Swasan- His Love Her Strength (chapter 26)

*I am not giving last time’s precap*

Chapter 26

Swara was hugging Sanskar and crying while he was consolling her.

Sanskar: Shh shona.. pls bs bacha..
(He said moving his hand in her hairs).

Her cries started to reduce as he was speaking some soothening words in her ears.

Later, she departed herself and looked at him..

She looked at him and he planted a soft kiss on her forhead, she closed her eyes feeling the touch and he gently moved his finger on the tears and removed them.

Swara:(whispers): I need you, Sanskar.

Sanskar: I am here only with you jaan.
(Sanskari Sanskar??).

He said patting her head lovingly looking in her eyes which held desires and love for him and much more need.. need to forget everything, all allegations, blames and to prove herself that she is not doing something wrong.

She is only his, her Sanskar’s…

Swara moved forward and placed her lips on his for a short peck.

Swara: I need you Sanskar…

Sanskar now understanding the depth of her words and her inner turmoil, without saying another word pulled her more towards himself and held her chin..

Sanskar placed a gentle kiss on her forhead, then moved down to her eyes slowly sucking the tears and wiping them with her tongue..

She clutched his shirt in her fist.

His hand wrapped around her waist gently caressing it, while her one hand on his shirt and other behind his neck holding it.

She without waiting for him placed her lips on his and started to kiss him dominantly not letting him response.
He understanding her gave her time and let her dominate..

His hands moving on her back calming her down, once he felt her calm.. he take the lead.

Soon both were lying naked on one of the sofa’s, Sanskar above her drenched in sweat letting know about their passionate love making few minutes before.

He placed a gentle kiss on her forhead to which she smiled and got up from her and started to pull up her pants giving her clothes..

She blushed and got ready fast..


Laksh was seen calling someone.

Laksh: (on call): Oh yess!! Dont worry this deal will give lots of profit.. you just make everything ready by tomorrow. We will store all the things in our place and then after getting money will transport to them.

The person on the other side agreed and they made a plan to how to remove drugs and transport them..

(Apne aap ko raess samj rha hai??? fakeer na bana do isse main?).

He turned around only to find Ragini standing there.

Ragini: What happened laksh?

Laksh: Nothing Ragini. I am happy today.. i got a deal soon I will make a house for us???.. our dream house…
RagLak Mansion..

Ragini: This is so good Laksh but we will stay with our family only.
And laksh did you find about whose car it was that night?

Laksh: Yes Ragini. I asked my person to find about the person and he told me the name and will give the rest information in sometime. I will tell you as soon as I recieve the mail. He is a nice person and I was thinking if you will ask Swara about her marriage with him..

Ragini: (shocked): What??? Who is he? And marriage and laksh? SANSKAR? She loves Sanskar right so?

Laksh: I know Ragini but if she wants to move on in her life, we should not stop her but support her.

Ragini: (in mind): maybe he is right.. swara should move on and also if he is a nice person and with this may be my sins gets less.
(To him): Ok i will talk to her.


Swasan was standing hugging each other, it was the time when Swara and Ansh have to leave for the airport.

Sanskar: Shona pls take care.. and dont get involve in stupid missions. Just complete the project and come soon.

Swara: Sanskar.. ????..

Sanskar: Kya Sanskar?? I am saying truth..

Swara: Ok fine…

Sanskar kissed her forhead at the same time Ansh entered the cabin and make faces seeing them.

Ansh: Yaar tum logo ka ’50 shades of SwaSan’ har time chalta rehta hai?..

Swasan departed on hearing him, Swara blushed and Sanskar glared at him..

Sanskar: Mere romance ka dushmaan.. beta tu ruk gf bana then I will take revenge..?.

Ansh: (in mind): Sale sahab?.. bana rkhi hai but you even dont know??.. (to him): we will see?.

Ansh: (to Swara): lets go Swara before he starts Again..

Sanskar: i will kill you?..
He said angrily and Ansh ran from there..

Ansh: Swara pls fast, m waiting.

Swara looked at Sanskar, he was about to hug her but she pushed him and ran out picking her luggage..

Sanskar made a sad pout..


On the other side

Uttara called Ansh but he called cut the call..

But she was continously calling him, at end he picked up the call..

Ansh:(angrily): you want to leave me right, then why the hell are you calling me?

Uttara:(in tears): I am sorry Ansh.. i didnt mean to hurt you. I was just teasing you.

Ansh: Do hell with your teasing?

Uttara: Ansh pleasee( crying).

He heard her crying voice and closed her eyes to control himself.

Ansh: Angel pls dont cry. I am sorry bt pls dont talk about leaving me..

Uttara didnt said anything so he continued.

Ansh: Why you want to leave me? I am that bad that everyone leave me?

Uttara: I will never leave you, I am sorry. I didnt want to hurt you.. you know I love you.

Ansh: I love you too..

*** Ansh’s parents left him in hostel when he was 5 because of their fights and since then he lives alone, and always cracks joke around to make people around ane him happy.. he never gets attached to person easily but when he did, he makes a strong bond.. same as with SwaSan, Uttara and Sujata.. Now he was angry with Uttara because she jokingly said him to leave her forever…***

Swara: Whom do you love Bhai?? (She heard only the last line).

Ansh: (turning towards her and was shocked): I dont.. what are you saying.. ?(he stammered).

Swara: Bhai you will lie to me also.. dont you think of me as you sister. Its ok. I wont force sorry. I know why will you tell. Akir hum apke hain kaun??..

Ansh sighed.

Ansh: (he hugged her): shut up nautanki. You know that you are much more than a sister to me so dare you say all this again. Its jst that I… I.. love.. Uttara.. (he said closing his eyes).

Swara parted herself and looked at him wide open eyes.

Swara: Uttara? Our Uttara??.

Ansh nodded and Swara jumped on him happily.

Swara: I am soo happy for you.. did she also love you? Have you told her?

Ansh: we are in relation from an year??..

Swara widened her eyes…

Swara: and no one told me??? How bad.. I want a big wali treat????…  wait I will tell Sanskar.. (saying this she was about to go back to office but Ansh held her.).

Ansh: Ruk ja meri maa. Ake batayenge abhi we are getting late for flight so come on.

Swara nodded happily and they both left for the airport finally.

After 2 days..

Sanskar was pacing in his cabin..

Sanskar: Why I am feeling so restless?? I need to go to Swara.. i dont know why I am feeling so bad.. but what about Laksh.. o god!! What to do now… (he sat down taking his head between her hands on the chair).

‘Dont worry Sanskar.. you go.. i am here.. i will handle himm..’ said someone entering his office.. seeing the person.. Sankar’s face lit up and he know that person can easily handle Laksh?..

Precap: Jag Sunna Sunna lage?..

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