a sister for him and seeing his sister in this condition because of him was not easy

Swara: Sanskar.. this door is not opening of the car…

Sanskar: Swara pleaseee try.. pleasee. Tryy..

More tears fell down his eyes listening this, his heart was aching alot and seeing his life in this condition..
He cursed himself for allowing her to come here and he felt as if he was not able to protect her.

Swara: No sanskar nothing is working..

She started to sob, thinking of what will happen next… her hopes died as she saw a truck approaching her from front.. she felt as she is seeing her death.. she closed her eyes once and tears fell down that even last time she wont be able to see him, all the happy moments started to come in front of her eyes, then she opened her eyes.

Swara: Sanskar truck is coming, I think… (she sobss)… I LOVE YOU SANSKAR… I LOVE YOU..

(Saying this phone fell down her hand).

Listening her words, his heart beat started to rise fast and he increased speed..

Sanskar: Swaraaa…… swara… (he tried to talk on phone but got no response.)

Soon his car was behind her’s.. before he can do anything it caught fire and turned into ashes just infront of his eyes…

Making him and Ansh both shocked and numb.

Precap: Sanskar to beat Ansh.?

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