Swasan- His Love Her Strength (chapter 27)

(This chapter is for them who want Sanskar to punish Ragini?. Enjoy)

Chapter 27

Sanskar face lightens seeing the person and he smiled as he know only that person can handle Laksh well.

‘Dida’ he called out.

Dida smiled and looked at him.

Dida: You go Sanskar. I will handle Laksh?. You know right it is so fun?.

Sanskar: Ya right?. Who can I think of else than you?? Master in Planning?.

Dida: And you are my crime partner.
(Saying this she winked at him).

They both hi-fi remembering something.

Sanskar: But I think she really got a good lesson to mess up with my jaan?.

Dida: Aha. Jaan? acha hai acha hai.. I know. After seeing her face. I hardly control myself from laughing.

Both laughed.


The same time SwAnsh left the office. Sanskar fisted his hands in balls and clenched his jaw. Now he want to strangle Ragini’s neck for badmouthing about his wife.

He was about to go without thinking much but stopped as he got a call from Dida.

He told everything to her and she also fumed in anger.

But then she thought something and told him making him first shocked and then smirk?.

At night.

Everyone was out of the house for some pooja in nearby house but Ragini was all alone waiting for Laksh sitting on the dinning table.

She was checking the watch every now and then, suddenly the wind started to blow fast and all the windows of the house started to move making scaring sounds.

She held her chest listening the sound suddenly being scared controlling her rising heartbeat.

The crying sounds of dogs started to come and then all lights went off making her more scared.

She picked her phone and dialled Laksh’s number but it was unreachable, she dialled other’s number as well but nothing worked.

She started to sweat being scared of the darkness and all the surroundings.
She called ahead but fell down colliding to something.

Hardly she picked up her phone and on the flashlight and saw the thing to which she collided.

Something was lying down covered with the white sheet, gaining courage with shivering hands she picked up the sheet and then screamed loudly and fell back seeing Sanskar lying dead under the cover, his clothes wet with blood and many marks on face.

The phone fell down and broke. She started to scream loudly and ran back to her room.

She bolted her room door and slided down with the help of it.

Ragini: How is this possible? He is dead and now how? And in this condition? Maybe I am hallucinating but why?

Thinking all this she stood up and ran inside the washroom and started to wash her face multiple times…

She became normal and thought it all as a mere dream and picked up the towel and cleaned her face.

She then saw herself in mirror and became shocked seeing it all red. She touched her face and then looked at towel which was all red with blood.

She started to sweat again and ran out from the room and came in hall. Picked up the landline and tried to call someone but it was also not working.

Sanskar: No one can save you today Ragini. First it was me I didnt said anything but today you hurted my Life. I wont leave you.

He said coming from behind with a knife in his hand.

Ragini: I know I am sorry Sanskar. I didnt want to do this. I was just worried for her. (She said harldy forming the words still sweating and shaking with fear.)

Sanskar: Like always first commit mistake then ask sorry. But this time it is sin. I will take you with me now. I will not leave you.?

Ragini moving backwards.

No. No. No. She keeps on shouting this still moving backward but Sanskar was moving forward.

She collided with sofa and fell on it.

Sanskar came forward and smirked seeing her face which was begging to leave her.

Sanskar held her neck between his hand and started to press it making sure she will not die..

Ragini: Sanskar pleaseee no leave me. I know what I did was wrong and I regret it. Belive me. When Swara said me, I regret it. My words and How I hurted it. Please give me a chance I will make sure, I will heal her wounds and will give her respect pleaseeeee.. trust me. I too love my sister.

Sanskar: I know you well enough. You cant change.

He started to press her neck more tightly and she kept on pleading to him to leave her but it only increased his anger.

Few blood drops fell on Ragini making her more scared. Voices of dogs and winds increased more….

She screamed and fell unconcious being scared.

Seeing this, dida came forward and make Sanskar to depart from her and he took a long deep breathe to calm himself. After this they cleaned all house and left Ragini there only.

Sanskar: I dont know dida what I did is right or wrong.. i dont care if I did wrong too. Because seeing her crying and pleading I got relief. The pain she gave to my Swara.. I think she will realise now. But if she dont i will kill her myself.

Dida nodded and caressed his face.

**flashback ends**

After talking to Dida, Sanskar left to Mumbai to meet Swara as he was feeling restless from the morning.

On the other side.

Swara was shown standing in the conference hall with Ansh and 2 more people.

Akhil: I will make sure. Mrs. SK. You will regret your decision of coming here and doing this project.

Ansh get angry listening to this, he was about to move forward but Swara held her hand.

Swara: Lets see Mr. Singhania who will regret and what?

Saying this she left from there along with Ansh.

Ansh: I think swara. We should go back. This is really dangerous.

Swara: I am here not to go back bhai. I will do this. This is Sanskar’s dream project and I can do this for him atleast.

Ansh: But if he will come to know.. he will kill us both.

Swara: you are not going to tell him. Are you?

Ansh nodded in a No.

Swara left from there in her car.

Ansh: (in mind): I dont know why in the hell I told her about this project?

Thinking this he sighed and left the place.

Precap: Same as previous.

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